Sweet City Ride – Plymouth Volare

city_ride_Plymouth Volarie

Thanks to a reader for sending this one. Not everyone loves a old Plymouth, especially a yellow one. But I can comfortable say – that is one sweet ride.

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  • Yellow for a lemon. these were pretty awful cars which may be why they are rare and unloved.

  • Mehhhh- Thats pushing it for a “Sweet city ride” or any type of ride for that matter.

  • You have to be kidding me…these were the worst pieces of junk chrysler ever peddled…they just about put chrysler out of business. How they managed such a piece of junk after the Dart/Swinger slant-6 is kind of stunning…MOPAR was pretty nice stuff there up until about ’73-’74.

    You *might* – just barely – make a case for one of the “Corinthian Leather” models pimped by Ricardo Montalbon as “comfortable” but…this is just FAIL.

  • “VO-LA-RE OH-OHY-OH . . . . VO-LA-RE – OH OH OH OH-OH….”

    “Thanks man, now get out and help push.”

  • brookland_rez

    Ugh. Nothing sweet about a 1970’s Plymouth. I agree with the others. This one belongs in the scrap yard. 1970’s Chryslers and American cars in general were a disaster. It was the beginning of a slow demise that culminated in the bankruptcies of a few years ago.

  • That has to be a survivor, a.k.a. grandma’s car that had 7k miles on it and sat in a garage for 30 years, because nobody in their right mind would restore a Volare.

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