Dog struck by car at 14th and S St, NW Sunday Morning – Looking for Witnesses


“Dear PoPville,

At about 8:30 this morning I was crossing 14th at S Street with my two dogs, when a woman driving a very large older model Buick made a right turn on red from S and struck me in the crosswalk. One of my dogs was caught under her tire and dragged down 14th about 30/50 feet. I waved, screamed and banged on the car for her to stop, as the dog was still leashed and I was running alongside with my other dog in tow. She finally stopped and at that point he was trapped under the tire of her car. I am yelling for her to back up to free him. Finally she backed up and miraculously my dog jumped up, pulled from his collar and ran back down S street.

In the commotion I decided to run after my dog. As I was running the other direction the woman in the car started to drive off. A man on 14th had the good sense to stop the car, and at that point the driver did wait at the corner.

There were at least three other witnesses; two women and one man. It turns out my dog ran back to my house a block away and was sitting on the stoop bleeding and shaking. As I turned around, the two women had followed me to help. I decided to put him in the car and head for the vet hospital.

Upon passing the corner all four witnesses and the driver were there; one gentleman flagged me over, and I was able to get the drivers contact info.

However I was anxious to get my dog to the hospital and left without getting any other information. I have made a police report, but after calling the driver’s insurance company I am now concerned that I might need witnesses to attest to the fact I was legally in the crosswalk.

If you were there this morning or otherwise witnessed what happened PLEASE get in touch – Jdf65dc(at)aol(dot)com.

My dog is at Friendship Animal Hospital now and while it appears for the moment his injuries are not life threatening, he has severe gashes on his legs, and internal bleeding that is possibly from a tear in his spleen. It is still unclear whether he might have other internal injuries. He will be hospitalized for at least two days and may require more surgery.

As you can imagine we are distraught, but thankful he is alive and getting good vet care. Upon leaving the hospital this morning, I was presented with an estimate for charges totaling almost $5,000. And that is just for today and tomorrow; not including potential surgery and follow up care. The hospital is requiring an immediate deposit of $3,000 to continue treatment. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds and am currently scrambling to line up some sort of temporary loan or credit line to cover the charges.

So my best bet at this point is to have firm witness accounts documented in the police report so the driver’s insurance company might be compelled to cover the costs.”

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  • That’s just awful. Either PoPville or the OP should set up a GoFundMe page–I, and I’m sure many other Poppers would be glad to kick in $10, $15 to help defray the costs.

  • So sorry to hear about all this. I agree with the other commenter. If you set up a fund, people will definitely donate to help out. I hope you find your witnesses.

  • Do you have a page for donations? I would be happy to help a little bit. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

  • My Lord!! I hope your dog is going to be alright. What a crazy woman she was to hit you guys like that!! A few months ago my 16 year old cat got really sick – to make a long story short – a two day sat at Friendship cost me $2,000 so I’m feeling your pain!!

    Please get that GoFundMe site up – I’ll certainly chip in to help. You shouldn’t have to bare the burden all by yourself.

  • and may be able to help with funds! Fingers crossed for your furbaby’s quick and complete recovery.

  • I agree with the other commenters. I would love to contribute to a fund to help with Archie’s medical bills.

  • What an awful story- please keep us up to date on this. I hope Archie is up and feeling better in no time.

  • I’m so sorry this happened to you, and I’m glad your dog is going to be ok. Just adding my comment to say I would also love to chip in a bit to help with these costs if there’s a way to do so. I could totally see this happening to me and my little guy – so many drivers don’t pay attention to pedestrians (especially short four-legged ones) at all…

    • I never trust that drivers making turns are looking for or are willing to wait for pedestrians. I’ve had way too many near misses (and I’m NOT small) alone and with my dog. I don’t understand the whole “let me make this turn before people cross” mentality. It’s very, very dangerous – as this post points out. I hope she gets in trouble, but I am glad that someone stopped her and the OP got her insurance information. But it is frightening out there – people are getting worse and worse behind the wheel.

      • Yes absolutely. Honestly, I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands every time I walk to or from the metro in my neighborhood. Cars don’t want to wait for pedestrians to cross. Even coming head on, where they can clearly see me, I’ve had cars pause at the stop sign and then proceed to drive straight at me while I’m still in the crosswalk. Is it that hard to wait an extra 10 seconds till I get safely to the other side? It’s ridiculous.

    • Just one more person to say the same: this is horrible, and my heart goes out to you. Set up a fund, folks will kick in.

  • Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear about this.
    I really hope witnesses come forward – maybe post signs around 14th and S?

    I hope he heals quickly physically and emotionally….and you are OK too.

  • I hope the driver, if guilty, takes responsibility and makes you whole in this terrible situation.
    If you didn’t realize you hit someone and drive 30-50 feet you probably need a good year off from driving and then some serious drivers ed.

    • +1. Then again, I’m a supporter of retesting regularly, especially in the elderly. To only have to take ONE test to drive when you are 16, despite laws and vehicles changing, is ridiculous.

      • My thought exactly! You need to apply to renew your license, why not make people retest at that point? A lot of folks really don’t seem to have absorbed basic pedestrian safety the first time, thing like “pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk” or “all intersections are crosswalks, whether marked or not”. 🙁
        Then again, I don’t really remember it being stressed much in driver’s ed or on the test (done in NoVA).

  • So sorry to hear what happened! I’ll echo some of the other comments in that I’d be happy to help donate if a fund gets set up. Wishing your dog a speedy recovery!

  • I think you are going about this the right way. Make sure you have your witnesses lined up, and contact her insurance company immediately. Make clear that you expect they will be covering all costs, and that you will happily speak to an attorney if they balk. I would also discuss with them the costs on your part to acquire a line of credit at this point, and their covering those costs as well.

    Do not let the insurance company run you over on this, their client already did that… Stand tall, and do not take no for an answer.

    Your having witnesses and such should ensure they take care of this. Best wishes for a quick recovery! So glad to hear your dog is going to survive!

  • Wow this is incredibly scary. I hope your dog makes a full and speedy recovery. What a terrible thing to go through. I also hope they throw the book at the person who hit you. She should have her license taken away permanently!

  • mid city guy

    I am the original poster and Archie’s dad. Here is a quick update. Archie is improved this morning and we’re hopeful he might actually be released this evening. He has a gash on his leg so bad they can’t suture it, so we will have to let it heal on its own; which means he has to go to the vet everyday for the next 10/15 days to have the dressing changed. He has some internal bleeding, but after 24 hours of observation it hasn’t gotten any worse, so the vet feels that should heal on its own also.

    Miraculously there were no broken bones, or major organ damage. Beyond that he was a pretty banged up with a serious case of road burn. He’s lucky to be alive though, so I guess there is a good reason his nick name is Scrappy.

    We found a way to temporarily cover medical expenses so I decided not to seek donations. I’ve been on the phone with the insurance company this morning, and so far it appears they are cooperating. I did contact an attorney for back up just in case.

    It has certainly been a tortuous 24 hours, so I really appreciate the warm comments thank you. I would still very much like be in touch with anyone who witnessed the incident, so hopefully they will see this and respond.

    • Thank goodness! I’m very happy to hear a positive update. Continuing to think of you and your pup…

    • Thank you for the update! Read this last night and was thinking about it ever since. Scary!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Wow, what good news. If you have to take him to the vet daily for bandaging, consider going to City Paws. Dr. Hamilton was a saint helping me with my old diabetic cat. I alternate between City Paws and Friendship because of Friendships 24 hour availability. I know Friendship is more expensive, but they contribute generously to the Washington Animal Rescue League funding the humane ed program and the adoption van.

    • epric002

      thank you for the update! have been checking back all morning looking for a fund to donate too. hope your dog heals quickly and that you’re able to get this covered by insurance.

    • I am so sorry, I can’t imagine. I’ve had to use Friendship Animal Hospital before for an emergency after-hours wound on my cat, and while the care was fine, the price was nearly twice that of Dupont Vet Clinic, which has provided equally good care for subsequent surgeries/injuries. Just suggesting this if it is possible to switch for follow-up care.

    • I don’t know about the rest of the posters, but I would still be willing to pitch in $$ too if you end up with some sort of loan to pay off or lawyers fees. My brother’s pup torn his right ACL one year followed by the left ACL the next. They certainly didn’t expect those expenses so I know how hard it can be. So seriously, if you end up needing help, reach out to us all again and, as you can see, we’re here to help.

      Best of luck to your pretty pup and I pray that the offender admits his or her wrong and all works out for your case.

  • Did the car strike you and the dog or just the dog? Unfortunately in this situation, if the car just hit the dog, you wont have much of case. The driver will probably claim the dog lunged in front of the car.

    • The OP does say “struck me in the crosswalk”. I assumed the OP was bumped, but the dog was caught up and dragged.

  • How awful for you and your dogs! I am glad to hear that the injuries were not worse and that the fine folks at Friendship are on the job.

  • I am not sure you can legally claim compensatory damages for injury to the dog. This is not my area but I remember in law school something about damage to chattel is limited to the cost of the property, e.g., the cost of the dog itself. A dog is considered property, not like if you yourself were hit. Technically, since the dog is property, it is replaceable, likely for far less than the cost of your bills. You might want to consult with someone that knows something about this area before doing a lot of leg work in to support some type of civil claim. Don’t rely on my decade or more old recollection.

    • Yes, do not rely on this. While generally that rule is correct for chattel, there is no replacing that particular dog with an identical dog. The driver would be responsible for any medical bills associated with the dog.

      It is when you kill another’s dog that the damages become more difficult to ascertain.

      You can absolutely sue for vet bills for your dog and the driver is responsible.

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