DC Bike Party Zombie Ride – Wed. Oct. 9th


From a press release:

DC Bike Party: The Riding Dead is coming! On October 9th, the party group ride which averages between 500-700 participants each month will ride through Washington, DC dressed as zombies and all things un-dead. DC Bike Party, a community organized group ride which held its first ride in July 2012, grew to over 700 riders in September of this year.

The group, departing from Dupont Circle, will set out to complete an approximately 7-mile ride, visiting some of the city’s major landmarks and attractions with a pit stop on Capitol Hill before ending with a celebration at Congressional Cemetery. DC Bike Party participants will be treated to a live show by local favorites, the Bumper Jacksons and a full beer garden set up in the cemetery!

A map of the complete route will be available at DCBikeParty.com 24 hours before the ride. Riders are welcome to join or depart the group at any point—many riders use Capital Bikeshare.

Everyone is welcome to attend or participate. Full details on the event are below:

WHAT: DC Bike Party: The Riding Dead
WHERE: Departs from the middle of Dupont Circle
WHEN: Wednesday, October 9th
Meet at 7:30 P.M.; Depart promptly at 8:00″

Ed. Note: You can see all events here and you can schedule your own event listing here.

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  • Unfortunately this group is an embarrassment to cyclists (me being one), acting obnoxiously towards cars, stopping traffic, and taking up the whole road (even on streets with bike lanes). It is a great idea, too bad it is run by immature kids.

  • Ugh. Please, PoP, quit promoting this awful group, which promotes terribly unsafe riding habits (with costumes that block vision and impede movement, and perhaps also intoxicated after they have their beer garden) and make crossing the street a nightmare for pedestrians (you can see this in DC Bike Party’s own videos). Participants in and especially organizers of these rides should be ashamed of themselves, and you should refrain from promoting them.

  • agree w/the first two commenters — these people are an embarrassment to legitimate cyclists and only increase the animosity btwn peds/drivers/cyclists due to their immature actions. how about when they had some “manifesto” on their website stating that drivers and peds were “douchebags”??

    pls stop posting their events and maybe they will go away and/or learn.

      • “It’s just really not representative of everything we reiterate over and over and over,” Seremetis told News4….

        A few strategically placed folks w/ cameras near a stop sign or red light should be able to quickly disprove t his.

        • Adding an R to the end of Lia Seremetis’s name would give a much more accurate reflection of her relationship to the truth.

    • Since they always post where they’re starting, where they’re going, and when, I don’t see why the cops don’t just station themselves to haul in the whole lot of them the moment they start parading without a permit. I’d pay extra taxes to see that.

      • In fact, I think it would be pretty great to see Lia Seremetis (organizer of DC Bike Party) spend time behind bars for continued conspiracy to pull this illegal shit.

        • personal attacks on internet forums make you look extremely classy. why all the hate for a person you have never met? you should seek counseling if you can afford it

      • “Parading without a permit” would involve people walking in the street. Bikes, on the other hand, have every legal right to be in the street.

        • They don’t have the legal right to blow through all three cycles of red lights it takes for all 700 of them to get down the street while the people in front pat themselves on the back for stopping at the occasional light.

          • The once a month this happens and those people have to potentially wait 10 minutes. Truly praying for them. Hope they can overcome this terrible burden.

      • They tell the cops in advance exactly where the ride will go. Then, MPD has been attending, riding with the group on bikes and escorting with vehicles help escort it through busy intersections, etc. In fact, they hold the ride at some of the busiest places. You should actually see for yourself. It’s not nearly as disruptive as you make it out to be. Of course, how would you know.

        • Read my other comments, I have seen it for myself, that’s why they infuriate me, they make pedestrians wait several minutes through several walk-light cycles, far too long than is reasonable for pedestrian travel times.

          If MPD is escorting them, then my new goal is to get every MPD commander who orders escorts rather than mass arrests fired.

          • Good luck on your crusade. Hint: it won’t work. By the way, running a red light would be considered a traffic violation, not a crime/misdemeanor worthy of an arrest.

          • On the other hand, reckless driving is a crime worthy of arrest.

          • ” they make pedestrians wait several minutes”

            Several MINUTES? Holy shit. We should get those cops fired. God forbid anyone is inconvenienced for a whole several minutes.

    • I think you’re thinking of Critical Mass or something else. How about you ACTUALLY look at their website and see things like “LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS AND LIGHTS” in their rules section, instead of just jumping to unwarranted conclusions?

      • I’ve seen their web site. I’m basing my remarks on WHAT I’VE SEEN THEM ACTUALLY DO, both in person and in the videos they post on their web site and YouTube, and clearly other people in this comments thread are too. Regardless of the garbage that Liar Seremetis says to the media and on her web site, they’re much more like Critical Mass than not. The people in front may stop for lights but all 700 trailing behind them stay in one big mass that takes minutes to go by, blowing through cycle after cycle of red light, cutting off pedestrians or racing dangerously around pedestrians who didn’t see them coming. Go watch them in person or look at their videos and you’ll see the same. I don’t need Liar Seremetis’s propaganda when I have my own two eyes.

  • Actually, the MPD has been assisting and escorting this ride for months now. It has their support.

  • geez people. lighten up!

    • about what exactly?
      invasion of zombies? dangerous biking habits? the things you find tolerable, but others don’t?

    • No kidding, folks! Like any special event (a protest, a 5k, whatever) with a huge number of participants, some rules of the road are necessarily going to have to be a little different for the bike party. But the organizers ALWAYS tell people to be considerate to pedestrians, drivers, etc., and the cops always escort the ride, enforcing right-lane-only restrictions and encouraging people to stop at lights. Saying that people should go to jail for organizing legal community activities is a bit harsh, no?

  • I’ve been to bike party several times, it’s a lot of fun. There are definitely some assholes and people who don’t follow the rules, but that will be the case anytime you get a few hundred people together. Also, the police escort the group the whole entire way, so if anything that we are doing is illegal the cops must not think it’s a big enough deal to arrest anyone.

    • Were you looking out for pedestrians at crossings and stopping for them if they had the walk light? If not, then you were one of the people riding badly.

  • This whole discussion is laughable.

    • +1 I feel rather agnostic about all aspects of this topic.

      • Agreed. I’ve never attended a ride, although I’ve seen them pass by once or twice. I don’t doubt that there are a few bad apples in the group, but I doubt the MPD would continue to support the ride if it were that chaotic. As for pedestrians having to wait a few minutes through a couple of cycles of red lights, yes it’s a little annoying in the moment. But is it really worth getting all that worked up about? It’s not much different than what happens if your walk takes you into the path of a parade, a protest or a motorcade (and I’ve run into motorcades a lot more times than I have the bike party). That’s just part of living in a big city.

        • Thank you, voice of reason.

        • I feel the same way. My girlfriend and I were sitting outside one weeknight when the bike party went by. I remarked that I felt sorry for anyone on our street who had to get up early for work (it was after 10pm and the bike party was really raucous) but it didn’t bother me since I’m usually up a bit past 10.

          • I can’t remember a single month in the past year when the bike party has gone past 10 pm.

          • It was a while ago, in the spring. Hopefully it was an isolated incident and they’ve been wrapping things up earlier since then. It looked like a lot of fun but it’s not nice to be making so much noise that late on a residential street (we have a lot of elderly on my block that were probably not pleased).

  • Just checking in on you advocates for a fun-free DC who commented here… You alright? Did the zombies eat you? Did the zombie bike party inspire zombie car drivers to run you all over? Did the bicycles wake up your children in the middle of the night screaming “REDRUM! REDRUM!!”?

    • I attended despite the rain and had a fun time. It was well organized and orderly. There was only one instance where a guy tried to beat the mass of 200+ bicyclists and tried to go past the assigned lane rider AND police escort. Other than that, we ended up at Congressional Cemetery by 9:30 pm, a very respectable hour.

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