Update on Visitor Parking Pass Program – Current Pass Will Remain Valid Through December


From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the following updates regarding the Visitor Parking Pass (VPP) Program:

· The current 2012/2013 VPP will remain valid through December 2013.

· Residents that do not have a VPP may obtain a parking pass at a police station or substation in the ward in which they reside.

The 2013/2014 VPP will be made available free of charge and only one pass will be provided per household.

About the Parking Pass Program

The VPP program is designed to allow guests of District residents to park for more than two hours on RPP zoned blocks. A VPP is only valid during the hours of RPP enforcement and in the same RPP zone and ANC boundary as the residence.

Please Note:

District residents cannot use a VPP in lieu of registering their vehicles with the District Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If residents who receive a pass have guests that stay overnight frequently, then the visitor should register their vehicle through the Registration of Out of State Automobile (ROSA) program once a Warning Citation is issued by DPW parking enforcement personnel.”

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  • But when and how can we apply for a new pass?

  • It’s SO sparkly!!

  • Yay! I was worried about mine expiring and had the renewal process on my to do list toda.y

  • “….we’re having a difficult time getting our sh#t together.”
    This delay leads me to believe that they are probably completely redesigning the VPP program. I bet there’s major changes in store for us. Stay tuned.

  • jesus christ! updates i’ve gotten from the bloomingdale listserv in the last few weeks: you have to apply for them, no you don’t, we’ll mail them shortly, wait now they are good through the end of october, wait now they’re good til the end of the year. the incompetence is almost entertaining at this point.

  • Can we really trust Parking Enforcement to abide by this extension? I can only imagine the hundreds of tickets that are going to be issued just because someone forgot to tell the ticket people about the extension of validity.

  • Folks seem to be missing an important detail – the Council put the kabosh on the proposed DDOT plans either Monday or late last week. Anything DDOT decides to do now still has to make it through the DC Council. Not all Wards want the same thing If this is important to you, I suggest you let you rep know.

  • The pass was mailed originally to all eligible households. From now on it is my understanding form DDOT that you’d need to request one form DTOT. But the latest is that you get the same form the Police Station in your ward.

    Much of conflicting info, additionally to the 9/30/13 expiration that has been extended to 12/31/13. let’d hope that the Parking Enforcement does take the latter date in consideration.

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