From the Events Calendar – Mellow Mushroom Turns 2, all 24 drafts are $2

2436 18th Street, NW

Mellow Mushroom Turns 2:

“Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan is turning 2 this Thursday, October 17th.

To celebrate, all 24 drafts are $2 for the entire day and one lucky guest will win a pair of tickets to the 10/23 of Montreal show @ U Street Music Hall.”

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  • Love the ‘Shroom! Did they get rid of those rats on the roof yet? Those gotta go.

    • Preeecccissseeellly! I love the food there, but I did see rats scurrying around the rooftop AND almost stepped one on the stairs on my way out. I screamed so loud, the rat sprinted off the stairs and out the restaurant. Rats running rampant throughout the restaurant has to violate SOME sort of health code, COME ON.

    • I’ve seen the rats up there, too! I love that place though. Friendliest wait staff and bartenders in all of Adams Morgan (seriously, why can’t everybody hire people like this?), decent beer list, and awesome pizza.

  • Hi all,
    There were some flower pots on the roof attracting the rodents so we removed those and now the roof is a much better place for it! We’re putting a TV on the roof in a few weeks too!

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