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  • Emmaleigh504

    I like it!

  • Awesome. Is this a pre-fab “kit” house? Did they tear down the original structure?
    I’ve been thinking that it would be awesome to buy an empty lot in DC and buy a pre-fab “green” kit house to install on the lot. All you need to do is pour the concrete foundation, run your utility hook-ups and they can install the house within a few days off the back of trucks. The design they have now are awesome.

  • Hi folks. This is my house! Thanks for generously calling our weedy front slope “some greenery”, PoPville. The house is not pre-fab or from a kit, but designed by the architect Rocio Gonzalez, who lived in it before we did. She built it on an until-then vacant lot in 2005. We love it.

  • We were on the Brookland Garden Club home tour this year, so sorry we couldn’t have timed this to get you guys in on that and to promote that great org. You can also see some pics on our airbnb listing, which can probably be found by searching “modernist home near metro” with some savvy geo-narrowing.

  • I walk by this house every day! My wife is an architect and has admired it 🙂

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