Friday Question of the Day – Where are You From Originally? For Those from DC – What Neighborhood did you Grow Up in?

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This is something I always enjoy learning about when I meet people. So here goes – I was born in New York, New York and when a little kid lived in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn before moving to the Village of Rockville Centre on Long Island. I went to college in Ohio (Miami Redhawks represent) and I moved to DC in 1997 after living overseas for a year. How about you guys – where are you from originally? What year did you move to DC? For those who are from the District – what neighborhood did you grow up in?

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  • From Waldorf, MD. The home of the Good Charlotte boys. Went to Towson, then moved to Columbia Heights just before the Target went in. And now I’m moving out to Hyattsville! πŸ™‚

  • Austin, Texas. Westwood High! Been here 4 years already and have yet to find a good jam group. Let me know if you play!

  • – I was born in DC, at Providence Hospital, and I grew up in Petworth. Both of my parents were also born in DC. I went to Connecticut for college, then I went to NYC where I went to graduate school and lived for several years. I then moved to Baltimore for work — for another several years. I’ll be moving back home in the not too distant future.

  • Boston. +Various cities along the east coast. Now in DC for 10 years.

  • Grew up on the Jersey Shore, then NYC, then Atlanta for far too many years, then to DC last year. Happy to be back in the Northeast – no, I wasn’t dropped on my head.

  • Born NYC. Raised Bethesda. Delaware for school. Back in DC for a while now.

  • I was born in Garfield Hospital in DC, lived in Adams Morgan for my first 10 yrs, and have been in MtP for the last 50 yrs.

  • Calvert County, MD. I was born in Bolivia, my family moved to L.A. soon after, and then we moved to NJ for a few years before finally settling down in MD when I was 8. I moved to DC immediately after graduating from UMCP in 2001. Other than 2 years in Boston for grad school, I’ve been living in DC ever since.

  • College Park, MD

  • saf

    Born in Clifton Springs NY.
    Raised mostly in Rochester NY with a few years in LA, CA.
    Been here since 1983:
    Foggy Bottom
    Adams Morgan
    Mt Pleasant
    Petworth since 1990

    And now you know enough to link my online and offline identities if you know me offline!

  • Born in Miami, lived there till I was five, grew up in Nashville, been here 24 years.

  • I was BORN in the U.S.A.!!!!

  • Addis Ababa
    A refugee near Nairobi
    Settled in South West DC
    Completed high school at Wilson High
    Went to Middlebury College, VT
    Moved to Roslyn, VA
    Moved to Annandale, VA
    Moved to Columbia Heights, DC
    Moved to Sydney, Australia
    Moved back to U street area

  • tonyr

    Born in Henry Morton Stanley Hospital in St. Asaph, North Wales in 1960. Spent next 18 years locally, then off to university etc. – Oxford/London/Poole until I moved to Reston in 1986 and then Shaw since 2010.

  • Born in DC at Columbia Hospital for Women, raised in Hillcrest (that’s in “Soufeast”). Now residing in Takoma Park with my young family.

    • Also born at Columbia Hospital for Women in Foggy Bottom – now condos and the Trader Joe’s!
      Grew up in cleveland park, sort of behind the Uptown theater
      Went to new england for high school and college
      Lived overseas for several years
      Now homeowner in Shaw – a neighborhood I never set foot in before 2002.

  • Born in Cambridge, MA. Raised North of Boston on the coast. Came to Foggy Bottom DC for undergrad at GW. A stint abroad after college and then back to Columbia Heights for Law School.

  • Born in Palm Springs, CA
    Raised in 29 Palms, CA (non-military family)
    College in San Diego
    Peace Corps in Slovakia ’00-’02
    NYC ’03-’07
    Adams Morgan ’07-’12
    Columbia Heights ’12-Present

    • Raised in 29 Palms, but no affiliation with the USMC? Wow- that must have been interesting. Lived on the base there for two years, but we were pretty eager to leave when the time came. Some interesting people live out in the Mojave Desert.

  • North Andover, Massachusetts!

  • Born in Ohio. Howard U alum. Been in DC before crack cocaine. Lived in all 4 quadrants. I’m home. Not very welcoming to hipster transients. Sorry…kinda.

  • Born in Chicago but grew up in the northern suburbs. Moved to Arlington in 2002 then the District to Logan and now the H St corridor. First of 3 generations of immediate family born in Chicago to not live there for an extended period of time but I like it here!

    • What burb(s)? My husband and I are from Libertyville. Lived in Foggy Bottom, Hill, H Street over last 5 years. Just moved to Old Town πŸ™ with the new baby.

      • I’m from Elk Grove Village. Lived in Columbia Heights for 2 and a half years and just moved to Fort Totten.

  • Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. Delaware for college. U Street/Columbia Heights for 5 years afterwards and now I’m in Scotland for grad school. Plans to move back to the DC area after my time aboard.

  • Johnstown, PA! Home of the world’s steepest inclined plane!

  • St. Louis, Missouri! Go Cards!

  • Grew up near the Cathedral and in Mt. Pleasant. Yup, I’m a real native!

  • Grew up in Roxbury, NJ, went to Boston for college, then moved to DC. Lived in DC for 6 years before buying a place in Takoma/Langley Park.

  • binpetworth

    Born ‘n raised in the Hampton Roads area. First moved to DC in 1993 in time to see Clinton inaugurated. Moved many times and to many continents in the intervening years, from Fargo to Faizabad, before settling in Petworth in 2010.

  • mtpgal

    Annandale, VA!

    • NYC (BKLYN) > North Carolina > NYC (BKLYN / Queens) > Atlanta > DC (Columbia Heights > Woodridge > Michigan Park > Brookland / Edgewood
      Wife – Born in DC DuPont Circle – split time growing up between Brightwood & Lanham, MD

  • Born in Alabama. Moved to the district for 4th grade (Murch) in 1977. Moved away in 1986after high school and have been back since 1997.

  • justinbc

    Born in Charlotte, went to university in NC (beach life @ Wilmington under, hippy life @ Chapel Hill grad), eventually moved to DC area in 2008. Lived in McLean for 2 years, Old Town for 1 year, Logan Circle for 2 years, then finally bought a place in Capitol Hill this past spring. Have loved the city more and more every year I’ve been here.

    • Go Seahawks! I loved going from beach – class – beach. But since I then went on to Duke for grad school I’m gonna have to boo the UNC-CH move.

  • Austria. Moved to DC in 2003, got relocated to LA in 2009, hated it so much that I quit my job, and moved back “home” to DC in 2011.

  • Bloomingdale Jim

    I was born at Georgetown University Hospital. Grew up traveling between Springfield, VA and my grandparent’s home in Bath County, VA. Went to high school at Lake Braddock Secondary in Burke VA. I started there during the second year that the school was open – and it’s celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year! Went to college in Harrisonburg, VA and moved back to NOVA. Lived in Ashburn until 6 years ago. Now living in Bloomingdale!

  • From the suburbs of Detroit, but bounced around Michigan and Missouri while my parents went to school and found jobs. College in Michigan. Grad school in West Virginia. Law school in Virginia. Now in Capitol Hill.

  • Grew up on a farm near New Market, MD, lived in NC, Boston, overseas, DC, overseas, Baltimore, back to DC. Now I’ve lived in DC longer than anyplace else. It’s home sweet home.

  • Born and raised in Memphis. Then to New Jersey for 11 years. Then to Atlanta. Then to Memphis. Then back to Atlanta. Then to DC last year.

  • New Jersey (18 years) > Foggy Bottom > U Street > Eastern Market > H Street (been in dc 13 years)

  • Ann Arbor, MI (birth)
    Chicago, IL (2009)
    Boston, MA (2011)
    DC (present)

  • My 7:58 comment not intended to be a reply

    I lived here part time in ’95 – ’99 then I decided to stay. If I may see this about my adopted home, I loved it when I first moved here and love it now. It has many of the things I have loved about the other places I have lived. Just friendly enough compared to NYC though slower, faster and more cosmopolitan than Atlanta. I am glad I moved here when I did so I could see it evolve. I was here for 9-11, the DC sniper and the 2009 inauguration. I met my wife here and both of my daughters were born here – I guess the question made me nostalgic.

  • I am from New Orleans and went to college in Alabama. With a brief foray to northern Virginia I then moved to DC.

    Also, I like that there are people commenting who were born in D.C. It sometimes seems there are none of those but there are actually a lot of them.

  • Outside of Albany, NY

  • NYC born and raised… much prefer DMV to the tri-state area. Love living in DC!

  • Born in Manhattan. We moved to DC when I was 2 and the family’s lived in Cleveland Park ever since. I left DC for grad school and work in 1994, spent time in Toronto, Cleveland, Berkeley, and upstate NY, and moved back in 2010. Now in Shepherd Park and Never. Moving. Again.

  • Marietta, Georgia- been here since 2010

  • Grew up in Frederick, MD. Went to college in Worcester, MA, then moved to DC 2.5 years ago.

  • Evansville, Indiana. Been in DC now for 29 years and U St area for 24 years.

  • Born in Gaithersburg, MD. Moved to Fairfax when I was in elementary school and DC proper when I graduated college. Been here since. People like to say I’m a real native, though I don’t consider myself one because Fairfax and DC seem worlds apart to me. It feels like I relocated.

  • Born in Montana and then halfway through childhood my family moved to Washington State. After time in Oregon, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts moved to DC in 2005. I like DC, but really miss the West.

    • andy

      Same on missing the west. Mostly for the outdoors aspects. If they could only install a mountainous skyline somewhere on the horizon I would feel more at home.

  • born in DC, grew up in Dupont, currently live in condo in NW with wife and daughter

  • Born in Bemidji, MN, and lived in Oregon though college.

  • Surprised I’m the first Bay Area person to post:

    Oakland, CA ’till 18
    TN for one year
    St. Louis for 3
    Abroad for 3
    DC for a few months
    Oakland for another couple years
    San Diego for 2 years
    DC since July ’09

  • Born and educated in Cincinnati, Ohio. Went to Walnut Hills, then the University of Cincinnati. Moved to DC in 2006 to work for then-Senator Joe Biden’s campaign for president. Dupont, then H Street(ish), Delaware, U Street, Adams Morgan, Cincinnati, U Street, Columbia Heights (I guess…14th and Quincy).

    PoP: My Dad teaches at Miami.

  • Born in Carbondale, IL. After a few years of moving around as a kid (Maine, Southern France, etc) moved to Harrisonburg, VA (poultry capital of the world). Came to DC for college in the early 2000s and have been here ever since. My first baby, due in January, will be a DC native. πŸ™‚

  • born/raised in the farmlands outside of Allentown, PA
    moved to Philly at 18 for college, moved to Pittsburgh for 6 months for an internship at 20
    moved to DC after school to work for the Navy
    moved back to Philly after about 3 years in DC… DC was too… much for me. I’m more of a hometown kind of girl. still love checking in on PoP every once in a while πŸ™‚

    PoP!!! I spent almost 2 years going back and forth to Rockville Centre dating a guy there!!!

  • I grew up in Reading, PA. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s probably a good thing. In a nutshell, it’s a shit-hole awash with drug and crime problems in its urban core and unfriendly a-holes on its suburban fringes.

    I’ve been living in the DC area ever since I started at the University of Maryland back in 2006. I’m currently a Peworth resident and couldn’t be happier. I would much rather say I grew up in Montgomery County or other nearby areas like most of my friends, but I guess it is what it is.

  • Born in South Africa, after a few stops along the way I grew up on Bainbridge Island, Wa (also known as the most beautiful place in the world).
    Seattle for six years, then Ukraine for two and Glover Park, DC for going on seven.

    • andy

      OK andy2, my WA-DC doppleganger, you are almost right about Bainbridge. It isn’t far from the most beautiful place in the world, which of course is wherever you find yourself in the Olympic Mountains (if you can ignore the mosquitoes). And Glover Park is all right, I probably lived there 8 years myself.

    • Born and raised in Poulsbo, WA, right next to Bainbridge, which I agree is a pretty darn beautiful place (although, as far as Washington Islands go, I’m partial to the San Juans).
      Claremont, CA for college
      DC for two years
      Cambridge, MA for grad school
      Chicago for one year
      Back to DC in Mt Pleasant for the last 2 years.

    • It’s the popville Puget Sound crew.

  • Born – Fort Bragg, NC ~ Raised Philadelphia, PA & Richmond, VA ~ Lived in Fort Bragg, NC for 8 years ~ Moved to DC 1.5 years ago and have loved every minute of it!

  • Born in Toronto
    Grew up in a small town in MI
    moved to DC for college almost 15 years ago and haven’t left yet!

  • Born: Seoul, South Korea
    Adopted at 6 months and raised in Danbury, CT
    College: Pennsylvania
    Followed my then girlfriend, now wife, to the DC area (Fredericksburg, I know, not DC, but closest job I could get)
    Moved to DC after long year in Fredericksburg, and we lived on MacArthur Boulevard (Palisades)
    Finally bought a place in Petworth in 2004 and been here ever since!

  • Born and raised in Seattle. China from 89-90. Back to Seattle. San Francisco 98-2000. Moved to Adams Morgan in 2000 and Columbia Heights in 2002, where I have been ever since.

  • Born Sydney, Australia
    Grew up near Bath, England

    • Born and raised on the other side of the Tasman! A couple of years in the UK. Moved to DC in 2007 and it feels like home, although I do miss cricket…

  • Grew up in the small town of Washington, Georgia then moved to the big city of Washington, DC…have a thing for Washingtons I guess. πŸ˜‰

  • Born at Georgetown University Hospital, grew up in Chevy Chase, DC. Left for college in 1999 and moved back to DC in 2004. Have lived in Columbia Heights ever since.

  • Born in New York NY, raised in Yonkers NY. Lived in Amherst MA for school, then Brooklyn (Bay Ridge), then Ann Arbor MI for school again, then Arlington, then DC. Hopefully I’m done moving for a while! No one else in my family lives outside the NYC area, so I feel like the family pioneer.

  • I grew up in Fayetteville, NC; Wiesbaden, Germany; 2x Sierra Vista, AZ and Columbia, MD (yup, my dad was military).

    My parents settled in Columbia after my dad retired, so that’s where I go when I go “home” for the holidays. However, after 8 years in DC (in upper NW, Capitol Hill and now Mount Pleasant), I’ve now lived here longer than I’ve lived any other place.

    POP: my husband grew up in RVC! His mom still teaches at Wilson Elementary.

  • Woodbridge: ’81-’83
    Fairfax: ’83-’99
    Clemson, SC: ’99-’03
    DC: ’03-till

  • Born In DC
    Grew up a little bit on Cap Hill
    moved with rents out to MD
    did undergrad in Atl
    back on Cap Hill now

  • Born and raised in Elyria, Ohio on the west side of Cleveland.
    Also a Redhawk at Miami.
    Been here since 2001. In Columbia Heights since 2007.

  • From Oberlin, OH moved to DC in 2007

  • Born in Illinois, but grew up in (and consider myself from) the middle of nowhere, Arizona. In DC since 2006. Like others, I love and miss the West.

  • Born and raised in Eastern Iowa, moved to DC (Logan CIrcle) in 1999.

  • Silver Spring, MD.

    I won’t list every place I’ve ever lived because the question didn’t ask that.

  • Born in Houston, TX. Raised in Shawnee, Kansas (suburb of Kansas City, MO). Moved to DC in 2004.

  • epric002

    navy brat. born in kingsville, TX > naples, italy > newport, RI > nova > subic bay, the philippines > chula vista, CA > nova > virginia beach/norfolk > nova > coheights/petworth since last year and loving getting settled in our neighborhood πŸ™‚

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I was born at Doctor’s / Columbia Women’s Hospital in Foggy Bottom. Grew up in Friendship Hts/ Tenleytown neighborhood. Graduated from Wilson HS. Went to GWU then transferred to Clark U in Worcester MA.. Graduate work at New School Greenwich village (apt over a Marxist book store) and at GWU. Lived in Dupont for 22 years, now at 14th and W across from Kapnos.

  • Maubeuge, France.

  • Born and raised in Central Connecticut.
    Went to college in Central Virginia.
    Been in DC about 9 years, 6.5 in Mount Pleasant, 2.5 in Columbia Heights, hopefully soon to be in Park View.

    When my sister and I were you and on vacation in DC she stopped on the sidewalk in Dupont and declared, “when I grow up I’m moving here.” For no reason other than because she’s my big sister, I yelled “me too!.” She moved from Reston to DC a few months before me and was kind enough to share her couch with me for a few months. We’ll come full circle when I move onto her couch next month, while I wait to close on my condo.

  • I grew up in Pharr, Texas, a small border town in the Rio Grande Valley. I went to college in San Antonio and lived there for 8 years before moving to DC last summer.

  • Youngstown, Ohio. It’s the buckle on the Rust Belt!

  • Brooklyn, New York.

  • Born in DC at Homeopathic Hospital, originally a beer factory near 5th and M. Grew up off Michigan Ave in NE then moved to College Park. College in MA, grad school in NJ, worked in IN as a college professor, working in NJ, moved back to DC about 25 years ago. My Logan Circle condo originally sold for $127,500.

  • I was born and raised in the Detroit suburbs, went to college in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!) and grad school in Syracuse (Go ‘Cuse!), and moved down here in ’06 – first Alexandria (the Fairfax County part), then Arlington, and finally to SW DC in 2011.

  • Born at Georgetown Hospital, started out in Brookland, later went to high school in White Oak and college at UMCP.

    Lived in Dupont for seven years after college, then Capitol Hill for three, followed by a year in Chicago and six in Atlanta. Moved back to DC in 2010, living in Shaw but splitting time in Detroit “Please, for the love of God, Tigers, my Nats failed so don’t screw up this shot at a World Series title” Michigan.

  • Born in Northwestern Ohio. Family is from Michigan. Went to Eastern Michigan for undergrad. Moved out to Baltimore for grad school and then worked my way down into DC living in 6 different areas in 6 years. Finally bought a home in NW DC and are here until one of us gets RIFed.

  • Grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago. GO BEARS!

  • Born in Paducah, Ky, moved to Waldorf. Then moved to Raleigh, NC, Annapolis, Silver Spring, Alexandria, and now I live in DC…finally. πŸ™‚

  • Born in Portland, Maine, raised in Exeter, NH.
    … various spots …
    Been in DC since 2007 (Fort Totten since 2008) with no plans to leave. Ever.

  • Born in my grandmother’s back bedroom in Buxton, Guyana South America
    Moved to NYC
    School in Syracuse, NY and Brooklyn
    Worked in Korea and Germany
    Lived on Capitol Hill, Swampoodle and now Eckington.
    True dat!

  • Grew up just outside of New Haven, CT. Moved to DC 14 years ago after law school.

  • Grew up in Harlingen, Texas.

    Did my undergrad in Austin, Texas.

    Moved to DC in January 2010 for grad school.

  • Raised in NH, moved to central NY, Ireland, Falls Church, Shirlington, Boston, London, NWDC, now in SWDC.

  • From Minneapolis, MN, lived in Pittsburgh for a couple years prior to moving here. Been here about a month and a half and I love it so far!

  • The very tiny town of Johnsonburg, PA.

  • northern suburbs of minnesota!

  • Edinburgh, Scotland. Sunshine on Leith! Moved to DC in 2000.

  • -Lansing, MI
    -Various locations in DC since 2008

  • Born in NH, grew up in Denver, college in WI. Now on my second stint in DC (Was in A-M, now in Palisades), after spending the last 10 years moving up and down the East Coast (Boston, VT, DC, NYC, Raleigh, DC…).

  • – Born Knoxville TN
    – College in Knoxville and West Germany (now I’m dated)
    – DC for grad school (Arlington, Glover Park, and Dupont Circle)
    – San Francisco for 7 years
    – DC (Dupont and then North Columbia Heights/Petworth for past 7 years)

  • i was born in north new jersey. grew up in central new jersey. then went to college in south new jersey – so i have most of the state covered. went up to syracuse, ny for grad school. then moved down to dc for a job a little over 5 years ago. first, lived all the way up on connecticut, almost in maryland and then realized as a newbie to the city i made the wrong choice and moved to columbia heights, where i have been for over 4 years now.

  • Born in Farmington Hills, MI but raised in Scottsdale, AZ.

  • Ft Wayne, Ind. Lived on the best coast for a few years (Los Angeles), but came back to the midwest before moving to DC for the past 5 years. Love this city more than anywhere else I’ve lived.

  • Overland Park, Kansas

  • Not too many Californians here!

    Born/raised/college in Los Angeles; DC for the last 5.

    • Born in Stockton, CA, raised in Eureka, CA before moving to DC o go to GW. Stayed and worked (Mt. Pleasant, Shaw/Convention Center). Moving to SF in a couple of weeks!

  • From Cleveland, Ohio (technically Parma for those who know the area). Moved to DC in 2004 from New York, where I went to college and worked my first job. Go Miami of Ohio- my sister went there.

  • From Bangor, Maine, college just outside of Boston, and moved here just over 2 years ago!

  • Orrville, Ohio, home of Smucker’s Jelly.

  • Native Chicagoan then moved to DC in ’08. H St resident since ’10.

  • Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Been in DC for a decade now.

  • Born and raised on Long Island (Great Neck and Roslyn), Rochester, NY for college until 2007, DC (Adams Morgan/U Street) ever since!

  • andy

    From: rural Puget Sound, WA
    To DC: for my freshman year at AU, August 1996
    When asked (and not in DC) I always say I’m from Washington. Having spent half my life in WA and half in DC, whichever impression people take from that works for me.

  • I grew up in central Illinois, moved around the Midwest quite a bit in my early 20s, just figuring college/life out. But been on the East Coast/Southeast since 2005; CT, NC, and now I’m in DC.

  • Born in Pensacola, Florida; Cedarville, Miamisburg, and Kent, Ohio; Marietta and Athens, GA (GO DAWGS!!!); Sterling and Longmont, CO; Baltimore in 2003 (Hampden and Charles Village); DC, 2007-2009 (Capitol Hill); Austin, TX; DC, 2012 (Capitol Hill). Plus, 4 counties in Central Appalachia for 3 months each and 4 months in West Africa.

    I love this question…

  • Born in Charlotte, moved to Stone Mountain (Atlanta suburb) around age two. Went to school at Univ. of Alabama and moved to Petworth last year for work.

  • N J -> DC -> N J -> DC, it’s been quite the adventure πŸ˜‰

  • Grew up in the booming metropolis of Sandwich, Illinois. Lived many places after and moved to DC in 2002.

  • Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod

  • Rhode Island. Go Sox!

  • Although I was born in Rochester, NY, I’m really from Western MA. Both sides of the family are from the same town – Holyoke, MA, but we lived over the river in Chicopee, MA when I was growing up . After college at Williams, moved to Logan Circle in 1989, intending to stay for a couple of years ’til I went to grad school. Grad school ended up being at UMD College Park, so have lived in Takoma Park and Silver Spring, then in 2003 bought my house in Petworth. Although I threaten to move every summer (I hate the heat), overall I love DC.

  • Western suburbs of Chicago, Michigan for university, Calgary and then to DC in 2006.

  • Born/ Grew Up in Laurel, MS
    Moved to Oxford, MS for college
    Moved to DC in 2010 for work

  • born in reading, pa. moved to clifton park, ny then to berkshire county massachusetts…then dc for college (in 2005). I have been here for 8 years (give or take), which is longer than I have been anywhere else.

    neighborhoods so far: tenleytown, kalorama, eckington. I plan to stay in Eckington for a while.

  • Emmaleigh504

    70118 to 20009 (since 2007) with a couple of stops along the way

  • Born in DC (Georgetown Univ), raised in Chevy Chase DC.

  • Born in New York, NY then Montgomery County, MD, college in Southern MD (Seahawks!), moved to Baltimore after college. Moved to DC in 2007 and been here ever since. I’ve lived in Mt. Pleasant, Brookland, Adams Morgan, Takoma, and H st.

  • Iowa through college, then NY & DC

  • Burke, VA>Chimnising First Nation, Ontario, Canada>Peterborough, ON>DC>Vancouver Island, British Columbia> Montreal>Boston>DC (Adams Morgan)

  • Boise, Idaho!
    Portland, OR – college
    Washington, DC
    Portland, OR
    Washington, DC

  • Atlanta
    Buenos Aires
    D.C.: Southwest Waterfront
    D.C.: Columbia Heights
    La Paz
    D.C.: U Street
    D.C.: Park View

  • Born in Waco, TX (home of the Branch Davidian compound) but spend about a decade living all arounf the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (Dallas, Arlington, HEB, Denton) and loved the small town of Denton, TX. Just moved to Washington D.C. a little over a month ago for absolutely no good reason at all but for the sake of adventure. D.C. has been good to me so far and I have endless amounts of exploring to do. Living in Petworth and loving it so much out there.

  • Elberton, GA. Then college in Athens, GA. In DC since 1991, where I’ve lived on Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, and now Lanier Heights.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Originally from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi (which was pretty much destroyed in Katrina)
    Moved to DC in 1999
    Currently living in Brookland

  • Born Lynn MA in a hospital that has since been torn down and replaced by a Stop & Shop
    Grew up in Swampscott MA (about 10 miles north of Boston).
    Went to University of Maryland in 1991 for undergrad, then stayed in the area. Wanted to move back at various times, but things kept happening here (got a job, got a boyfriend, went to grad school, got another job, married the boyfriend, etc.)
    Lived in Maryland (College Park, Laurel, and Silver Spring) before moving to Columbia Heights in 2002. Have now been in this area longer than I lived in MA.

  • Born in ChΓ’teaudun, Eure-et-Loire, France.
    Grew up in Beauvais, Oise, France.
    College in Lille, Nord, France
    Then graduated from UPMC, Paris, France.
    Arrived in Washington DC, Cleveland Park, in 2010.
    Now live in Bethesda, MD.

  • Atchison KS. DC since 95 – Cap Hill / Logan Circle

  • Stone Mountain, GA

  • I was born in Freedmans Hospital in D.C. in 1955. Graduated from Wilson Senior High in 73. Graduated from Howard & Georgetown in 77 & 82. I grew up in Petworth & Brightwood. I currently reside in the Crestwood area of Ward 4. My parents and grandparents were born and raised in D.C. I’m a third generation Washingtonian.

  • colheights67

    Born and raised in Nashville. Came to DC in 1990 for an internship, intending only to live here for one year … and 23 years later, I haven’t left yet. I’ve lived entirely in the Columbia Heights-Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods, with one year living in Adams Morgan.

    • saf

      I came here in 1983 to go to college. I was just going to be here 4 years, then off to CA.

      Nope. I’m still here.
      (And he never did get to Australia.)

  • Rhode Island

  • Jupiter, Florida! Came here the first time for my dad’s job when I was growing up, then again after college in 2004 b/c there were actually jobs here.

  • Cleveland – West Side (Go Eagles!)
    Denison University
    Various states on campaign trail….
    DC… Dupont (crashing) -> Adams Morgan (crashing) -> 16th St. Heights (group house) -> Trinidad (group house) -> Mt. Pleasant (fav group house & neighborhood) -> Takoma DC (1 bed) -> Lamond/Takoma DC (house)

  • PoP lived in Bensonhurst?! Awesome. I grew up in Canarsie in Brooklyn.

  • I’m from Connecticut, born and raised. Came to DC for college (2006), and have stuck around since. Have lived in Foggy Bottom, Arlington, Tenleytown, and now Columbia Heights.

  • Born in Philadelphia, PA.
    College in Reading, PA
    A year in Roslyn, NY (Long Island)
    Peace Corps Nicaragua 02-04
    Adams Morgan resident 05-13
    Pleasant Plains represent since January ’13!

  • Born in Junction City Kansas (Army Baby), Raised in NE Washington DC, Deanwood to be exact. HD Woodson Warrior! Went to college in Richmond VA (VUU) and have been back living in DC every since I graduated many moons ago πŸ™‚

  • Born and raised in PG County, went to high school in DC and then undergrad in the Bronx. Currently living with my wife in Astoria, Queens but will be moving back to DC this winter. Can’t wait!

  • Shepherd Park Baby!

  • I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina (Bull City). I lived in New York City (Manhattan) for 20 years and I’ve been in D.C. for the last 45 years.

  • i grew up in brookland. moved to dupont circle at 21. have lived there since, and have never left dc!

  • Born at GWU Hospital, mostly grew up in rural Frederick Co., Myersville area. Won’t bother going into other places I’ve lived, but they’re all in the DC metro area.

  • Born in Philly, but folks moved back to Scranton, PA, when I was about 2 years old. My extended family has lived in Scranton for many generations. I grew up there and moved to:
    Bar Harbor, ME
    San Francisco
    Missoula, MT
    Los Angeles
    then to DC in 2004 . . . first between Dupont and Logan, then to Truxton Circle in 2009.

  • Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. A DC resident since 2002 and a proud homeowner in Manor Park, DC.

  • Grew up in Hyattsville, MD, moved to DC in 1993 – one year in Foggy Bottom, then Adams Morgan since 1994.

  • Town of Chevy Chase (Section IV), MD.

    If I could afford to, I think I’d move my family there now!

  • Born in New Hampshire. Moved near Portland, ME as a baby until the end of grade school. Springfield, VA through high school. Richmond for college. Annapolis and Baltimore for jobs, then DC.

  • Indianapolis, Indiana

    • Me too, lived in DC since 2004. I am from the south side of Indy, have never met anyone else from DC from there, all the former Indy residents here are north siders.

  • Born Chicago suburbs, then moved to NJ at 11. Undergrad in Connecticut, then to GW for grad school in 1984. Been in DC ever since and LOVE it ( Foggy Bottom, Adams Morgan, and U street for 12 yrs now). Of course I choose to forget my 5 yrs in Clarendon in the 90s – boring!

  • msmaryedith

    Jackson, MS for 18 years
    Memphis, TN for 4 years (college at Rhodes)
    London for 7 months (lived near Gloucester Road)
    Memphis, TN again for 2 years
    Moved to DC area (Arlington then Alexandria) in 2005 thinking “I could see myself here for about 5 years,” but don’t see myself leaving any time soon. Been in the H Street neighborhood for 3 years now and love it!

  • Born and raised in a very small town on the outskirts of the Philly suburbs. Attended a small liberal arts college in Springfield, MA for undergrad. Moved to Newport, RI for a short stint before moving to College Park, MD in 2007 to start grad school at UMD. A couple years later, I started dating my boyfriend and became an “honorary” roommate in his group house in Bloomingdale. We moved into our current place in Columbia Heights in 2010.

    When I moved to DC for grad school I never expected that I’d actually make it my home, but now it feels more like home than anywhere else in the world!

  • Montreal.

  • Born and raised in Alaska!
    After almost 8 years in DC and many years of reading PoP, this is the first comment I’ve ever posted. I just had to represent.

  • Born – Northampton, MA – dubbed Lesbianville, USA in the 1990’s (much to the amusement of town residents) and an absolutely amazing little place.

    Raised – a small village in the hilltowns where I would regularly walk or bike alone over a couple of miles of wooded country roads to my best friend’s dairy farm for afternoon chores and some impromptu rides on her horses.

    College – Ithaca, NY – 10 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality, but with a lot of obnoxious college students.

    Post-college – quick stint in NYC (the Bronx), followed by DC (Columbia Heights) for almost a decade already.

    Post-DC – TBD, but increasingly looking like I might be calling Kentucky home some time soon!

  • Born in Groton, Connecticut, grew up in Innellan Scotland, college in Pennsylvania and came to DC for grad school 10 years ago. I have loved in Cleveland Park, Columbia Heights and just bought a house in Hill East

  • I was born in DC and grew up here long before it was cool to hang out on 14th. Or anywhere in DC. I grew up what I guess today they call Petworth. It was probably called than back then, but I didn’t notice. I still remember when I used to go with my Dad to the Wonder Bread thrift store to buy bread. Now it’s being converted into a mixed use development. How things have changed.

    My family moved to SC when I was about 15. I’ve also lived in Charlotte (2 years) and Baltimore (2 years). Moved back to DC about 3-4 years ago. I like how much the city has changed since my childhood, and I don’t see myself living anywhere else (unless rents in NYC drop for some miraculous reason). I think that being from here, though, has made me even more critical of some of the things I see happening in DC. Particularly the dining scene.

  • Born in DC, raised in Chevy Chase. Have lived in Woodley Park, Kalorama, Dupont, and U Street. Never leaving, hopefully.

  • Vladivostok, Russia!!! In DC since 2002.

  • Born in the NYC suburbs (Westchester County), and grew up mostly in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Did my undergrad work in Atlanta. Taught English for a year in Kyoto, Japan. Came to the D.C. metro area to go to grad school at the University of Maryland, and lived in the College Park area for three years. Lived in Adams Morgan for 10 years, and have now been in Park View for 2 years.

  • Born in Eastern Europe (Belarus),raised in Brookln, NY (Bensonhurst), moved to Newark Delaware (go blue hens) then Amherst, MA than to Philadelphia, PA then Chester, PA and finally DC in 2012

  • Born and raised in Oklahoma and moved to DC 15 years ago for college (Hoya Saxa!). There have to be some other Okie PoP folks…

  • Born at GW hospital, raised in Tenleytown/N. Cleveland Park and just bought the house I grew up in from my mother. I’ve gone NOWHERE!!!

  • Born in Metairie, LA. Raised in Picayune, MS. Moved to the Shaw neighborhood from New Orleans after college 6 years ago.

  • Born in DC at Georgetown U Hospital, raised in Dupont and Crestwood. Now live in Takoma DC.

  • Grew up in Baltimore and Towson, high-tailed it to New York for undergrad and stayed for many years after (Washington Heights, then Prospect Heights), came back down to this area for a new job in DC a few years ago, crashed at my mom’s for a bit and did the soul-crushing MARC commute, been in Mt. P/Columbia heights for a couple of years now.

  • Raised in Lynnfield, MA. Went to college in Connecticut. Moved down to DC immediately after and have been here for 6 years now.

  • Born and raised in Dayton, OH.
    Went to college at Ohio U in Athens, OH.
    Lived five years in Cincinnati.
    Been in DC area (Arlington, DC, Alexandria, DC) for last 12 and a half years.

  • D.C. born & Raised
    1964 – Adams Morgan
    1967 – Takoma D.C.

  • Born In DC at he “old Freedman’s hospital ” . Lived on the 1400 block of Q st NW, until 3 yrs old then moved to an area off of 14th & RI ave NE …the area was called Brentwood Village…this where I grew up. Lived in other states ( school and job) and finally returned to DC . I currently reside in NW off of 16 th st. By “The 19th St Baptist church ” … which is on 16th st NW).

  • Born and raised: NW Indiana
    College: Boston
    Last seven years: DC (switching back and forth from CoHi and AdMo)

  • Elmira, NY > Buchanan, WV > Elmira, NY > Blacksburg, VA > Elmira, NY > Atlanta, GA > Wilmington, NC > Raleigh, NC > St Simons Island, GA > Blacksburg, VA > DC (Dupont) > Blacksburg, VA > DC/Columbia Heights in 2012.

  • Born in Mississippi, raised in Tennessee, college in Massachusetts, grad school in Louisiana, where my heart will always be. Came here in 2004 after a brief sojourn in Texas. Live in MoCo, work in DC.

  • Moved to DC when I was four–Takoma, to be specific. Left for school and a couple stints on campaigns. Have since been on U Street and the Hill.

  • Born and raised in Baltimore. Providence, RI for college. Been in DC since 88′.

  • njb510

    Born at GW Hospital and raised in Chevy Chase, DC.

  • Dover, Delaware

  • Broooooooklyn!

  • Fort Wayne to Newport, RI to Annapolis to Washington, DC to Bloomington, IN to Washington, DC 2004.

  • 18th Street and Columbia Road
    or what today we call
    Adams Morgan
    Washington, D.C. 9
    Since 1960
    –Carlos Lumpuy.
    (…still here by the grace of God.)

  • Originally from the Netherlands. I live in Columbia Heights/Pleasant Plains now.

  • Fun post to read!!

    MO > IA > MN > WI > MN > India > Honduras > DC since 2006 and here to stay!

  • Santa Maria, CA by way of San Francisco, CA by way of Seattle, WA

  • alphatango

    Jamaica, Queens/New Hyde Park, Long Island.

  • Born in 1955 at Freedman’s Hospital (3rd generation Washingtonian); family lived on Ontario Road near the Zoo (Mt. Pleasant?); moved to 1508 13th Street (Logan Circle) at age 4; lived there until 3rd grade; moved to 17th & Kalarama Road (Adams Morgan) around the corner from the skating ring (now Harris Teeter); after 6th grade family moved to 1717 T Street, N.W. (DuPont Circle) ; stayed there until age 18; got gentrified out and moved to 14th & Clifton (Columbia Heights); moved out on my own to the Dorchester House 2480 16th Street (Adams Morgan); graduated UDC in 1996; bought a house in Columbia Heights the same year; have lived in the same zip code in D.C. all my life.

  • Born in DC. Childhood in PG County (Camp Springs). Moved to DC (Georgetown) in ’92 in 9th grade. Been here ever since living in first Dupont and now Lanier Heights.

  • Born in Pittsburgh, PA!
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Richmond, VA (college)
    Arlington, VA
    Washington, DC – Petworth

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