Energy Kitchen Closes at 19th and L St, NW and a Flashback to the Greatest Sign Ever


Thanks to a reader for sending. Energy kitchen opened only about a year ago at 19th and L St, NW next to Sweetgreen.

Their Web site says:

We take the guesswork out of eating healthy by offering a completely guilt-free, fail-proof menu. There are no hidden temptations, no hidden calories and, best of all, no regrets. Everything on our menu is grilled, baked or steamed, never fried, and always under 500 calories.

Our grass-fed beef is free range, 90% lean and all natural. All of our buns and wraps are made with whole wheat (not to mention a whole lotta love). Plus, all of our beverages are low calorie, our dressings fat-free and our meals as delicious as they are healthy. Go ahead, dig into a low-fat, high-protein meal that tastes great and that you can feel good about. Serves you right (really, it does!).

You can see their menus here.

Were there any fans? Updates when we learn who will take over the space.

This is the space formerly home to Asian Bistro – “Authentic Asian Cousin”:


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  • I miss Asian Bistro. Their pho was outstanding.
    Energy Kitchen was such a disappointment and the menu was all over the place. A really poorly executed place.

  • I was not impressed by Energy Kitchen at all. I wasn’t entirely sold on the whole “healthy burger joint” concept and indeed their burgers were largely flavorless. Not surprised they closed with all the other options available around there.

  • I will miss their baked fries and their smoothies. They usually had a decent sized lunch crowd, but I couldn’t figure out how they could stay open all day and on weekends without losing the big bucks. Guess they did (lose the big bucks).

  • blech! good riddance. Anything that Energy Kitchen put out was limp and flavorless.

  • Seems like they spent more time on the build out than try did in operation. Agree with others that everything on the menu except the smoothies was flavorless. Can’t see how they’ve been successful anywhere.

  • Went there twice to get a protein shake. The first one was okay. My second time they gave me the wrong shake. I was the only customer in there and they blurted out the name of the shake that was ready and I said that’s not mine but I ordered a “Whatever the name was” shake. The person at the register rang in the wrong thing. They just kinda looked at me like, uh sorry? I said I’d rather just take that than have them waste it and make a new one. They said ok. I didn’t go back. Protein Bar is loads better and actually knows what they are doing.

  • No business due to the menu? Food too expensive?

  • My wife loved their creamed spinach and sort of freaked out when I told her this. I remember the shakes were OK, but with Protein Bar around the corner, they had some serious competition that was arguably higher-quality.

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