Barcelona Wine Bar Opens this Week on 14th Street

1622 14th Street, NW

A few weeks ago we noted that the Barcelona Restaurant and Wine Bar coming to the former BodySmith Gym space next to Miss Pixie’s was looking awesome. And now it’s ready to open. The place looks incredible. I stopped by yesterday while staff was being trained and was told they would quietly open up one day this week.

They’ve added an incredible new outdoor dining area:




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  • It looks beautiful but do we really need another Tapas place on 14th street? What about some originality.

  • mid city guy

    it opened last night actually. Cool space, great crowd. The joint was mobbed.

  • I was wondering what they were doing. The space is gorgeous, but please, for the love of God no more tapas!

  • It really does look like a nice place but I share the sadness of other commenters about the lack of creativity driving everyone on this street to open Tapas Restaurants.

    • lindz0722

      Really, this only the second tapas restaurant in the neighborhood. There are many small plates restaurants on 14th Street (which I’m a big fan of, but it seems I’m in the minority) — but Spanish tapas can only be found at Estadio and now here. Personally, I’m excited for an alternative to Estadio, which is fantastic but always crowded and lacking outdoor space.

  • I would hate to be the person who has to bring in all that furniture every night…

  • Barcelona Restaurant is amazing! My husband and I dined there opening night — incredible food, service, ambiance, and none of the hiccups of opening night! The host, manager, servers, everyone was so welcoming and kind. We had drinks, light and heavy tapas, and dessert. We were celebrating our anniversary and they brought out cava for us (on the house)! It actually felt like Barcelona! We will be frequent diners there — it’s a welcome gem in the n’hood and a great alternative to Estadio, Cork and a few other places which are more interested in your $$ than your continued patronage.

    • Newsflash: all of 14th Street is interested in your money and only your money. Hence why I’ve avoided it like the plague for the last year. Waiting 90 minutes for a table only to spend gobs of money is the definition of stupidity.

  • lovefifteen

    What’s up with all the haters saying that this is the “last thing” that 14th Street needs? Clearly there’s a market for restaurants like this because most places on 14th Street are incredibly full, even on weekdays. I love Estadio’s food, but you have to wait for tables even on Mondays! It’s obvious there’s a market for another Spanish tapas restaurant in the area.

  • justinbc

    Are those heat lamps outside or just regular lighting? Either way, I dig the design. And I echo the “if you don’t like it then don’t patronize it” sentiment. What was here before? An empty shell? A deserted pawn shop? Yet another liquor store? Whatever it was, this is an improvement to the neighborhood.

    • lindz0722

      The patio lamps aren’t heat lamps (though they are super awesome looking), but I think it’d do well with heat lamps in the winter. The heavy walls surrounding the patio will probably make it easier to keep warm.

      Went for dinner tonight. Barcelona is a GREAT addition to the neighborhood; I think this place will do very well. The food was fantastic. Solid wine list at a variety of price points (and half glasses are available for each!). Service was excellent — I don’t think it’ll stay at that level forever, but they’ve definitely got the right staff, and trained well, to start out with. The space is unique and, I think, beautiful. It’s also a lot bigger than it looks from the outside, so perhaps it won’t get overly crowded every night. Definitely giving Estadio a run for its money, and in terms of friendliness and service, I’d say Barcelona has the upper hand already.

  • figby

    All these new high-end places — I wish a few more bars or casual pubs would open around 14th (and definitely looking forward to Compass Rose). It’s also dispiriting that no matter how pricey the new places are, they don’t deter the drunky, screamy 20-somethings. I wouldn’t mind but I live on a side street and four nights out of the week get to hear the 2 am OMGFEST as they stagger off in the night.

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