Booth for Furloughed Feds at the Petworth Farmers Market this Friday

Photo by PoPville flickr user thelester

“Dear PoPville,

Are you a furloughed fed that has been getting creative with all of your spare time? Then come join fellow furloughed feds at the DC Petworth Farmers Market this Friday, October 18 from 4pm to 7pm. We’ll have a consignment-style booth where you can sell your crafts, art, and other creations. Unfortunately, you cannot sell food (sorry bakers) but you’re welcome to sell things that turn into food, like seeds you’ve saved from the season, recipes, etc.

Send an email to izzy(at) to sign up and for more information. In the event that the government opens this week, we’ll still have folks staffing the booth.

See you at the market!”

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  • At first I was all, “I have lived by Petworth for 2 years and never heard of this farmer’s market, I’m so excited”.
    And then I was all, “Friday’s from 4pm-7pm?!”
    Womp. I’m either still at work or in a work induced HH situation.

    • Same here. Best case scenario I could catch the very tail end on my way home from work, but things are always winding down by then. Truth be told I’m not all that likely to stop by if it was on Saturday morning either, but it seems that would be a better time for it.

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