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  • But, when does it open? Can’t seem to get any updates!

    • Everything I have heard/read had said the Giant will be open in November. I can’t wait, it is only two blocks from my house!

  • “the coolest Giant grocery store in the district!” HA! This line made me laugh. there are some pretty busted Giant stores in DC. I know the new store near H st is nice, but still not much competition. This reminds me of Flight of the Concords “you’re the prettiest girl in the room… the whole wide room.”

    Joking aside, I do live in the neighborhood and i’m really excited for the store to open. and i *do* think it will be a great store. but that line just made me laugh.

    • the new giant store on h absolutely sucks.

      • Why is that? I haven’t been.

        • it feels like a “new” store from the 80’s.
          reminds me of the old safeway by the rhode island avenue metro.
          or the old shaw giant.
          it already felt dingy.
          i was highly disappointed, especially as the harris teeter a few blocks away is miles and miles better.

      • +1 No pharmacy; Staff if hit or miss; Produce is pretty disappointing; Lack of “hot bar” take away options. It’s directly across the street from my apartment so I still shop there…begrudgingly.

  • Now if they could only get the trucks to stop blocking Georgia Avenue during rush hour traffic, I’d be happy about it.

  • i can’t wait for this to open!!!
    if only it was a wegmans!

  • This leads me to think the OP thinks the Giant will be in the old O Street Market building? Is that correct? I thought it was going to be in the same location on the 9th street side that it used to be, it even looks like that with the construction on that side. What will the O Street Market be used for?

    These are assumptions on what the construction reflects. Anybody know the actual plan?

  • I can’t wait for this to open. Every time I trudge past this on my way to Safeway, I start counting the days. What about that green exterior, though? Looks like the “avocado” color that my grandmother’s appliances used to have. I’m not sold on it.

  • As someone who uses the Colombia Heights Giant, I can’t wait for this to open and hopefully allivate some of the crowds there!

  • Not only will this be the largest grocery store in DC–this is supposed to be Giant’s flagship store (like, for the whole country). They will use this store as a model for future urban markets. It will have a sushi bar, food court, and other amenities not found in other Giants.

  • It will also be the safest. The ANC is requiring them to have a minimum of 3 armed security guards at all times. They protested this in the last meeting but in the end they had to agree in order to get their liquor license approved.

    • Havingf lots of rent-a-cops is more offputting than anything I encountered at the old Giant. The faith of people in purely cosmetic crime prevention is pretty much the norm here. Back in the 90s, many of my neighbors in my old building wanted to spend a fortune on securoty cameras, gates, etc. Even the ex-cop/security “consultants” who recommended this stuff admitted it wouldn’t make much difference.

  • Where will the parking be? Will it all be indoors or will there be some outdoor parking for those of us who hate parking in garages?

    • Oh gosh, I really hope they don’t waste outdoor space with parking lots just because there’s folks that “hate parking in garages.” Honestly, this is near the core of a 6 million person metro area and we don’t need to stuff it up with surface parking lots. Get over yourself and park in the garage.

    • There is a parking garage with about 500 spaces, and I am sure once this opens the street parking will be hard to come by.

    • What’s wrong with a parking garage? I’d much rather have my car covered than exposed to the elements. Also, safer from random street urchins breaking into your car.

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