Good Deal or Not? “one of the best streets in Mount Pleasant” edition


This house is located at 1881 Ingleside Terrace, Northwest:


The listing says:

“Adorable row house on one of the best streets in Mount Pleasant. Darling front porch for lounging w/morning coffee. Back deck perfect for BBQ’s w/friends. Home has lovely views of the park. Two bedrooms one full bath upstairs. Main level w/open floor plan, living, dining, updated kitchen w/granite and stainless. Finished basement w/Den/3rd Bedroom, full second bath, laundry. Private rear parking”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $599,900.

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  • love it. just the right size for a couple that is done with their condo-phase.

  • Does MS-13 still deal out of the alleyway running between the houses and the park?

    • Not for 10 or 12 years. You haven’t been here in a while, have you?

      • 10-12 years, lol. They were five years ago, and I’m betting from your ardent need to try and belittle me that they still are today.

        • I lived on that street, facing the alley, from 1999 to 2010 and never saw evidence of this. Sure, there was the occasional prostitute, but hey, it’s DC.

        • How did that person belittle you? It sounds like you made a snarky comment and they’re calling you on it.

    • Not in the 3.5 years I’ve lived here.. a few critters though: racoon, fox, deer.

  • Oh man, no chance in hell is this going for anywhere close to asking.

    • I think it will. These homes – even including the basement – are TINY. This can’t be more than 1300 feet and most of that is bedroom space. There’s very little living space, so you can’t realistically raise a family here.

      • I was right – this place is only 840 sq feet. If you include the basement, that gets you another 420, for a total of 1260 sq feet.

        If anything, I think this price is a stretch considering that directly across the street a 1500 sq foot house (not including basement) is asking $780K.

        • That house across the street has been on the market over a month and will probably see a price reduction soon. Two open houses so far, and no one’s biting.

          • If no one is biting and the price will be lowered, then why buy this place for $650K, as some here are suggesting? For $100K more, you can get twice the house, a real yard, and a much nicer interior.

      • The concept that you “can’t realistically raise a family” in 1300 square feet is absurd.

      • There’s nothing inherently unrealistic about raising a family in 1300 square feet….whether or not it’s to someone’s lifestyle preference or comfort level is another question, but when I was much younger, I worked (babysat) for a number of middle-class urban-dwellers in high-cost cities who had similar-sized (or smaller) apartments. Now that I’m older, many of my friends/peers with children are doing the same. (And I grew up in a house, albeit in the ‘burbs, not a big city, that was about 1300 sq ft.) It’s just different lifestyle choices–you have less stuff, you make more regular outings to parks/playgrounds/museums/etc. for entertainment, instead of the kids running around in a big yard or basement, and so on–so for people for whom the space-location tradeoff is worth it, it’s doable.

      • I live in a house with a very similar layout – 2 bedrooms plus basement. Families with one or two kids live in 6 out of the 9 similarly sized houses. Like someone said, it’s a matter of preference.

    • Still goes above asking. A house in Mt Pleasant goes for more than this. I am guessing like $620,000.

      • I agree with Kyle. This is a good deal even though it’s small. It makes good use of the space and is in a great area. And if you have kids, you’re right down the street from the awesome playground at Bancroft.

      • Agree that it will go well above asking – great location, nicely done inside, move in ready. I’m guessing over $650,000

  • justinbc

    Cheap and cute, very nice!

  • I’m guessing this is a good deal by Mount P standards, but man is that house tiny. I think the nicest thing about it is the back deck/yard, though it appears to be unfenced.

  • colheights67

    I love it.

  • Very small. Good for somone who needs a home office and/or has visitors. Deck mitigates some of the small space

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