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  • I hope these guys turn out to be great neighbors because I love their food.

  • The fencing is temporary and the awning and real fence will be going up soon and look much better. More murals to come and yes we are serving beer now with your food so you can sit outside on these beatifuls days and enjoy the great location and atmosphere of the neighborhood.

    • Glad to know

      because the current setup is… lets call it… slightly tacky lol

      well that was my response while walking by
      im sure the new fencing will complete the look

  • I wonder how Satan feels about Chubacabra moving in next door.

  • A mural featuring Pabst means H Street’s dorkification is now complete.

  • justinbc

    Hopefully they’ve increased the portion size from more than 2 bites per taco (because the flavors themselves are quite good, except the guacamole which was terribly bland). I pointed out to them on one of their first days that this would be a point of contention among customers, and of course weeks later I look back at the Yelp reviews to see that everyone was complaining about it. Instead of taking a smart approach, the owner started arguing with reviewers about the etymology of the word taco. Major business fail.

    • But come on man – the PBR can on the mural totally makes it worth it!
      /I completely agree. Tried it once, haven’t felt compelled to visit since. Too bad.

    • Proper tacos really are around that size. They’re originally a Mexican street food and meant to be just a few bites. Their business model is authentic tacos, so really it’s a major business win

      • it’s a win, if customer’s want that, and want to come back. sounds like customer’s don’t. sounds like poor business decisions to me. we’re all just trying to help you chupacabra! listen to the people who will keep you in business (your customers).

      • justinbc

        That sounds exactly like the nonsense he was spewing. If you want to be authentic little bites then sell them for the 25 cents they do in Mexico too. Authenticity, yay! When every other taqueria around you is selling theirs for less, while also giving more in quantity, it’s a fail.

        • justinbc

          Also, I say this as someone who was a huge fan of the food truck and highly recommended it to other people. The actual store location though was a massive disappointment and I will not return even though it’s in my neighborhood unless I hear markedly improved feedback from other customers and a revised approach to hospitality from the owners.

        • !!

          The man has a point lol

          now for a much cheaper price they would be a winner
          but after spending wha you do for 3 tacos and still reaching for morer because you are hungry is not the move

          The flavors are really good but the bang for your buck just isnt there imo

    • Totally agree. I went the first week and laid down almost $10 and felt like I hadn’t eaten anything at all. The tacos were tasty but no way it’s worth the price. If they are going to argue for authenticity, they need to reduce the price. It’s ludicrous.

  • I tried them out a few months ago and thought the food was tasty but way too little for $9. I don’t want to pay $9 for a snack.

  • I speak for a lot of the neighbors in finding the tables and barriers to be a local eyesore

  • i posted before i realized there were other comments — i see the fencing is temporary. good to hear. standing down.

    • I think the tables are there to stay thoug
      althoughnot the best looking tables new fencing should be a drastic improvement

  • I speak for a lot of the neighbors when I say we are thrilled they have opened!

    I love seeing people out there eating. The tables don’t look bad (I agree about the fence…)

    Food can be hit or miss, but overall a great addition to the neighborhood!

    • I agree. I love that they are open late too. I live on the West end of H and when I walk home from the East end restaurants or bars at night it’s great that there are always people sitting outside eating at Chupacabra. More eyes on the street = safer neighborhood for everyone. The area between 10th and 6th was pretty much a wasteland before and it’s now slowly starting to fill in. Plus, I like their food and I think it is perfectly portioned (I couldn’t eat more than that anyway!).

  • Why are the majority of people on here such Debbie Downers? Chupacabra is great and totally a go-to place for a quick bite. As far as cost and portions, I think of it like this: Chupacabra is (to me) the H & pizza of tacos. It costs my husband and I approx. $18 for 2 pizzas vs. approx. $21 for what we order at Chupacabra (usually tacos and chips & guacamole). We are always full after both meals.
    Anyway, this is a fantastic addition to H.

    • justinbc

      I can respect that you may think Chupacabra is fairly priced, but that’s a terrible comparison. The $9 you spend at H&Pizza for an entire pie with unlimited toppings dwarfs what you would get from Chupacabra. That would get you 2 tacos (at 2 bites per taco), and maybe a third. So, at best, 6 bites of food versus an entire pizza with unlimited toppings.
      I don’t think people are knocking what Chupacabra produces, just that they feel it’s a bad value proposition. Here’s something to try, go to their Yelp page and look at how many complaints are about portion size. If almost everyone is telling you as a business that you need to fix something, but you keep arguing about the etymology of the word with them, it’s probably time to rethink your business strategy.

      • Respectfully, I think you miss the point. Yes, I could potentially get 20 toppings on my pizza and pay the same price as 2 toppings, but that would be way too much for me at least to eat for dinner. The comparison is based on the standard toppings I get there (about 5), and being satisfied with how much food I ate. So, for me and my appetite, it costs roughly the same at both places and I feel equally full. Your point is valid though if you usually go to H & pizza and get say, eggs, bacon, sundried tomatoes, pepperoni, double cheese, etc.
        As far as Yelp, my experience is that it is unreliable, and typically people who have great experiences at places don’t use Yelp to let people know. It’s usually more for complaint, IMHO.

        • justinbc

          Even if I got solely dough and pizza sauce it would still provide substantially more filler than 2.5 tiny tacos, but I guess we just view it differently. I rarely “eat to get full”, but I do want to get a comparative value when dining out anywhere. Quality is certainly part of that equation, and something they mostly get right, but only part of it (and I would not compare it to Chipotle as Eponymous did below, but rather Sol, or Far East Taco Grill, both in the same neighborhood, and both former food trucks).
          With regards to Yelp, I think a lot of people view it that way. Personally, I dislike the site for various other reasons, but when a business has an aggregate of 30+ reviews I think you can at least begin to formulate an idea. At the very least you can evaluate what it is people are complaining about and (as a business owner) choose to adapt or not. Some adapt, meet the criticism with thanks, and succeed, some ignore it and fail, and some combat it and hang around in mediocrity. I just wish Chupacabra would listen more, because I DO very much want them to succeed so that I can return.

      • Chupacabra’s prices and sizes are equivalent to what you get at Tacos el Chilango on V Street. Actually, I would say that Chupacabra’s are slightly bigger.
        I don’t see what all the fuss is about (and I say this as someone who whines constantly about the rip-off small plates restaurants on 14th Street, lol)

  • Yeesh, so much whining. 1) It’s a taco place (and as a taco fanatic, let me add that it’s a pretty darn good one). Authentic tacos ARE small. If you want to pig out, go to Chipotle and enjoy participating in the obesity epidemic. 2) Perhaps we might want to think about cleaning up the needles/broken glass before we freak out at a great local business for putting up temporary barriers, hmm? This is not Georgetown.

    • No one is saying that tacos aren’t supposed to be small. They’re saying that the tacos are too overpriced for how much you get. This is supposed to look like a little hole in the wall, authentic mexican joint. You can get super authentic, “small” tacos in places like Cali for half the price of this…

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