First Sign of Progress at Old Church at 10th and V Street, NW

10th and V Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I almost wrecked my car when I saw this just now. I asked one of the workers what was happening and he said they were “installing some new windows to respond to concerns from the community.”

This community member is sincerely grateful for it. SORG should get credit when deserved; they’ve certainly gotten much deserved criticism over the years for this property. I’m hoping there will be some lighting to go with it, but this is a huge, if principally cosmetic step. I wish SORG would engage with the community. They’d have a lot more friends in the neighborhood if they did.

Other neighbors have spoken to other workers and have been told that they are starting on a condo project, not just installing windows on the ” target=”_blank”> church at 10th and V. Either way, it’s great to see progress.”

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  • Anyone want to place bets on how long this “condo conversion” process actually takes? I’m thinking another 5 years mayhaps?

  • understand the OP’s “give credit where credit is due” mentality…. but I’m still cautious with my enthusiasm. PIVS doesn’t list any building permits (but I never know how up to date that webpage is).

  • Give credit to them for doing something they should have done a long time ago? I’m reminded of the scene from The Wire when Michael is bailed out of jail by his mother and he won’t pay her to be his mother.

  • I live in the condos right next to the church and they barely did any work all day yesterday. There were about 6+ guys laughing around and hamming. They started around 9:30AM until 4:30PM-5PM and they barely did a damn thing. Congrats you installed 6 windows! Lets see how long it takes for them to actually make something out of this property.

    • My guess is that these minimal improvements are their way of avoiding the blighted property tax increase that was levied upon them. Is there a statutory threshold for avoid the tax?

  • Lipstick on a pig, don’t-cha-know?

  • I’m always confused about why people get so up in arms about a vacant property that isn’t causing them any problems other than (perhaps) offending their aesthetic sensibilities (like the boarded up windows & chain link fence here; I live nearby and haven’t seen any other problems with this building). The U Street liquor moratorium was defeated because (among other reasons) property values are rising, violent crimes have decreased, and residents/business are being attracted to the neighborhood. Those things are happening despite the fact that some properties sit vacant, so what is the objection and why do some people feel so entitled to have the world reflect exactly how they think it should be?

    • I think it might be because not only do vacant properties attracted various vermin, they also pose a hazard for people breaking in and using the property to produce/sell/use drugs or other illegal activities not to mention potential fires, etc. etc. etc.

    • If we’re throwing out Wire quotes, this is the one for those people who want it one way.

    • Oh brother, really? Another apologist? No problems other than offending our aesthetics, huh? Any study of urban areas will show that abandoned buildings attract crime and other serious problems. How about falling bricks, rats, drug dealers, smashed car windows? Home robberies? Or the open toilet in the alley, the discarded needles and drug paraphernalia? What about that someone was tased in a robbery a week ago right in front of the darkened, abandoned structure? Damage to property values? Loss of valid tax revenue from seemingly fraudulent tax evasion? It’s an issue of SORG having the gaul to cheat the neighborhood and the city, and endanger the health and safety of residents for years. SORG has been brought kicking and screaming to each new stage of meeting their minimal responsibility. They are simply the worst sort of scofflaw and in spite of their offices being just around the corner, in no way are they members of the community.

    • D.C. has laws and regulations intended to discourage landlords from allowing their properties to remain vacant or become blighted. This is a community, not some kind of “every man for himself” vacuum.
      I’m suspecting that Anonymous 5:06 pm is a renter.

  • Sorg is a terrible neighbor and their potential clients should be made aware of this.

  • Did you know that SORG has designed some of the nicer buildings around the U St area?

    • So maybe that explains it. Their political connections have kept them from having to deal with this eyesore.

  • What is SORG? What’s their/its/his/her story? (Sorry to ask something that’s probably obvious to regular readers.)

  • SORG is planning to knock down the building adjacent to the church (the historic, single level Koons building on V St) and build a 6-story condo building. Apparently this is happening soon. I love that old building and it would be great to see it incorporated into whatever is built. Save some of the flavor of the neighborhood in the shadow of the atrocity that is the Ella. Do any other neighbors feel the same way?

    • it’s a bummer we are losing all of this character so quickly to condos and bars. the vices of the generation that came before us may have put the city into shambles, but we are the ones tearing it down instead of reparing. all in the $$$.

  • One window, and it already looks horrendous.

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