Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop Coming to 18th and M Street, NW

1800 M Street, NW

Thanks to [email protected] for sending the photo from 18th and M St, NW. Capriotti’s website says:

“Lois Margolet grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, in a neighborhood known as Little Italy. Lois had a dream to open her own sandwich shop, but she knew she needed to have something unique because there was plenty of strong competition out there. Little Italy had at least seven sandwich shops within a three block radius. In 1976, Lois quit her full-time job, borrowed money and purchased a boarded-up building on North Union Street in Wilmington, where the original Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop still stands. Lois, along with her brother Alan Margolet, decided to open a sandwich shop on the first floor, while she lived on the second floor. She and Alan would name the sandwich shop after their grandfather, Philip Capriotti, who loved to cook for them.

Their concept was to capture the hearts of “real turkey lovers,” an idea that would separate Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop from almost all of its competition. They wanted to roast whole fresh turkeys overnight, a concept that no other sandwich shop in the area offered. They began by cooking one turkey per night, but the demand grew to the point where they were cooking 10 to 12 turkeys per night. They served sandwiches made-to-order with fresh roasted pulled turkey, the best quality meats and cheeses, and fresh rolls and produce delivered daily.”

You can see their menu here.

Anyone ever try one of their sandwiches?

The owner tweets: “DC Cap’s is coming very soon!”

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  • There goes my diet. Their “thanksgiving leftover” sandwich with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce is AMAZING.

  • The Bobbie sandwich is the best sandwich ever! I am SO glad this is coming to DC, because I used to drive all the way over the bridge to Kent Island to get one of these. Yum, will be there opening day!

  • As a born and bred Wilmingtonian, I can attest that Caps will give Taylor Gourmet and other local shops a run for their money.

  • um, this looks like it will be bad for my weight and attempt at not spending money. I love me a good sammich. I’ve never had Taylors because, as a philly girl, it’s just hard to imagine anything but my philly hoagies.

    • The subs are def closer to a philly area sub. Though in my experience their cheesesteak isn’t the greatest. But their italian, turkey (they roast them fresh in store), and their famous Bobbi(thanksgiving sandwich) are all amazing.

      • not related, but my favorite favoritist if I could eat anything for the rest of my life (that wasn’t Indian food) it would be the hot turkey sandwich from Reading Terminal. OMG. I haven’t had one in ages because they are SO bad for you, but it is truly the greatest thing on earth.

        I’m excited to try this place, though!

  • As long as they source the bread from Philly and/or Wilmington, this is awesome. They are the best subs. The Bobbie is a great and so is the Capristrami!

  • Concerned that this will push Bub and Pop’s, an amazing restaurant right across the street, out of business.

  • Oh man…I’m gonna get so fat.

  • Delaware Valley subs are no joke, and Capriotti’s is a crown jewel. I’ve personally lobbied them on their Facebook page for YEARS to open up a shop down here. All other sub shops (INCLUDING Taylor Gourmet) weep and despair.

  • Never been but will definitely try a shame too since I have family up near Wilmington. Heck, based off their website, I have never seen people grinning so much eating a sub before, it has to be good.

  • Glad this will be in the area soon! I love the turkey with cranberry and stuffing!

  • I grew up in Delaware, and I’m so excited that Capriotti’s is coming to DC! A lot of us who were vegetarians in college but aren’t anymore are still big fans of the veggie turkey. And by “fans” I mean “will beg friends who are driving through Delaware to pick up Capriotti’s sandwiches and bring them back to DC.”

  • This just made my day. From Wilmington and can attest that these are the best subs ever!

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