ABC Board to Decide on Moratorium Petition for U St. Corridor Tomorrow

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From ABRA:

“The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (Board) will decide on a petition for a moratorium on the issuance of liquor licenses in the District’s U St. corridor at a public hearing tomorrow.

WHEN: 1-1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 2

WHERE: Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration Hearing Room
Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center
2000 14th St., NW, Suite 400 S., 4th Floor

BACKGROUND: The Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance requested a five-year moratorium on the issuance of liquor licenses in an area extending 1,800 feet in radius from Ben’s Next Door located at 1211 U St., NW. The petition requested the Board:

· Prohibit the issuance of all new alcoholic beverage licenses, except licenses to sell beer and wine (class B) at full service grocery stores;

· Prohibit the transfer of licenses into the moratorium zone;

· Place a cap on the number of nightclub licenses at zero;

· Place a cap on the number of tavern licenses at ten; and

· Prohibit the expansion of existing licensees into adjoining spaces, properties or lots.

The Board held a public hearing on the petition on May 22 and received written comments until May 24. Members of the public can view the petition online.”

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  • I really hope this gets denied. A moratorium does nothing but prevent new bars and restaurants from opening in vacant or new buildings and the existing places, now with a sanctioned monopoly, will raise prices with no other incentive to provide good service or to be able to expand to serve more people as more and more people move into DC. ABRA, VOTE NO!

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justinbc

    I don’t see this happening. There is still too much development potential for the area to stifle it right now. The other areas in DC operating under moratorium are much more “filled out” than the current U St corridor and surrounding neighborhood in terms of long-term, sustained development.

  • Ugh, annoying that this is at 1pm on a Tuesday. How can they expect to get meaningful input from the community when most of us are at work?!?! Or are all those Wallach Place folks a bunch of retirees and trust funders, hence a 1pm meeting?

    • Or federal “employees”!

      • Well, it’s probably safe to assume that this meeting was scheduled before the shutdown. The fact that Feds are furloughed is just a happy accident. Hopefully more people than usual will attend (I can’t be there, I have to earn a paycheck).

      • saf

        You know, that’s really insulting. Scare quotes are always tacky. And bashing federal employees is just wrong.

        • It was not intended to bash, but to point out that they are not actually employed or receiving paychecks right now.

          • saf

            Thank you. I’m glad that I misread that.

            (Although, legally, they are still employed – they have been told that they are still subject to conflict on interest policies (and other federal HR policies.))

  • This cannot happen. You will strangle the development of this area with a moratorium. It’s not going to pass.

    • It won’t. I wouldn’t be overly worried.

    • I agree. Too much money is still to be made in the U Street corridor by developers, investors, proprietors, the city, etc. The city ain’t gonna leave money on the table just to placate a few nearby, notoriously whiny residents.
      If the Wallach posse wanted to be more effective, they ought to pick and choose their battles more carefully. This one is pretty much a non-starter.

  • I like how the area covered by the moritorium includes people they have specifically banned from joining their organization – because we don’t really live in their neighborhood, except when they want to make decisions for us.

    That said, I do think there is room for some good urban planning in making sure the bar/club aspects of U street don’t take over the entire area.

  • The Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance until at least August (last time I noticed) still had up posters on lamp posts advertising their March meeting. I sent them an email complaining but I guess they really don’t care if they litter the neighborhood.

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