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  • My parents are from Boston, and every time they visit they HAVE to go to Dunkin Donuts every morning. Bummer, I used to live right down the street! I’m sure they will do huge business w/the zoo traffic.

  • Didn’t there used to be a Dunks where Mr. Chens is now located? Exciting news non the less. Suprised it took so long to fill the old cafe international space.

  • Finally something in that space. I hope they have tables so that all of us from Unity Woods yoga next door will be able to sit and drink coffee and eat donuts after class!

  • They will make a killing at that location.

  • People griped about how gross Einstein’s Brother’s Bagels are but not a peep about DD inedible, dry donuts? Lol.

    • I had never heard of DD before I had the misfortune of moving to Boston 15 years ago. I tried them shortly after moving there, and was astounded that people loved crappy doughnuts and shitty coffee that resembled battery acid. After moving south, i was glad not to see these hellholes everywhere, but they’ve finally made it out of the cultural vacuum that is New England.

  • There goes the neighborhood.

  • I think it’s gonna do great in this location. It’ll attract both tourists and the locals.

  • The Baskin Robbins better not move in with them. As a New Englander, having ice cream in my Dunks is the weirdest thing ever. You guys are weird.

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