Readers Report Multiple Shots Fired in Logan Circle around 7:15pm


Readers are reporting on twitter @PoPville that there were multiple shots fired tonight around 13th and R St, NW. Some say it may have been a drive by. Some say they heard 8-10 shots. Readers report hearing shots from as far away as 17th Street.

More info when it becomes available.

@Sara422 reports:

“Likely car to car, 13th and R. All blocked now. Large and fast police presence….”

@mcbyrne reports 13th and T Street closed and “cops have whole block of 13 and r shutdown” to S Street.

@eagrazioli reports the shots were fired on R Street close to 13th.

@rkendr3 reports:

“I live on Logan Circle. I definitely heard 7 shots fired at 7:22pm. 3 shots then 1 sec pause then 4 more.”

@thomassanchez reports:

“It was very close to the school. [Garrison Elementary] I just saw shells within 1/2 block from the early childhood section of the school”

Ed. Note: On Sept. 12th there was a shooting on the 1300 block of Riggs Street, NW.

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  • I live on R Street close to 13th. Heard 6 six shots, first 3 shots then a pause and 3 more. Very loud. Not like the pop pop we heard a few weeks ago near the Shaw dog park on 11th and R. And then that shooting at Riggs last week? What’s up?

  • live on 13 & R , joked it was gunshots but figured it was just someones garage door malfunctioning. what the heck is going on in logan circle?!

  • What’s causing this, Rigg Street? DC police needs to address this!

  • I was walking up 14th about an hour before and noticed a much higher police presence than is usual.

    • An hour before the shots or an hour before you posted this? Just curious if police knew something was up

    • Was that an hour before the shots or an hour before you posted this? Just wondering if police knew something was up? They were very nice going around the neighborhood asking if everyone is okay. They also wanted to know if we had any broken windows, etc. Probably looking for shells, bullets.

  • I live on 14th, and was walking back from the Shaw Dog Park around 6:45. FWIW, I noticed no extra police presence than what’s been typical the last few weeks.

    The police need to do something. This is getting ridiculous.

  • I got home to 13th & Corcoran at 10pm, the tape was still up blocking 13th and I asked the cop what happened. He said it was car-to-car, no one was hit, he suspected it was retaliation after last week’s shooting, that he usually didn’t see shootings back-to-back like this. Who knows….

  • I was walking north on 13th street between S and T at 7:15, texting with my brother in San Diego about the Navy Yard. I heard 7 or 8 shots at what sounded like very close range, and when I turned around and looked behind me I saw pedestrians running to get away. I immediately called 911 but got put on hold, and after waiting a minute hung up and tried again. Again, I was put on hold, but by this point there were police racing to the scene from every direction. Happy to hear that no one was hurt and hope it’s true. But, man, what’s going on?

  • This is getting ridiculous. MPD’s third district commander is Jake Kishter ([email protected]). I highly suggest that we start a dialogue with him about what is going on in Logan. The more the community pulls together and works with the police, the better chance we have for preventing more of this violence.

    • A dialog? What’s that even mean?

      Everyone knows where the problem is centered. Either the police and city gets serious about removing the problem, or it will continue.

      It’s not the community’s job to work with the police to solve the problem. It’s the police and judicial system’s job to find the criminals and lock them up. Of course we know how well that works in DC.

      • It might not be the community’s primary responsibility to solve crime problems, in the same way that it is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies who have the expertise and are paid to do so. But certainly the community can play a role and the police and the community absolutely should be working in collaboration rather than in isolation. It’s not as simple as just finding criminals and locking them up; police need to know where to find the criminals, there needs to be evidence, and for better or for worse, criminal penalties/sentences are what they are at this point and you can’t lock people up forever. I agree that the police and prosecutors need to step it up, but they need to do this WITH the input of the community. And there are lots of strategies–different types of foot patrol deployments, environmental design features, and so on–that can help deter crime in addition to just locking people up. I suspect this is the type of “dialogue” that the original commenter was suggesting between the community and police. (Community residents can also press police on where they think the trouble spots are–the more residents that do this, the less easy it is for police to write off the complainers as a few overly-paranoid neighborhood cranks.)

  • Is R especially shitty? It seems like a lot of shit goes down on R street.

    • There’s a few sets of low income housing along or immediately adjacent to R Street, stretching from Shaw to 15th Street. The problems tend to come from there or people from other parts of DC/MD who are looking for people who live in the R Street residences. A lot of violence that you read about in gentrified areas is from other DCers or MDers who are coming back to “revisit their old ‘hood” and then getting into confrontations.

      Old ties die hard.

    • You must be new here.

    • R and 13th is not “especially shitty.” To the contrary, it’s a quiet, residential block with renovated rowhomes and condos near a day care center and school. Riggs and 14th, the 1400 block of R, etc., are another story. They are well known troublespots, including to the police.

      What happened last night — and last week before that — is a wake up call. The entire neighborhood is at risk and needs to be cleaned up.

    • R between 14th and 15th is especially shitty. You should always avoid that block.

    • Tl;dr – low income housing surrounded by homes pushing close to 7 figures. You can do the math and figure out why there’s frictions.

      • I’m not sure this makes sense. The low income folks aren’t shooting the wealthy coming in. I think we’re just freaked out because this isn’t “contained” in a poor neighborhood that we usually don’t have to care about.

  • Is anyone else shocked by the lack of coverage on this? I live on 13th and Corcoran. I was in my kitchen when I heard the shots fired, sounded right outside my window. I immediately called the police who told me I wasn’t the first to report and that I should stay inside for the time being. I spent the rest of the evening googling and checking news to see if I could find out what happened and if it was safe to go out. Nothing. Not even acknowledgement. In fact all I could find on the matter was this blog with comments.

    I bumped into my roommate later and he didn’t even know anything had happened. He had just walked home from where ever he was, casually.

    As a resident of the area shouldn’t the police or someone be letting me know there was a shooting right next to my house? And then having known shouldn’t they be in communication about when the area has be cleared and is safe again?

    But no they were quick to clean everything up and left within a few hours. My only conclusion is that with the recent shootings on 14th street and Navy Yard this is the last thing they need publicized as people are already scared. If this is true though, this disgusts me. We deserver to know the dangers and feel safe in that someone is doing something about it. Especially right near an elementary school.

    • If you rich people can’t figure out how to play the media, well…

    • the police under-reporting / failing to report serious crimes is rampant.

      i caught a youth with a brick smashing it against the lock on my back door after trying and failing to throw it through my back window. He took off, the police came, and decided that the crime was “vandalism” and didn’t need to be reported. Instead of the obvious attempted burglary that it was.

    • It’s kind of weird considering I got a flurry of emails from neighbors (I live near Eastern Market) saying the MPD was going around to houses informing them of a crime that happened last night and asking if they had any information. The incident that warranted all this attention was that a guy was walking down the street yakking on his cellphone late at night and a car with MD tags pulled up, snatched the phone out of his hand, and fled. Sucks for the guy, but a minor, common, and non-violent robbery should not be getting more attention than gunshots.

  • DC Metro Police Dist 3 & Logan ANC2F are having a community safety meeting TONIGHT, Sept 18 at 7 pm at Washington Plaza Hotel. MPD will be there and the recent shootings are top on the agenda to discuss. Contact Marco Santiago at MPD 3 for more info or questions.

    • Original poster of the under-publicized shooting comment here. Unfortunately I cannot go on such late notice (again, why didn’t I hear about this meeting until now and through a blog, this happened right outside my house). If anyone reading this goes please bring up the fact that no alert was issued and no notices or updates to the residence were given. Imagine walking down the street casually not knowing there’s someone driving around shooting out of their car. I’m more concerned about the parents and children of the school than myself. If they don’t bring this to our intention they are putting us in danger.

      Also, and I didn’t mention this earlier, hours after the shooting, maybe 1am I heard a pretty bad car crash around 13th and q. I looked out my window and saw a bunch of kids (maybe 16-22 years old) running from the scene in all directions. Again, police cleaned up by morning and no mention. Something is going on in this area and it needs to be addressed and we need to be made aware of our safety.

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