Blowfish National Hangover Survey Ranks DC as the #1 Hangover State/District


We also apparently think Yuengling is our favorite beer, margaritas are our favorite cocktail and lemon drops are our favorite shots according to their survey.

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  • Police officers are one of the most likely professionals to be hungover on the job? That’s terrible.

  • justinbc

    Margaritas? That can’t be right.

    • No, that sounds right. Don’t take for granted all the people flocking to places like Lauriol Plaza in droves!
      Yeungling surprised me, though. I didn’t think it was that popular here.

      • justinbc

        Oh, yeah, I forgot about LP. And I guess Cantina Marina too. But even if you take those places and add in Tortilla Coast, El Centro, and a few others, it just seems like the margarita is a very singular situational cocktail (usually only at Mexican places), like the Bloody Mary (generally only consumed at brunch). Then again, I’m not sure what I would replace it with as far as most consumed.

      • I’m surprised it’s Yuengling and not Miller Lite.

      • Yeungling is the cheapest good beer a lot of places. Often the same price as Bud or other pisswater.

  • Was this poll sponsored by Blue Moon? Seriously I don’t really know anyone that calls Blue Moon their favorite yet it’s in the top 3 in like 90% of these states?

    • justinbc

      I’ve definitely heard people call it their favorite. While it may be terrible itself it’s at least a good gateway to get people off of Bud/Miller and in the direction of something better/different.

  • They must have conducted this survey at the Georgetown waterfront.

  • The lack of Natty Bo in Maryland’s top beers clearly calls into question the validity of the entire survey.

  • Once again…this is what happens when you compare DC to any other state. States encompass a wide range of demographics and lifestyles from rural to urban. DC is an urban area, so a comparison only makes sense when it’s with other urban areas. It’s irresponsible to do otherwise.

  • Bwahhaahaa – I always new there was a reason I moved from Maine to DC

  • brookland_rez

    Yeungling? I thought it would have been PBR.

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