From the Forum – What’s up with the dogs at Farragut St. NW and 8th St?

What’s up with the dogs at Farragut St. NW and 8th St?

“I was exploring the neighborhood yesterday, including alley-walking (lots of neat alleys in Petworth!), and came across a strange sight in the alley behind 8th St. NW houses, exiting onto Farragut- in the backyard of *three* consecutive houses were dogs, of the short-hair, super-muscle-y variety (intimidating). All the backyards seemed to be designed just for housing these dogs, since there was no grass or plant-life. The dogs were pretty hypor, barking as I went by.

Are these security dogs? Are they being bread for some unsavory activity?

Just wondering……”

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  • These hypor dogs are being bread to murder nosy illiterates so I think you’d better watch out cuz they are coming for you!

  • Translation of what the OP was trying to convey:

    “I saw a bunch of hyper Pitbulls in the alleys where I was walking. Kinda looks like they might be kept there for dog fighting. Kinda concerning?”

  • Passive aggressive much?

    Yes, from your description, it is a possibility that these dogs are part of a dogfighting situation. That’s what you meant to say, right?

    It is also possible that a few dog lovers live near each other and didn’t happen to be at home playing with, training, and socializing their pets at the moment you walked by.

    Call the humane society, ok?

  • Sounds like they might be raising therapy dogs.

  • Sounds like you stumbled on the last ungentrified outpost of Petworth circa 2008.

  • That’s my block and those dogs you refer to belong to my neighbors. These dogs aren’t mean unless you’re near their respective house….. In that case they bark loudly to let you know you don’t belong there. BTW these houses are 90 years old and nobody designed these yards as kennels, they are a good use of limited outdoor space we city-dwellers have bought into.

    • *Rawf Rawf woof*

      (translation: your threatening eye contact and lingering by the fence makes you look suspicious. MYOB.)

  • why is everyone so defensive about this? you guys all live in these houses and these are your dogs so you’re feeling offended? if I were exploring the neighborhood, and it sounds like the poster was presumably for investment, i would want to know everything I could–including whether my neighbors were running a dog fighting ring out of their houses, or merely if they keep their dogs out in the yard all the time.

  • doesn’t hurt to call 311 and have the humane society come out and do a site check to make sure they’re being well-cared for and have what they need. remember that when you have a gut feeling that it’s better to speak up, since they can’t.

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