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Street Musicians:

“Just curious, what are the hours street for musicians/performers? I ask as occasionally there is a group of horn players who perform near the Columbia Heights metro and they play into the evening…. and not really together/in tune, and they tend to blare the tunes out. I kind of makes it hard to wind down after the work day.”

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  • I think it’s “all the hours you chose to live in one of the highest-density neighborhoods in DC”.

    Are you talking about Dupont Brass? The Howard kids who play at CH metro about once every two months? They’re the only horn group I’ve seen around, and they’re not bad. More importantly, they put a smile on everyone’s face. And I’ve never seen them out past 6:30 or 7:00.

    • They might also be talking about a New Orleans-style band that plays at Dupont Circle a few times a month. (Not sure if they play elsewhere as well?) Their music is fairly loud (you could probably hear it from a block or so away) and they are usually out playing on weekend evenings (I think that 10 or 11 is the latest I’ve seen them out.) But I’ve never heard any complaints about them, because they are AWESOME.

    • +1 – Seriously? They play maybe twice a month for a few hours! And they are wonderful. Sounds like you need more than winding down.

  • Out of tune? I hope you’re not talking about the music students from Howard University. They are extremely talented young musicians! They usually perform to earn money for school. I haven’t been by the CH metro at that time in a couple, but I periodically play their recordings that I made with my cellphone.

    BTW – Their technique of “blaring out the tunes”, as you call it, is pretty popular among bands at HBCUs.

  • You’re complaining about some music as you get off the metro at the end of your work day. Sheesh – relax, life can’t be that bad. Don’t be so uptight.

  • Out of tune? Blaring out the tunes? I hope you’re not talking about the music students from Howard. They’re great! One of the young men told me they perform as a side gig to make money for school. I saw them in the spring and stood outside of the metro for 20-30 minutes listening to them perform. What a treat!

    There are some really crappy and inconvenient things in the DC area that can be categorized as a noise nuisance. I would not lump this group in that category.

  • They definitely aren’t the same brass players that are outside of gallery place sometimes – Those guys are f’n awesome. The guys that typically play in columbia heights aren’t all that good and the readers description of them is pretty apt

  • Mug of Glop

    The group the poster is talking about (or at least I think they are) is the brass trio – two trumpets and a sousaphone (white PVC, not metal). They play at the Metro station and at the plaza a block up at least a few times a week, but I’ve never seen them there later than 9 or 10-ish. And they’re not great, but they’re not terrible, either. They are kind of loud and they’re usually a bit out of tune, as well, as the poster has said.

  • Ok, so not the talented, hardworking Dupont Brass guys. But still… local kids who are looking to make a buck with music. I think it’s a small thing to tolerate, and a worthy thing to support.
    (I know who you’re talking about now. I saw them headed home last night around 8:45. Kid walking down Park Road with a sousaphone tends to make an impression!)

  • How far “into the evening” are we talking about, here? I can see if it’s getting past 10:00pm in an area where there are lots of apartments and people might be trying to get to sleep…but I mean, if you’re talking about the area around DC USA and the Metro station–or any heavily trafficked commercial and transportation hub, there are bound to be any number of things that make it hard to “wind down” at the end of the day.

  • No no, I know what the OP is talking about. There’s a trio of brass players who play random music in the CH Civic Plaza. I walked through there the other day and it was a mildly entertaining set that included a “blatting” tuba/sousaphone. It was funny for a minute, then it got annoying. They aren’t terrible, but when they’re goofing off it’s a bit annoying.

  • I live right by the CH metro and I like them. Especially around Christmas, when they play carols! Much more annoying was the guy who would blast the same Michael Jackson song over and over and “dance” until 11 pm in the summer…

  • Yeah, we’ve been outside at the Heights when they’ve been playing. It was fun for a bit, but after a while we just wanted them to move on. I was really surprised that they played pretty late – 10:30 or so? I remember thinking that would be annoying if one lived in the apartments above. It seems all nice when you are just passing by, but hearing it for 1.5 hours I can understand would get annoying. The noise laws after 10pm would probably help – you’d hafta call the cops. I don’t think there is anything to help you before then, however.

  • There is a noise law. I know it starts at 10pm, and I think it ends at 8am (but it might be 7am).

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