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2100 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Pines of Florence/Jambalaya Room:

“Does anyone know what is going on with Jambalaya Room/Pines of Florence? I know Jambalaya Room was featured a few months ago as a new restaurant going into the former Pines of Florence location. However, the other day, I noticed that Groupon was offering a deal for Pines of Florence in Dupont, which I thought was closed. I looked on yelp and there is a review that says Pines of Florence re-opened, but the Jambalaya Room yelp page does not say that it is closed and the website is still up. What is going on here? Did Jambalaya Room already go out of business? Did Pines of Florence comeback to the location it just vacated?”

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  • Really curious about this, really hoping PoF is back. Kind of doubt it.

  • Did OP try calling the restaurant(s) to ask?

  • Went there not too long ago and asked the waitress. The family that runs this PoF location is just converting it into a Cajun restaurant. They’ll re-open some time next year or something.

    Their Italian food was just ok, and I only ever went there when I had a Groupon for it. Hope they clean the place when they gut it. Our ravioli were awful and my salad was moldy the last time I went. Here’s hoping that their Cajun food is a little better.

  • Used to go to Pines of Florence for take out from time to time, since I live nearby. However, sometime within the last 3 years it seems the ownership changed. New family managing the house, and the quality of the food went waaayy downhill (though it was never great to begin with). Last time I was there, at least 8 months ago, the whole place smelled like roach spray. My food that evening wasn’t noticeably worse than normal, so I guess there’s something to be said for being consistently sub-mediocre? In any event, I don’t frequent whatever this place is anymore, and wouldn’t hold much hope for a Cajun restaurant being any great shakes.

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