Heads Up – No Warning for No Parking Signs on 15th Street


“Dear PoPville,

A little bit ago I left my building and discovered seemingly brand new emergency no parking signs placed between approximately 15th and Chapin NW and 15th and Euclid NW put up by DDOT.

At least towards Euclid there is no way these signs were put up any earlier than this morning. Yet the emergency no parking period starts October 11 and goes through October 19. (Maybe this all has something to do with the government reopening?)

While I was taking pictures of the signs a gentleman who has been doing construction work in my building for the past couple of days provided that the signs were put up this morning and that he hadn’t seen anything the last couple days. I did not see anything either, despite checking on my car each evening this week. The gentleman also said that he saw cars being relocated earlier this morning.

After previously getting towed from an emergency no parking zone that I suspect had improperly displayed signs, I feel fortunate that I happened to be home and was able to move my car. Unless DDOT has a very good explanation this seems highly improper.”

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  • I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago (and wrote in about the signs), I luckily saw it the night before it started and moved my car.

    Call Robert Horton and give him a piece of your mind!! Tell him the sign violates the 72hr notification requirement. I’m not sure who is in charge of enforcing proper Emergency No Parking signs at DDOT but you should find out and call them too.

  • This happens all the time on Biltmore St. Last time I got a ticket because a sign for that day was put up mid-afternoon. So I called the contact number and found out it was Pepco and they confirmed that not only did they put it up late but they also had the wrong date and day marked off. I put the ticket in the system to refute it but I have little hope even though the responsible party at Pepco sent me a screen shot showing an error in the sign creation. Im going to rip anyone that is not post in the right amount of time from now on. Oh and they are also being used to “reserve” spaces for a over-priced condo conversion on my street. Every Sunday they have a sign and then no moving trucks show and they have plenty of parking for the yuppies looking to by over-priced garbage condos!

  • If the signs are improperly displayed (i.e. without sufficient notice) they may be removed.

    • DC CapHill

      Agreed. They did this on 11th and Penn Ave. SE several weeks ago, as they were ripping up the street for about the 4th time that month in the SAME exact spot. Parked there in the morning after going to the grocery store, around 9:30 am. Heard jackhammers about an hour later, and happened to open my door, to see Emergency No Parking on all of the trees/lamp posts on the half block I was on, that were BACKDATED a day previous, and ran another month? I went out and moved my car two blocks away. The construction was finished for the week, about an hour later, and all the signs removed.

      They just put them up whenever and wherever they want to, apparently, with zero accountability.

  • I run into improperly-displayed signs all the time. A few months ago I parked my car on a Sunday night, then checked on it on Wednesday night to find it missing. After panicked calls to 911 to report a stolen car, I found out that it had been towed on Monday….to a metered spot around the corner (so a ticket for emergency no parking + tow charge + expired meter ticket).

    I tried to argue it and failed. Given the dates, there’s no way the sign was posted 72 hours in advance. I’ve also had the problem where I’m ticketed when the spot I’m parked is not clearly marked as being in the “emergency” zone. Very frustrating.

  • Challenge it. This happened to me on 10th st, I got a $50 ticket, but they dismissed it.

  • this just happened to me on O street (between 15th and 16th)! i received a ticket for parking with an emergency sign, but there was no sign when i parked my car monday afternoon. ticket was given wednesday morning! i saw other cars with tickets so i wasn’t the only one. definitely has to be 72 hours notice, correct? if so i plan to contest. i call B.S.!

  • I think DDOT is the worst run city agency. They don’t plan things well, they’re uncommunicative, and they frequently just screw things up. You cannot print a sign on October 10 that restricts parking on the 11th, period. There’s no way it can comply with the notification laws. And yet there it is, as if DDOT has no idea how the law works,even though they use a zillion of these every single day.

    And good luck trying to contact anyone there. I sent them an email on September 20 asking them a question that should be easy to answer (are you repaving my street?). On September 30 they emailed me back letting me know that I should “receive a response within the next 30 business days”. Gee, thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for that response around Veterans’ Day.

  • They have to put them up 72 hours in advance. I would tear them down, because they would not be valid anyway.

  • I’ve gotten two $50 tickets in the last year for being in emergency no parking spots when the signs were put up improperly. According to DC law, they must be posted 72 hours in advance for non-metered spaces (see here: https://tops.ddot.dc.gov/DDOTPermitSystem/(S(qmpuk35550fanc55gk1bvefm))/DDOTPermitOnline/FAQ.aspx#QP2).

    I’ve refuted both tickets and have yet to hear back. The sign above (like both signs I was ticketed for) could not possibly have been posted 72 hours in advance because, as noted on the sign, it was not even PRINTED until the day before the restriction went into effect.

  • This happened to me on Biltmore St a few months ago – it was emergency construction work and they didn’t put up signs in advance. They actually had to tow my car (across the street) and I wasn’t charged anything. The woman on the phone called it a “courtesy tow.” If the signs weren’t put up in advance, fight the ticket.

    • This happened to me as well in early September. The church directly across the street from my apartment put up signs restricting parking for a funeral on Friday night (the funeral was Saturday at 9am). I went down to retrieve the car at 11am the next morning and found our car towed across the street (literally 20 feet from its original spot). There was a $30 parking ticket on the window, but the fine is not in the database. I’ve gone online multiple times to pay for the ticket and its not registered in the system! C’est la vie – we got lucky.

    • This happened to me on Mintwood, due to on going “emergency” Pepco work. Sign went up late and was even the wrong date. I got a $50 ticket and $100 emergency tow around the block. I took photos and contested it online only to be ruled liable. I talked to a parking cop who told me if its Pepco, the city is really lenient and not likely to side with me. So, I’m not going to appeal. It’s BS but it’s a good lesson to always check on your car I guess.

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