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  • Seriously? They’re getting paid, and don’t have to work, and those of us working don’t get a thing because we’re not feds….

    they’re on forced paid vacation at this point, let’s stop the madness and pretend this is some sort of population that needs our assistance

    • saf

      No, they aren’t getting paid – not now, and they may or may not get paid in the future.

      And indeed, the feds who are working will not get checks until after the shutdown is over, so cashflow is an issue for everyone.

      • At least they don’t have any commuting expenses right now… oh wait, they didn’t before.

        • saf

          My spouse does. He takes the maximum benefit, and his commute costs more than that. So yes, his commuting expenses are lower, but not non-existent.

          He can’t be the only one in that situation, as he is only going from Petworth to VA.

          • Aww, poor guy.

          • That’s weird. My MIL commutes in from Burke VA (always by public transit) and she’s always trying to get us to use her SmartTrip because she has so much leftover money on it. Is it more expensive in the other direction or something?

      • But they WILL get paid eventually. The countless number of contractors who get crapped on by the ignorant masses…they are the ones getting screwed.

    • According to the earlier thread there are tons of Feds that don’t have enough of a cushion to make it through the shutdown. Not sure how this is supposed to help since it’s still cheaper to cook at home though. I do feel sorry for affected contractors who probably won’t get paid at all and can’t take advantage of these deals either.

      • I don’t think people on the earlier thread were saying that “tons” of Feds didn’t have enough of a financial cushion to make it through the shutdown, only that it was more than “a few.”
        As with the Whole Foods spaghetti thing, this isn’t a charity event; it’s a promotion.

    • Some of them are really really bored though!

    • If your point is there are lots of other people who live like this on a regular basis and not just during a government shutdown, then ok, I see your point. However, would you be able to go a month without your paycheck? Maybe more? Even when the shutdown ends they don’t know when/if they’ll get paid. Maybe try to have some compassion. It’s not like they are choosing not to work and still raking in a paycheck like Congress….

      • It sounds like they will be getting paid. Maybe try to have some compassion. Some of us don’t know any Feds living paycheck to paycheck, and all we see is friends and family taking mini vacations, getting chores down around the house, having lunches out, taking care of errands that are hard to do around a work schedule, reading and watching movies, or complaining that they’re bored without their jobs to go to. It’s not their choice, but it’s hard to feel as though it’s fair.

        • Wow, just because you personally do not know any feds who live paycheck to paycheck does not mean they don’t exist. I too have friends who have been furloughed, and while they can make it through the month, it’s still stressful not knowing how long it will be till their next paycheck. I can attest that not one of them is treating it like a paid vacation…

  • The Chix near U Street has some of the worst service I’ve encountered in DC. The cashier with the spiky hair is incredibly rude and makes ordering food unpleasant, so we stopped going. No reason to give money to a place that can’t hire decent employees.

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