Bolt Burgers Opening at 11th and Massachusetts Ave, NW on November 10th

1010 Massachusetts Ave, NW

The Bolt Burgers coming to 11th and Mass Ave, NW has an opening date – Nov. 10th.  They will be open 11am-11pm seven days a week.

Their website says:

Bolt Burgers is where sophisticated burger lovers kick back and enjoy flavors they can’t get at any other fast casual burger restaurant—big, satisfying flavors beyond what you expect from a burger, fries and soft drink. The antithesis of quick serve burger joints, it’s an experience worth savoring, from the hand formed patty of Bolt’s exclusive, extra juicy blend of Certified Angus Beef, to the toasted brioche bun, to the layers of flavor piled in between, including:

Spice rubs, such as Toasted Peppercorn & Herb, and Fiery Chili, Cumin & Paprika
Artisanal Cheeses, such as Local Virginia Goat Cheese, Truffle Pecorino and Smoked Gouda
Exclusive Sauces, such as Tomato and Sweet Basil, and Habanero, Cilantro & Lime Mayo
Homemade relishes, such as Black Bean, Corn & Onion, and Crunchy Asian Slaw

For those who hunger for something other than beef, Bolt also offers:

Turkey Burgers
Marinated Chicken Breasts
Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers
Gourmet Griddled Cheesewiches made with Bolt’s artisanal cheeses.

You can see their full menu here.  Here’s a peek inside:


A couple more shots of the inside after the jump.



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  • Sheesh. Is this the first commercial tenant in that space since 1010 Mass opened like 6 years ago?

  • Sheesh x 2. Seems investors in this city are betting BIG on burgers.

  • stcohi – I think Subway is also a tenant in that building…

  • Shees x 3. Maybe if there wasn’t 5 guys, ray’s, BGR, Shake Shack, and 45 different places to grab a burger it would be cool. Artisinal Burgers are so 2011.

    • And fast-foody looking imitation artisanal burgers are so…never. Out, out, damn chain!

    • Eh…I live across the street from this place, and I for one will take it. There’s really nothing around for blocks that’s between sit-down and pure fast food (5 Guys, Subway and two pizza places). Plus, they’ll have later hours than some of those places.

  • I’ve been wondering about that space. It’s been vacant forever. But…another burger joint….sigh!

  • I live nearbye as well and we definitely need something there and I’ll take any sort of lower priced restaurant at this point. One interesting note, we’ve been watching them set-up and they’ve added a some good big screen tvs, and have a projection system that can show tv on one of their entire walls. It’s pretty slick/high quality so it may end up becoming a good place to watch sports in the area which would be nice….

  • Yes, I wish it was something more interesting than another burger joint. That said, there aren’t any other fancy burger joints within a 1/2 mile, so “I’ll take it” too. This particular area is kind of a void for food. Yay!

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