Sweet Dog Found in Eckington


“Dear PoPville,

Dog found on Rhode Island Ave NE near 3rd Street NE – no collar. He seems to be a pretty young poodle mix, with all white fur except the ends of his ears, which are grey. Found him running in and out of traffic, didn’t seem too savvy on the streets. At first he was really shy, but then let me pick him up and has been pretty friendly since then. He has not been neutered and is pretty thin, which makes me think he’s been a stray for a while.

Anyone recognize him or heard of any missing dogs in the area of Eckington, please feel free to email me: emilyabird(at)gmail(dot)com”

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  • Thank you so much for making the effort to catch this pup and help him along!

  • What a great person. I’d suggest if you haven’t already to take him to Atlas Vets to see if he has a chip. I live in the neighborhood and am happy to help if you need it.

  • This add is up on Craigslist – dog lost in hyatsville. I know it’s quite a far distance and the add says he’s a maltese, but they look similar to me? Just a thought…good luck…

  • I was at the dog park yesterday at P and New Jersey and a woman came by frantic because she had lost her daughter’s small white dog. Another gentleman went out to help her and called and they called animal control. Unfortunately I have no details of where the dog was lost or where the woman lives, but maybe give animal control a ring and see if it’s the same dog?

  • If no one claims him, I will be happy to take him

  • He is adorable! Does he have a tail? I ask because he actually looks like he might be an adolescent old English sheepdog with a summer haircut. I’d get in line for him if Anonymous 7:21 changes his/her mind. 🙂

  • Thanks all for the comments. Update – We’ve filed a found dog report with the Humane Society and discovered that he is not microchipped. Following up with the add on craigslist. I don’t think its him, but it’s worth a try. Thank you for the dog park tip, we’ll try to track that down.

  • burritosinstereo

    oh my goodness I am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re: the comment by Anonymous at 7:09 pm
    My wife and I and another young couple came across the dog that Anonymous mentions in their post. We all chased after the dog as it zig-zagged in and out of the street. The dog eventually got tired and settled in front of a house at 4th and G St NE. We called animal control and they got us in touch with a “frantic woman” (animal control’s words) they had on the other line who was looking for a dog that matched the description we gave them. When we told her our location, she mentioned that she was at New Jersey and New York Ave. Since Anonymous said that they saw the dog at P and New Jersey, I am sure the dog we found is the same dog. The “frantic woman” drove to where we were and was reunited with the dog, who she mentioned was her daughter’s dog. Also, the dog had a collar on with a vaccination tag, but no contact info tag. All of this is to say that the dog we found sounds like the dog that Anonymous described, but is probably not the dog that Emily Bird found.

  • Re: M
    This is great news for that dog. The woman was so distraught, it really seemed like a nightmare. I’m glad to know that the dog was reunited with his grandmother and I hope he gets tags with contact information on it.

    I’ll line up behind the other two for the little guy in this photo, he is a cutie.

  • Good news for this little guy! The Humane Society of DC was able to match his description with a lost report and little “Milo” is now reunited with his family. Happy endings are the best!

  • Hurray for Milo!! But, really, super hurray for Emily!!!!

    Really – thank you on behalf of all the pet people out there who live in terror of losing our “babies.” Emily rules!!!!

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