Former Garage For Sale in Columbia Heights Alley – Chuck Brown and MCA Murals Included


This could be awesome. The garage with all the sweet murals, including MCA from the Beastie Boys, is for sale in the alley behind 1018 Irving St, NW.

The listing says:

“Create Your Own Urban Space. IMAGINATION REQUIRED. Rare chance to own a unique alley property. Massive 4000 sf Garage with 4 Parking Spaces. Site was previously used as an Automotive Garage.”

You can see more photos here.

It’s yours for $849,900.

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  • that would make a sweet club if it wasn’t surrounded by houses.

  • Would love to buy

    i want an alley house bad lol

  • This place will be serving small plates by Christmas!

  • I think it would make a great ground-level loft living space…just roll up that garage door (replaced with glass, of course) when I want a party; roll it back down when it’s time to close up shop. I like its angles!

  • Screw the space – I just want all the murals!

  • Anyone know the backstory here? About a year ago, the developers wanted to develop this building. I guess it fell through.

    • They were trying desperately to find another garage to rent this space…or pretty much anyone. The zoning is for warehouse or automotive only at the moment and they didn’t want to go to board to change it yet.

      I looked into it for a possible CrossFit gym…

  • Seems like a lot of dough for a building in an alley that probably has limited potential.

  • Wow, that’s a steep price.

    I had my car repaired there a few times when I lived on that block of 11th street. How things have changed!

  • justinbc

    I would love to convert that into a house, although the amount of work would be pretty steep, and not helped by the already steep asking price. But at 4,000+ square feet it would be massive!

  • I live on the block, and really liked the original development plan. Cleaning up the alley and getting some people living back there would have been a great improvement over how the automotive business used the building. The developers were offering to upgrade all the alley lighting to indirect lighting that would only light up the alley surfaces, and not our bedroom windows. They were also going to upgrade the alley surfaces, and even create a pedestrian corridor through the alley.
    One neighbor opposed the project because he was going to lose his view over the building and was able to completely stop the project. It’s a real shame to lose all the improvements, and end have the building sit vacant still. I wish the city would come around to using alley buildings, especially lots that are as big as this one.

  • What a mess. It would make an awesome vacant lot.

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