Dear PoPville – Tree Box Gardens Vol. 13


“Dear PoPville,

So after reading all the do’s and don’t’s about what can go in a planter box in a previous post about “no dog poop” signs I was surprised to see these ones on G St NE that are loaded up to the brim with plants. There are beautiful trimmed black pines, pomegranate trees, pepper plants, etc and the boxes go a good ways down the whole block between 7th and 8th. They’re really cool, so I’m definitely not complaining, just wondering if they got some sort of exemption from the city or if it’s actually possible to do this?”

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  • “Dear PoPville,
    I’m not complaining, but I’m complaining…”

    Please just enjoy the beautiful scenery, and let it fill your day with happiness.

  • generally, ddot will not have a problem with beautifying of the public space. trees are a whole other issue as they require more maintenance and could lead to liability issues. just call the public space office.

  • The problem is if it’s next to a parking spot, the passenger can’t get out of the car. It may look nice, but I thought DC required that there be nothing higher than four inches or something on that side of the tree box so you can open the car door.

    • I’ve seen this block there is definitely a parking spot right there. Not sure how they get around it. Must be some exemption or grandfathered in?

  • In my experience they are widely tolerated but DDOT has every right to take them out. If you have road work or sidewalk repairs on your block, you should talk to the workers to see what they plan to do. If it turned out they were going to tear out my treebox I would loft my plantings and reinstall once the repairs are completed.

  • Is this picture showing the area the OP is writing about? Or just a random shot of street vegetation? Because in the picture it doesn’t look like a street, so I’m a little confused….

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