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“I’m hoping to add a fence across the back of my backyard (on the sides I share fences with neighbors). Has anyone used a fence company they can recommend? It’s about 13 feet across including space for a gate and the first estimate I got was around $3,000. Hello, sticker shock.”

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  • We are thinking about fencing too. We want to put a screen up in front of our trash / recycle bins at our building, but want something other than wood (like composite panels or something) with sliding doors. Anybody know a good resource for that?

  • Wow that seems extremely pricy for that small of a fence. Were you getting a quote for something fancy? I got three quotes last year to replace my entire fence and drive gate (quote was for a 7ft flat top wood privacy fence). The entire thing is about 80ft of fencing plus the gate. The lowest quote I got was $4500 and the most expensive was $7500. In the end, I thought that was too much money and decided I’d try to tackle the project myself next year.

  • Try Potomac Fences. Located in Rockville MD but will come to Washington they put up on my fences in Columbia Heights. They will be about half of what you been quoted for that size fence

  • Jim Mattingly is absolutely wonderful — and 100% honest. I can recommend him without reservation. He’s a one-man operation, so you might have to wait for him. 301/627-2528.

  • KSB

    I recently called/emailed approximately 4,000 fence companies (perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration) and finally settled on Adirondack Builders. Rob was really responsive and their quote was right in our price range, unlike most others which came out 20% or more above what we wanted to spend. We’re scheduled for installation next week so I can’t speak to the whole experience yet, but am hoping they deliver!

  • I redid my fence as part of a large scale backyard renovation, so I can’t tell you how much I paid specifically for the fence, however I can make one suggestion. Make sure that you get a steel frame for the gate at the back of the yard. If the frame is made out of wood it will warp and eventually drag on the ground. The steel frame is more expensive, but in the long run it will last much longer than a wood framed gate. My gate has wood slats with a steel frame so it still matches the rest of the flat topped fencing that surrounds the rest of my yard.

  • Do. It. Your. Self. Fence building is pretty easy.

    • +1 Is very easy. Rent a ZipCar truck and you’re pretty much good to go, Home Depot cuts all the pieces or just get the premade variety and assemble. This is basically an Ikea done outdoors project. And depending on the Ikea piece, easier.

    • +2
      Fencing is one of those home improvement projects that are ABSURDLY overpriced if you pay someone else to do it. I have no idea why, but it just is.
      I’d love for PoP commenters to put together a list of home improvement projects that are overpriced vs. a good value when hiring a contractor.
      Good value: painting internal walls, brick repointing (pricey, but will last you decades and save you lots of money from internal damage to walls and joists)

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