Reader Reports Computers Stolen from Renovated Cardozo High School in Columbia Heights


@djaffee87 tweets us Sunday morning:

“lots of police presence outside Cardozo H.S. Apparently kids broke into school & stole lots of computers.”

Cardozo High School was recently renovated at 11th/13th and Clifton St, NW.

In August the new Dunbar High School was also burglarized.

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  • This is why you can’t have nice things.

  • Sounds like no “lessons learned” from the Dunbar Incident.

    • All they had to do was read the comments from the Dunbar story. Multiple posters predicted the same thing would happen at Cardozo.

  • well that didn’t take long!

  • This is pathetic, somewhat makes you wonder why we are spending all of this money to put nice things in schools where they will be stolen. Disheartening to put it mildly.

    Why is there not better security? Renovate the place, put in an awesome security system, and RESPOND QUICKLY when it goes off…. Seems pretty simple.

    • “…makes you wonder why we are spending all of this money to put nice things in schools…”
      Because the majority of the kids attending those schools deserve and appreciate nice things? What, you want to punish them because the of few bad apples?
      Sure, lock up the buildings and the computers, but don’t give up on all the non-thieving kids for whom charters and fancy OOBs are not an option.

      • It sounds like we agree with each other. We should not be putting these nice things in places where they can be stolen.

  • I say they install laser beams in the computer labs. Or maybe sharks with laser beams on their heads. These thieves are worthless pieces of human garbage, but I also fault the schools for not having tighter security.

  • Just DC keeping it real

  • certainly a high school like this has a security system (i.e. cameras). never understood the logic for robbing a place like this. it’s gonna catch up with you at some point.

  • According to the articles I have read the Cardozo renovation and the Dunbar renovation each cost over $100 million. No one should be able to gain access to a $100 million building just by breaking a glass. And if all they have to do to get into a $100 million building is break a glass, the valuable equipment in that building should either be secured or set up in a way that makes it unusable outside of the building.

  • brookland_rez

    I know someone who goes to Dunbar, and according to him, they caught the kid the next day because he was on camera. Hopefully they catch the Cardozo kid too.

  • Called it…

    Then again it isn’t that hard. EVERY new or renovated school AND library in the District of Columbia the past 5 years has been broken into immediately after reopening.

    And I agree, it continues to floor me that we’ve now spent a couple billion on these new structures the past ~7 years and they are less secure than your average rowhome.

  • Some of the comments are downright shameful. But then again I am not surprised because why would we want to give “nice things” to poor black kids who go to high poverty schools, right? At least one person who commented had enough sense to realize that a whole school should not be punished because someone (and we don’t even know if they were students yet) broke into the school and stole computers. With that logic why aren’t we blaming homeowners when their homes get broken into or pedestrians when they get mugged???

  • all it takes is an open window.

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