Shooting at 14th and S Street, NW in Logan Circle Around 9pm


“Dear PoPville,

Traffic at a standstill at that intersection. Probably 8 police cars on scene and a fire truck and ambulance. Police tape also blocking off a side street two blocks down. What’s going on?”

Another reader writes:

“4-5 Gun shots fired at 14 and Riggs. Victim and friend ran to 14 and S in front of the garden district where cops and emt showed up. Victim shot below hip on right side.”

@DCPoliceDept tweets:

“Shooting/ 1800blk 14th st. NW/ 2052hrs/ no look out.”


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  • Not at all surprised that the residents of the Frontiers are shooting at each other again. There is some sketchy business going down on the corner of 14th and Riggs.

  • see my twitter feed: I live at 14th and Riggs. Basically the shooting was across the corner from Cork, on Riggs

    • Whoa nice pics especially the one of the bullet hole. Glad no passerbys were hurt. I wish the cops would clean up that corner. There are always people hanging out on the 14th and Riggs corner and it makes me uncomfortable.

      • Why do people hanging out on a corner make you feel uncomfortable? Is it because they’re not white people?

        • Marijuana smoke, littering, and posting a lookout for police so your buddies in the middle of the block can do is knows what makes me uncomfortable. I live there. You don’t know what I see.

          • Just because they smoke weed, deal drugs, carry weapons, and stare you down when you walk by does NOT mean they are dangerous. You’re probably just being an ignorant white person because you see that they have dreadlocks and their pants are sagging.

            Stop being so rational and allow these social parasites to get away with whatever they want you stupid tax payer.

          • Anonymous gets a +1 for his accurate portrayal what they are seeing in their neighborhood and I see in my neighborhood everyday. I appologize that these realities are contrary to your ideal image of city life but the fact is law abiding citizens of all races see these as negative and detrimental to our society an i applaud them for pointing them out.

  • Cops patrol 14&R so the crew from that street hangs out and deals on Riggs. Batch 14 was hit by a bullet ( ) Pretty lucky that a passer-by did not get shot.

    • wmm

      We (1400 R St block resident) don’t have MPD, we have “special security” that patrols our side of the block. Only once in a while will you see an MPD patrol car in the alley behind the new condos/The Exchange.

  • I actually called the anonymous hotline yesterday afternoon when I noticed the guys who normally hang out and drink in the street moved down the street. Last time they moved there was a shooting, the guys ran down the alley, and then they put up cop cameras and the gang related crime basically seemed to stop. Unfortunately yesterday they moved to where the cameras can’t see and they were parked and standing in a way that made it clear that they were guarding the alleyway where the shooters ran down last time. I’m disappointed in our police force yet again.

  • You are wrong Anonymous none of those guys did anything to you. You have to realize everyone’s not as fortunate as you.

    • Shootings in the neighborhood create an unhealthy and unsafe environment. This impacts all of us. I grew up with drugs, violence, and guns so I understand that everyone is not as fortunate as me. My life is very middle class. I only hope that they are able to find a lifestyle that doesn’t negatively impact themselves or their surroundings.

  • When you can’t get hired by any jobs, the only thing you know is that life, and the school systems failed you what are you suppose to do. Anonymous….And you think calling the police will help them.

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