Future Home of Amsterdam Falafel on 14th Street Looking Good

1830 14th Street, NW

The building soon to be home of Amsterdam Falafel on 14th Street is starting to look good (I admit I will still miss the old mural.) Amazing what a new coat of paint can do:


Amsterdam Falafel has also applied for a liquor license at this location which says:

“New restaurant serving falafel and related foods, no entertainment, no dancing. Seating capacity is 45. Total occupancy load is 59.

Hours of operation will be Sunday and Monday 10am-12am; Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-2:30am; Thursday 10am-3am and Friday & Saturday 10am-4am.


After the jump you can see what the building used to look like.



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  • Super excited about more affordable food options on 14th! Amsterdam is so good!
    Also, awesome paint job. I liked the contrasting colors, especially on the overhang 🙂

  • justinbc

    I was a fan of the old mural, but this is indeed a sweet paint job. I need to find out who they used for myself!

  • They are by far the best quick service food option on 18th in Adams Morgan. I really hope that quality doesn’t suffer with the opening of their new location.

    • justinbc

      I agree. I generally don’t even like falafel, but their toppings bar makes it exceptional.

    • I’m not a big fan of the 18th St. location (b/c of the location), but my wife is, so I’ve been there a bit. We stumbled on their outpost in Summerville, MA around Christmas and the quality was just a good and the location a bit better b/c it was not as cramped so I have high hopes that quality will be just as good.

      I found that mural disturbing. The WP found the artist and he said he was surprised is lasted so long. He now lives in LA.

      • lovefifteen

        I didn’t find the mural aesthetically pleasing either. I am glad it’s gone. The mural of Elizabeth Taylor at Dacha Beer Garden is a mural that I can get behind. 🙂

        • The mural wasn’t very pleasing to the eyes. I think some people in the art world just want to save any art just for the sake of saving it. That mural wasn’t anything nice to look at. Plus, seeing how nice the building looks now…the correct decision was made.

  • The outside is massively improved, but the real issues are with the interior, especially the second floor.

  • I am SO excited. I haven’t been in ages because I can’t deal with going to Adams Morgan anymore, but it’s some of my favorite stuff. Too bad it’s totally not good for my weight….sigh…


  • Really happy this happen. I read the Post’s article by the lady who wanted to keep the mural. Sorry, but that thing was ugly. With so many great stores and restaurants coming to U and 14th Street this building fits in perfectly. I’m glad the property owners did this upgrade. I’m looking forward to what goes upstairs!!!

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