Big Bloomingdale News – New Bar, Pub and the People, Coming to North Capitol and R Street, NW

View of North Capitol and R St, NW via google street view

In last week’s rant/revel a reader mentioned that a new bar was coming to Bloomingdale at the corner of North Capitol and R St, NW. It’s true! It will be called Pub and the People. The reader notes that demo had already started. Updates as construction progresses.

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  • Pub and the People – lol.

  • Am I just being overly sensitive, or does the West side of N.Capitol Street have a very different vibe from the East side of N. Capitol Street? I just always find myself more inclined to walk on the west side for some reason. I’m not judging, I’m not saying one side is better than the other, I’m just saying that they have a different vibe.

    • I find it block by block. Down near NY Ave and Florida Ave, I find it preferable to be on the NE Side. near the thrift store, the NW side until you’re past jam duong. Then it doesnt really matter once you get past Randolph, both sides are pretty nice now.

      • The Emery House on Lincoln and Randolph NE is a fairly large homeless shelter. Quite a few folks who use this facility hang out outside by the little corner park next to the flea market (Lincoln and N Cap)

      • between randolph place and michigan, i prefer walking the NE side.

    • The corner of North Cap and Florida still looks like a freaking war zone. Development can’t happen soon enough. but it will come. I remember the days when U street looked exactly this sketchpady.

  • justinbc

    Hopefully they preserve those nice storefront windows! That’s quite a lot of potential patio space too.

  • Yes, this is great!

  • Sorry to rain on your parade folks. It appears that this is a few doors up from the “wine” bar that is believed to be owned by Miss TJ Quinn who is ANC rep and Bloomingdale associan Chair. It is unlikely that she will support any new business opening around her wine bar. And, if her friends like Bertha and others who have protested nearly every new opening for a mile circle (other than the Howard Theatre bar/restaurant where some sit on the board), then this place will probably never open in the next 5 years or so. Just my humble honest opinion in reading the tea leaves. Some folks in the area seem to prefer empty rotting buildings over anything new or, god-forbid, seemingly gentrified. Unless, they are on the board or an investor. JUst check out the history and ask any of the bars/pubs/restaurants in Bloomingdale, ask them all, draw your own conclusions. The owners better prepare for a big fight to make any progress.

    • Assuming that Ms. Quinn has any business acumen whatsoever, she will realize that a “pub” won’t compete with her wine bar. If nothing else, a cluster of restaurants will draw crowds to the area. Few are going to go out of their way to patronize a wine bar on North Capitol street. But if there are other reasons to draw folks to the area, then all the better.

    • nearly every application gets protested.
      the place will get it’s liquor license.

    • On what, specifically, are you basing your accusations against Quinn? She may be friends with Bertha, but I dont agree with all of my friends…

      Do you think that she would use her position on these bodies to advance her own business interests? Are you saying she is operating with a conflict?

      I am honestly curious, because what you’re saying hasnt been discussed by anyone and i am fairly plugged into that community.

  • We’ve spoken to a few neighbors so far and the response has been positive. We look forward to meeting all our new neighbors and addressing any concerns.

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