Horrible Incidents of Animal Cruelty around the 600 block of 46th Place, SE


From the Washington Humane Society:

“In the last two days, the Washington Humane Society (WHS) Humane Law Enforcement team has responded to four horrifying instances of animal cruelty.

On the morning of Wednesday, October 2, WHS was notified of a brown and white female pit bull type dog suffering from severe bite wounds lying in the alley on the 4300 Block of Gorman Terrace SE. When Humane Law Enforcement Officers arrived they found the dog in critical condition with bite wounds to the face, chest, and front legs – consistent with having been in a fight with another dog. Evidence suggests that the dog was dumped at this location vs. having sustained the injuries there. The dog was immediately transported to an emergency veterinary hospital for treatment but ultimately had to be euthanized due to the extent of her wounds.

Then shortly after midnight on Thursday, October 3, WHS was notified about a severely injured brindle and white male pit bull type dog that had just been fought and was lying in the grass in front of 602 46th Place SE. Humane Law Enforcement Officers arrived on scene shortly after and were unable to locate the dog. Later in the morning a dog matching that description was found by the Officers alive, but in critical condition in the woods behind 602 46th Place SE. The dog had numerous bite wounds over his entire body as well as three lacerations across his neck consistent with an attempt to slit his throat. The caller also alerted WHS to the following incident.

Early in the morning on Thursday, October 3, WHS Animal Care and Control responded to the cul-de-sac at the 600 Block of 46th Place SE in response to reports of a badly injured cat. Officers recovered the body of a deceased grey/black tabby cat with a crushed head. Later in the morning, a brown/black tiger striped cat with severe blunt trauma to the face and jaw was also discovered in the same vicinity, and Humane Description: Description: Cate.jpgLaw Enforcement was notified. This cat had to be euthanized due to the extent of its injuries.

“Given the proximity and similarity of the injuries sustained by the animals affected by these severe acts of cruelty,” states Scott Giacoppo, WHS Vice President of External Affairs, “We believe these incidents may be connected but at this time are still seeking information to confirm.”

The Washington Humane Society strongly encourages the community to come forward with any information and is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for each of these horrific acts of animal cruelty. The Washington Humane Society is grateful for the assistance of our friends at the Metropolitan Police Department for helping to get the word out through their channels.

If you have any information about these cases, please contact the Washington Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement Department immediately at (202) 723-5730. Information will be kept confidential upon request.”

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  • epric002

    am feeling physically ill after reading this. i so hope they find the worthless, evil pieces of isht who did this.

  • Sometimes I really hate being involved in rescue. I see this type of thing and worse every day, but I never ever get used to it and it never affects me less no matter how many horrible things I hear of/see. I just don’t understand how any human could be such a monster. Thank goodness for all the good people in the world working to counteract horrible acts like this 🙁

  • I almost started to cry at my desk. people are so cruel.

  • I wish they would ban this breed in DC. It would save them from the thugs who think fighting them is a good idea.

    • Breed bans do not protect dogs or people. There is no jurisdiction in the country (or abroad) where banning certain breeds led to a reduction in dog attacks, a reduction in dog-fighting or a reduction in other cruelty towards dogs. It leads to more pit bull type dogs being killed in pounds so communities can *feel* safer.

    • epric002

      sigh. breed bans are not the answer.

    • Banning a particular breed won’t make the slightest difference. Dog fighting is already banned, no? Did that stop these folks? Nope.

    • Since when do you think criminals follow laws? Banning pit bulls would do absolutely nothing to protect them and in fact would ensure that many more of them die in shelters or are ripped from their families due to liability.
      Think of it, there are many loving homes that want to adopt a dog. If those loving homes are banned from adopting pit bulls, more will die. Criminals do not care about laws. They will continue to acquire and abuse pit bulls regardless of any bans. Dogs who are saved from these worthless thugs would then be immediately killed due to the ban even if they were were adoptable.
      Yes, I am a pit bull parent and she is the most spoiled princess ever. I’d sell my house and move before I’d give her up to a ban 🙂

      • I’m not sure breed bans would work simply because thugs could breed the dogs on their own, but much like the arguments for banning certain types of guns, the idea is not that people will stop doing illegal things, but that the ability to do it is diminished. IF manufacturers are not allowed to sell guns in a particular state, the incident rate of those guns being used in violent crime reduces because it is harder to get them. It also is easier to get them off the streets because police can take them more easily if they are illegal to possess. The principle could theoretically apply to dogs. Fewer pit bulls available, it becomes harder to use them for these purposes. But again, that would just promote people illegally breeding them within their own neighborhoods (which they probably do anyway).

        Anyway, like I said, dogs might be different than guns in that regard. But sometimes banning contraband does make a difference in reduce its general availability for criminals. Just maybe not here.

        • I get what you’re saying, but unlike gun bans, breed bans split up dogs from their families. A gun is an inanimate object, and while it may make gun owners upset that they’re banned, it’s not going to adversely affect the gun itself. In the case of breed bans, the ban adversely affects the banned dog as well as the dog’s family. Families who cannot easily move to a different location are forced to give up their dog, and that dog is killed. And, like you said, it would be extremely easy for a criminal to breed pit bulls for their own use, while it certainly is not easy to make a gun. In those ways, a gun ban and breed ban can’t really be compared, and as in the above examples it has been proven over and over that BSL simply does not work.

    • They would just find another dog to fight. Any dog, if abused and baited enough, will fight. Would you suggest a Labrador or Golden Retriever ban if people started fighting those?

  • The dog fighting is disgusting and and cowardly…. would love to find the “owners” and throw them in a pit to defends themselves. What terrifies, and sickens me even more, is the torture of the cats; this wasn’t for sport or money. These defenseless little animals were butchered by pure evil.

  • I’m just waiting to hear – like on the Opossum thread – how this is just “kids” and somehow perfectly normal…particuarly the cat killing. Love the way these people care for their prized pets: dumping the dogs post-fight to just die.

    • I remember that, there were witnesses, it was kids (no dickish quotes needed) and it is normal for kids to do dumb horrible things when in large groups.

      It has been studied many times with animal cruelty, bullying, child soldiers, etc kids don’t fully understand the consequences of their actions and very easily end up with pack mentalities and clear social hierarchies to the detriment of human decency.

      When I was a kid growing up here in DC, I once had to run a “rock gauntlet” where what seemed like 20 kids stood in a line and threw rocks at me and my sister and her friend while we tried to get home. You think they took a vote and decided to do that? Probably 1-2 kids lay out the plan and the rest followed along.

      None of that applies to this though as your comment is pure conjecture. I recall making a “just kids” type comment on that post because people seemed so eager to label those kids (not “kids”) monsters and throw them in jail without realizing what it does to criminalize such young kids.

      Are you able to understand the difference between mob mentality and a single actor taking it upon him/herself to kill a cat/opossum? Doing it alone suggests a seriously emotionally disturbed individual; a group is kids getting out of hand. If I heard about my kid doing something like this I’d punish the hell out of them, if they got jailed for it I would probably flip out on the arresting officer.

      Your compassion for animals is a great virtue, your lack of compassion for kids is not.

  • I recieved an email that the Washington Humane Society is helping this dog (they named him McFly and describe him as ‘very sweet and surprisingly energetic’). If you’d like to help, donate to the “Sophie’s Fund for Emergency Medical Care. on the WHS site.”

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