From the Forum – Composting/Recycling for garden plants and soil

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Composting/Recycling for garden plants and soil:

“My balcony garden has been wonderful all summer, but now the tomato plants are dying and the basil is all finished. And I’m going to move, so I can’t keep the pots full of soil for next year. Does anyone know any community gardens, garden centers or any place else that will take soil and old plants for composting? I hate to just put it all in the trash!”

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  • I have read not to compost tomato plants because of parasites, fungus etc. If anyone knows better I’m happy to be corrected. Otherwise, with the small amount of dirt involved, I would just dump it into a strong garbage bag, set it outside with a “free good dirt” sign or post it for free on CL

  • You’re right Victoria – I was about to post the same thing myself about composting tomato plants (don’t).
    If there is a community garden near you, probably easiest to contact them directly to ask if they could use the soil. Or offer the potting soil on freecycle.

  • I’d be interested in your soil. Get PoP to link us up.

  • If you leave them in Wangari Gardens, someone will make good use of the soil and the pots.

  • I believe Common Good City Farm in Ledroit Park ( accepts compost-able materials from the public. They used to. Give them a call.

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