Stern Looking but Super Sweet Tuxedo Cat, Ace, Found in Rock Creek Park


“Dear PoPville,

My husband and I were running in Rock Creek this morning and found the cat below in a tree. Well, actually, the park ranger and some other folks found him, but we volunteered to take him to a vet to see if he was chipped. Anyway, long story short – he IS chipped, but we’ve had no dice thus far contacting the owners. The chip service tells us his name is Ace. He is the sweetest cat ever, and it seems like he has been well-loved.”

If anyone knows Ace please contact alison.roach1980(at)gmail(dot)com

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  • This picture is great! If they can’t find the owner, I hope this memorable cat finds a good home with the people who are helping him or some other nice people.

  • There was a picture of a cat similar to this on 14th and Newton NW last week, not sure if it’s the same one ore not. I can take a look when I get back into town.

  • Unfortunately, it’s not the same cat that there are signs up for around newton/Monroe streets (we thought the same thing and called the number on the signs). The good news is that that cat (Tito) has been found. 🙂

    • But of COURSE Tito’s people have not taken down the flyers. That really grates my cheese. Let’s all call ’em til they clean up after themselves.

  • Is this the cat who climbed up into the tree at Peirce Mill on Saturday? I rode by on my bike – hope this is the same guy and they got him down safely! Poor thing!

  • I hope Ace’s people can be found.
    And that is a great pic — totally meme-worthy. “KITTY IS NOT AMUSED.”

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