Good Deal or Not? “SELLER PAY 1/2 CONDO FEE FOR A YEAR” edition


This unit is located at 1125 11th Street, NW:


The listing says:

“SELLER PAY 1/2 CONDO FEE FOR A YEAR. Open layout w/ interior BR. Modern + chic- hardwood floors, high ceilings + private balcony. Large shared living room w/ fireplace + den area can be transformed into whatever you would like! Airy kitchen w/ steel appl + table room. Multiple closets. Urban + sleek condo minutes from everything.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $374,900 ($672 monthly fee.)

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  • It’s a nice sized space for a 1BR in a good location. But why the hell is the fee so high on a new building? I can see why they’ve had a hard time moving this, but the fee reduction is a gimmick. I’d be worried about the financials of this building.

    • Tangent to this: how often do condo fees go down? Has anyone ever experienced a significant reduction in their fees? Or are condo fees just something that will always escalate?

      • yes! i live in a building where the condo fee has gone down. i think it may be rare but when a new building is try to build up reserve funds and the residents/condo board are active it’s possibly to reduce fees.

      • According to my real estate agent it’s very rare. The fees in the condo building I rent in just went down though. I think it was only $50ish though so not significant. I believe it went from $450 to $400. It’s an older building which is why the fees are a bit high. However, I will say it’s very well managed and they don’t really do assessments.

      • Fees in my building have gone down every year since I moved in (3 years). They were hiked up to deal with delinquencies from the financial crash, but now that most of those delinquent units have turned over the health of the building has returned.

  • I personally hate the location of the bedroom, I would have switched the den with the bedroom and put up a wall to separate the living room.

  • That is the most bizarrely laid out apartment I’ve seen in a while, which may explain why the owner is providing such an incentive. I think it’s technically not a one bedroom since the “bedroom” appears to be a very large storage closet with no windows. If this were my place, i’d put my bed where the den is and put up a nice screen to separate it from the living room.

  • I don’t think that’s a legal bedroom there. Don’t you need windows/closets for a room to be considered a bedroom?

    • Windows for sure. I don’t know about closets, but doubt they’re required.
      On the up side, in the summer this would be a terrific, dark room where even the light sensitive would be able to sleep in!

      • you need a closet too or appraisers won’t consider it a bedroom

        • really? i know some of the older buildings (1920is) in the city don’t have closets at all in their units. i’m wondering how appraisers deal with this.

  • Yuck. That’s a horrible layout and a high fee.

  • It’s like the big “GRILL” cookbook is saying, “You won’t be able to cook in this tiny kitchen.”
    [I kid. The kitchen is bigger than mine. But odd staging choice.]

  • Instead of offering to pay half the fee for a year, they ought to offer a $15k seller’s credit for construction to fix the layout. Drop a wall between the big window with the balcony and that odd little horizontal window and the edge of the bathroom door. Then you have an actual Master Bedroom (with direct access to the main bathroom and the walk-in closet, and a real window). Then tear out the “bedroom” in the back and make that the living room area. Dining room in the middle with the kitchen. “Den” or “home office” or “library” or whatever in the back with the balcony.

  • 678 condo fees. For what? That’s ridiculous. Maybe because i live in a small 16 unit building. I just think that amount is crazy talk

    • probably to build up reserves. remember, condo fees are ultimately up to you. they don’t just disappear into thin air; they provide for services, amenities, and maintenance.

      • People say this sort of thing a lot. But it’s not true. Some condo associations spend their money badly (due to bad management) or were poorly built, requiring ongoing expensive maintenance that wouldn’t be necessary in a less shoddy building. As the owner of one unit in an association you don’t have much say in what your condo fees are. Big condo fees in what appears to be a recent building should be a red flag and as a potential homebuyer you have absolutely every right to understand where that money is going.

  • The price is OK, the balcony is nice, and the extra half bath is a nice perk. Otherwise I would pass on it.

    In DC a legal bedroom must have emergency egress to the outside. I.e., a window. So legally this is not a bedroom. I’m not sure there is any law prohibiting realtors from calling it a bedroom, but it might be a bargaining chip for the buyer to bring the price down.

    The “bedroom” also has no closet. That’s not a legal requirement but it is nice to have. The closet in this place is pretty far from the bedroom. And it’s not even in a hallway, but rather, in the living room. Yuck. And 25 square feet for a walk-in closet is not very big. My walk-in closet is about that size, and I had to get really smart with Elfa and Ikea to make it truly walk-in ready.

    I agree with the others on here. I would totally redo the place. I’d tear down the walls in the existing “bedroom” and turn that into the living room. I would convert the existing den into the master bedroom, that way it has a walk-in and an en suite bath.

    If I didn’t care about windows at all in the living room, maybe I’d put a wall up and convert the entire living room/den into the master suite. It would be pretty cool to have a fireplace and a balcony in your master suite, I think.

    Half a year of condo fees is a gimmick. That’s what, 4000 bucks? That’s not going very far. A typical seller’s subsidy is $10k-15k.

    • I agree with the idea of moving the bedroom. but I’d hesitate to have a huge master suite at the cost of a living room, especially in a place this small. If you have guests over, it would just be weird to go through the bedroom to sit on the balcony or for everyone to sit in the bedroom to enjoy a fire, whereas if you’re home alone it’s not odd to enjoy the fireplace in the living room in your PJs (or less, if that’s your thing). I think resale value would be lower for a small apartment that’s mostly master bedroom.

      • And by saying it’s weird to go through the bedroom to get places, I speak from experience. I once lived in a shotgun where you had to walk through the bedroom to get to the kitchen/dining room or to the balcony off the back. And it was weird, but it was grad school so it was OK. As a “real” adult I wouldn’t want to go back to having everyone I invited over hang out in my bedroom.

      • “I’d hesitate to have a huge master suite at the cost of a living room, especially in a place this small.”

        The current kitchen/dining room + bedroom is 300 square feet, and the current living room + den is 276 square feet.

        So if you converted the current kitchen/dining room + bedroom into a new open living/eating/social space, you’re actually gaining square footage, not losing it. And you’re gaining a huge master suite with an en suite bath and walk-in-closet as well.

        The big loss would be natural light into the living space, and no more balcony access or fireplace (fake anyway) in the living room. You could probably mitigate that loss by adding french or frosted between the living space and bedroom.

        if you converted the existing kitchen/dining room and bedroom into a kitchen/living room then you have more square footage (300 square feet)

        if you converted the entire living room and den into a bedroom it wo

  • I used to live in that building. The holding company that owned it went bankrupt as they couldnt sell most of the apartments. I think the company had almost 1/4 of them still in 2011. Good location, but all the apartments were horribly set up. Lived there for a year and got out.

  • Horrible layout with poorly thought out features–narrow bedroom, tiny microwave, laminate floor=cheap & not durable, half-bath is pretty useless–would have been better to have a decent sized bedroom. Huge fee seems to be explained upthread given the building’s history.

  • Wow — that is an amazingly bad layout.
    Given that the “bedroom” has no windows and the “den” has no wall to separate it from the living room, isn’t this actually a studio apartment, not a one-bedroom?

    • The marketing is strong with this listing agent.

    • Eactly, it seemed like a studio to me with a couple extra walls

      also…. they layout wiht those two bathrooms is TERRIBLE

      i get the 1.5 bathrooms to keep guests out of your personal spack… but the powder room is by the front door. which is by nothing else

      quite foolish imo

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