Cafe Japone Closes in Dupont

2032 P Street, NW

Thanks to @barredindc for sending word. Cafe Japone was located at 2032 P Street, NW. Barred in DC writes that they closed in late September/early October. The DC Alcohol Beverage Control Board canceled their liquor license on October 9th:


Though their phone has been disconnected you can still see their menu here (as of this morning.) Stay tuned to see who takes over the space.

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  • Wow. They have been there forever. How do you lose your license? I mean – no stabbings, shootings, etc … It also lent it’s space to AA meetings.

  • It does not surprise me that their liquor license was cancelled. As college students back in the day, we used to go there and drink all we wanted as they did not card. Frankly, it’s impressive they made it this long without being shut down.

  • Good riddance. That place was full of flies and downright filthy. No amount of happy-hour-priced sushi or beer could get me to pay a second visit.

  • This place shall always live in my memory for the cheap sushi, rotgut sake, and betting on Sumo wrestling piped in direct from Japan.

  • Major major potential loss to the karaoke enthusiasts of DC… I’m bummed

  • I’m pretty sure they actually closed sometime in August. We walked by Labor Day weekend after taking advantage of Eola one last time, and they were already shutdown then.

  • GOOD. Made the mistake of going there once. Disgusting food and the place was filthy.

  • How did it not make sense to keep e license ad sell it to someone else?

  • A sad day for D.C.

    A lot of great memories here with a microphone in hand.

    Thanks alot obamacare!

    • Oh? Did the proprietors cite the Affordable Care Act as their reason for closing? (And do they even have 50 employees?)

      • It was a joke…

        The place was incredible. Great music selection, wireless mics, creepy downstairs. An earlier comment was right, they never carded anyone there.

  • This is also where Virginia born & raised DJs Deep Dish had their first parties back in the 90s. Before they blew up into international superstars.

    • Sorry, should have said “Virginia-based”. The boys from Deep Dish were born in Iran.

  • They also used to have drum ‘n bass DJs spinning on Sunday nights there. It was a nice chilled vibe last time I went, almost 10 years ago.

  • Always wanted to do karaoke there. Guess that’s not gonna happen now :-/

  • That’s where Steve and sebby met

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