Adams Mill Road Re-opened for two-way traffic by the Zoo


Thanks to Jack for sending:

“For just over a year now, the block of Adams Mill Road between Kenyon and Harvard Streets has been closed, or open for northbound traffic only. This has cut off a popular route for Mount Pleasant residents going to Adams Morgan, or to the National Zoo, or through the Zoo to Beach Drive.

As of 3:20 pm Friday, October 25, the road has been opened to two-way traffic. The final touches on the road project should be completed by mid-November.”

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  • WAHHOOOOO! Great news for my commute.

    • Seriously. I’m so excited to not have to deal with the light at Mt. Pleasant street anymore!

      Although I’ll reserve comment until the morning how it’ll work heading out toward Porter St. I think it’s gone from 2 lanes to 1. Hope it doesn’t lead to backups!

  • This damn boondoggle is McKay’s idea. The finished product is useless, ugly, and a hindrance to traffic. For example, there’s a new painted bike lane that ends mid-block, where it leads directly into a sewer grate; completely hazardous.

    • Typical MtP entitled self-righteousness. Way to play right into the stereotype!! The work looks great. Nice job DPW!

      • $3.5+ million to lose a lane of traffic and 2 dozen trees. No bike lane. Northbound traffic backing up to Harvard St every frigging evening. 6 months of construction/disruption. Yep, that makes sense.

    • Right, because an ANC rep controls how DDOT plans intersection reconstruction. The design was released two years ago. YOU should have followed it then instead of sitting on the MtP message board complaining after it was well underway.

  • As a fellow MtP resident, let me say that I think the finished product looks great, and being able to make a left onto Adams Mill from Kenyon is a welcome improvement.

  • A few residents went to great lengths to get the rock facing on the large lane divider. They should be commended because the end result looks great.

    I’ve noticed some issues with timing of the lights that will hopefully be resolved. There are times when there is a huge backup down Adams Mill making it impossible to come off Beach Dr. I assume it’s just a hiccup with the new traffic flow as there is not a huge amount of traffic and this has never been a problem before (I wouldn’t think adding the turn from Kenyon would make a significant difference.

    Otherwise, it looks like a great job.

    • Yes– all credit to the neighborhood residents (NOT our inattentive, incompetent ANC) for the nice aesthetics. This includes the rock facing on the concrete and many planted trees. The leadership and organization that emerged among my unelected neighbors made me proud to be a Mt. Pleasant resident.

      • Agreed. Congratulations to the private citizens who took leadership roles to make sure this didn’t end up as the eyesore that was making its way through the process. There seems to be smart new energy in Mt. Pleasant. I hope some of them will stand for election to the ANC to join other new leaders there. This project will look even better when new plantings grow in.

    • What a bunch of BS. The rock facing was planned all along by DDOT, as was the design project itself — not by any one ANC commissioner. Congratulations to the 5 private citizens who complained to each other on the Mount Pleasant message board without contributing anything constructive.

  • Now if they’ll just open up Klingle Rd west of the park we’ll be set.

  • I live nearby and love it! It looks great, has way better functionality, and I really am happy to have the turn at Kenyon now. Great job DDOT!

    • Wait til they put the lighted bus shelter at the base of Irving St. You used to be able to see sunsets over the zoo, but now it going to be ads Happy Meals, and diarrhea meds.

  • Praise The Lord. Once again I can avoid the tunnel traffic entirely by zooming up to Calvert, over the Duke Ellington Bridge and down into RCP by the Omni. Now I just wish they’d finish up with the street lighting project on RCP. I know that’s NPS and not DC, but they can’t seem to figure out how to get the new lights to work, even after digging and burying new power supply lines.

  • It does look good!

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