Fojol Bros Bringing Elastic Highways to Bloomingdale Tonight

202 Florida Ave, NW (at R Street)

Back in July a reader asked about the old buses seen at the corner of Florida and R St, NW near Big Bear Cafe. I finally spoke with the folks at Fojol Bros and have learned more about their plans for Elastic Highways (@elastichighways “From the minds, muscles & mustaches of the fojol bros., two retrofitted buses on a cross-country journey to launch new mobile dining & tech experience in DC.”) which kicks off with a preview tonight at 202 Florida Ave, NW.

Cool Blue 3250

The buses from the lot in the top photo have been removed. They will be bringing Cool Blue 3250 tonight at 5pm along with the Merlindia food truck. They will be at that lot tonight from 5pm “until the ghouls and ghosts go home”. And they will be there all weekend through Sunday. The food trucks that they bring the rest of the weekend will rotate. Stay tuned for more details including plans for the second bus, Retro Orange 613, which will have a more structured 34 seat layout.

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  • devoe

    So is this going to be a permanent thing on this corner or is this just for the weekend?

    • It has seemed to be permanent enough – these guys have been keeping their beat-up buses on that lot for a while now.

  • I am not sure I understand, POP can you clarify? SO they will have random food trucks there to make the food then you can go sit in a bus to eat it after you buy it? And the types of buses will rotate? That doesn’t make sense, I think I am not quite understanding exactly.

  • looking forward to more details about Retro Orange 613… will this one be more permanent? still confused about the plans for this lot……..

  • This is confusing. So you buy your food from a food truck, and sit in a crusty old bus to eat it? Meh, I’ll pass.

    • Right – especially since you likely live nearby and can take the food home to eat.

      • Some of the buses in other cities have been done up really nicely both inside and out…the Fojol Bros didn’t seem to put much effort into theirs. Also, what happened to the older, more historic buses they were planning to use?

        • Hi Brian, appreciate your concern. To clarify, tonight’s outing will be an early/sneak preview of our Elastic Highways. While these buses are not as old as the others they are still quite old (circa 1970s). Although we’ve put a lot of work into our buses they’re not quite finished yet. We’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to finish this project.

          The interior of Cool Blue has been completely retrofitted, while the intent with Retro Orange is to install more classical seating and give the bus an original feel. You can check out some photos of the Elastic Highways at if you won’t make it by tonight to see the quality of the buses 🙂

          The 1950s buses are still around and will be put to use at some point in the future.

          fojol bros.

          • Cool Blue is awesome! Hope to see you again this weekend!

          • Any chance you can find an industrial lot to store your busses, rather than a residential neighborhood near my house? They’re been an eyesore for quite a while.

    • i think it’s fun.

    • It makes sense for when it’s really cold outside and you can’t picnic outside with food-truck food like you can in warmer months (assuming the bus is kept even remotely warm)

  • Yep, I’ve read it 3 times and followed the links.

    I am not understand this post at all.

  • OK, I think I get it. This could be pretty cool, at least it’s better than a vacant lot

    • Sparta

      Better than a vacant lot. Not anywhere near as good as a real cafe/restaurant.

      Is the lot going to be cleaned up as well or is the food bus going to sit amid the weeds and dirt?

  • Anything that uses that empty lot is fine with me.

  • I don’t get it either, but that’s fine by me! Interesting concept and I definitely want to check it out. Love the creativity!

  • I walked by here tonight and it may be cool to have some food trucks parked on this location (love me some Fojol Bros)… but as it stands now… the lot looks trashy. heres to hoping that they will hire someone (or get their friends to help clear the debris/weeds).

  • They definitely made that lot an eyesore for the past few months. Hopefully they do a better maintenance/debris cleaning job than they’ve done to date or else, gtfo and let someone else move in that will keep that corner clean.

  • AMAZING NEWS FOR BLOOMINGDALE: someone took down the fencing and cleaned up the lot!!! (And moved out the decrepit old buses to boot!)

  • Rough crowd. I walk by this lot every morning on the way to work and I think the buses are really interesting looking and enjoy them. I felt horrible when saw that that after taking down the fences and cleaning up the lot someone spray painted the side of Electric Highway. Personally, I think these guys should be given a chance to execute their vision before everyone comments on what it will or will not be.

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