Snallygaster Beer Festival at Union Market this Year Sat. Oct. 19th “will tap 200 unique beers”

snallygaster_beer_festival 1309 5th Street, NE

From a press release:

“In exactly one month, the team behind acclaimed beer destinations such as Birch & Barley, ChurchKey, Rustico and Bluejacket will host their second annual craft beer festival, Snallygaster. Named for the fearsome and mythical dragon-like beast said to terrorize the region at the turn of the century, this year’s festival will feature an even more expansive and stylistically far-reaching list of no less than 200 artisanal craft beers all handpicked by famed Beer Director Greg Engert. This year, Snallygaster is going to be held at Union Market (located at 1309 5th Street NE) on Saturday, October 19 from 1 to 6 PM. It is an event to benefit Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture.

This year, Snallygaster will tap 200 unique beers on the grounds of Union Market. Beer director Greg Engert has been busy sourcing an unbelievable array of craft ales and lagers for the festival all of which will be revealed leading up to the event.

The highlights include:

§ Over 75 different seasonal selections like Oktoberfests, Pumpkin Ales and Fresh-Hop Harvest brews
§ 16 singular rubber-clad gravity kegs sourced from Franconia, Germany; the largest one-time collection ever assembled for our region
§ 6 distinct wood-clad gravity kegs serving German & Austrian specialties, including one five-foot tall 90-liter wood-clad gravity keg making its regional debut
§ No fewer than 10 authentic cask ales, featuring classic selections, as well as, cask debuts from both established and new British & American producers
§ An ever-growing list of crazy scarce drafts from across the USA and beyond
§ The DC debut of rare brews from a number of new local brewers
§ At least 25 kegs and casks never before seen in the District

Greg Engert is adding new beers to the ever-expanding list daily. Updates can be found on Facebook and Twitter. A full list of the craft beers will be available at before the event.

From a group that firmly believes beer and food make for the greatest of pairs, the festival food offerings will tempt and delight the palates of Snallygaster attendees. The move to Union Market allows Red Apron Butcher to take the spotlight. Chef Nate Anda and his team will be offering a varied selection of handmade sausages, brats and artisanal hot dogs, while a variety of hearty Oktoberfest-style fare will complement the many brews, and DC’s finest food trucks, including DC Empanadas, Red Hook Lobster Pound, DC Slices and Takorean will round out the selection.

One Love Massive will be providing the day’s entertainment with a lineup of local DJ’s, crowd entertainers and more. In addition to recreational lawn games like corn hole, Arcadia Farm & their Mobile Market will host a kid-friendly zone with educational and farm & kid-friendly activities.

Guests of Snallygaster will be asked to pay a $10 donation at the door to benefit Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture. Children (14 and under) accompanied by a parent will be admitted at no cost. Food and beverage tickets ($1 for 1 ticket) will be sold separately with items costing on average between 5 and 9 tickets. Advance ticket are on sale now. Packages include “The Kraken” pass for $30 (1 PM entry bypassing general admission lines, admission fee, 25 food + drink tickets and an official Snallygaster beer mug) and “The Jabberwock” pass for $50 (12 PM VIP early access, 30 food + drink tickets and an official Snallygaster beer mug). To purchase tickets, see the full beer list or get ongoing updates about the event, visit”

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  • The Flowbee king of overpriced beer and in-your-face douchbaggery strikes again.

  • Although it sounds awesome on the surface, it unfortunately will probably be way too overcrowded and a rip off like most other ones

    • justinbc

      I can’t speak to the new location at Union Market (hopefully last year’s change by Crafty Bastards is no indication), but the previous year’s Snallygaster at Yards Park was definitely not overcrowded. Having so many options to choose from generally allowed you to walk up to any beer you wanted at any time and get a pour.

  • $5-9 beers…a beer festival that is advertising for these breweries should include a slight discount.

    • If by advertising you mean beers that, outside of this festival and maybe a keg at ChurchKey, you may never see in DC again? Or even on the East Coast? Doesn’t sound like advertising would do much for those breweries. You can bag on Greg for other things, but you can’t deny that this event offers way more in diversity and rarity and at a fraction of the cost of something like SAVOR.

      It looks like you are paying $30 for $25 worth of beer and food tickets. This may seem less of a deal, but for a beer geek the value comparison isn’t even close for access to this lineup. Sure, you can pay $40 for unlimited tastings at the DC Beer Festival that was at Nats Park a couple weeks ago … to sample such rarities as Sam Adams and Red Hook. To each their own.

  • justinbc

    I went last year. It was by far the best festival of its kind that I’ve attended in DC (and I’ve been to pretty much all of them of note). The only thing that bests it is SAVOR, but that comes at a significantly higher pricetag (assuming you don’t buy an absurd number of raffle tickets here like I did).
    As someone else mentioned many of these beers are producing kegs specifically for this event, and you’ll never have another shot at it. If you actually care about the beer more than you care about getting drunk, then this is the festival for you. Oh, and the latter can and probably will still happen.

  • Went last year and had a great time, though the choice of location this time around seems poor… who wants to do this in the middle of what is essentially a run-down warehousing district after last year’s festival on the SW waterfront? Don’t know if I’ll go this year especially since there will be less space (and more overcrowding) in front of Union Market.

    • +1. They had it over by the Navy Yard/Nats Park last fall and it was a great location. Last time I checked, there will still be acres of empty parking lots down there on any given October weekend. Not sure why they needed to put it way out on NY Avenue, which despite its proximity to a Metro station, is far less accessible than last year’s location.

  • So it’s named for “the fearsome and mythical dragon-like beast said to terrorize the region at the turn of the century.” Does anyone else who lived here 15 years ago actually remember this thing?

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