Reader Reports Robbery Victim Tasered at 10th and V St, NW around 9pm Sunday Night


Last week MPD warned of three taser robberies along N Street, NW. Last night @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Robbery F&V_2100 10th Street NW_ 4 B/M’s running towards V. Street NW.”

A reader reports it happened around 9pm Sunday night. Though the MPD tweet doesn’t mention a specific weapon the reader reports:

“The victim was tasered and had his iphone stolen.”

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  • That’s insane. 9pm on a Sunday? What is wrong with people today…

  • Realizing that taser attacks have happened a number of other places in the Logan area recently, I still lay some of the blame on SORG Architects for the continuing blight of the abandoned church in front of which this crime took place. The adjacent alley is a magnet for drug users, criminals, and rats, and is essentially an open toilet for vagrants and U street revelers alike. Broken glass, used needles and condoms, and piles of excrement pile up constantly.

    The DC council’s inexcusable feet-dragging to assume their responsibility in compelling Ms. Sorg to comply with city blighted property regulations is also a major contributing factor.

    The abandoned church isn’t just an eyesore, it has been a constant source of danger for the community, whether from the crumbling exterior literally falling off and risking injury to passersby, or attracting vermin of every specie, including human, this property isn’t just a perennial POP Horses Ass Award winner, it is a menace.

    I believe many others share my disgust and impatience with both SORG and the DC government for continuing to abdicate their responsibilities to the community while we suffer the consequences.

    • Considering she bought it for a song over 10 years ago, I seriously wonder why it wasn’t developed. She’s had two tremendous opportunities to turn a massive profit (once during the 2006-2007 bubble and in the current low interest rate-driven bubble). She’d easily get financing for it.

    • What or who is SORG?

      • Sorg Architects, whose office is located on U Street. They’ve designed many of the new apartment buildings in the U Street Corridor.
        Ms. Sorg – the proprietor of Sorg Architects – owns the large lot with the abandoned church on the corner of V Street and 10th Street. She’s left it vacant – aside from the crumbling church structure – for almost 10 years and is, apparently, not paying the blighted property tax.

    • They finally got a bill at the blighted rate for about $74K for the current tax period (due this month). I’m sure they’re applying for yet another exemption, but they appealed the blight last time, and a condemnation notice was sent in June. Hopefully they will be unable to stall the process any longer, and will have to either develop it or sell it.

      They really ought to be ashamed of themselves. I will be sure to never, ever do business with Sorg, and I encourage others to avoid them as well.

      • Wow, dare we hope that the same fate is in store for Bacon Funeral Home??

        • Bacon is in the same situation. They have a large outstanding tax bill, are classified as blighted, and received a condemnation notice from the BCIB. Hopefully they’ll get moving soon, too. It’s amazing how long these scofflaw property owners are able to delay while old people are being foreclosed on for a few hundred dollars in unpaid taxes.

      • And they have never once in nearly 4 years responded to phone calls, emails, or drop by visits from community members trying to get information. SORG is a terrible member of this community, exploiting real estate when it when it suits them, letting it rot when it doesn’t. Perhaps they have good reasons there are delays, but are too arrogant to relay them to us. I’m glad to hear they are paying the blighted rate finally and can no longer falsify the true state of the building.

        • You don’t like the neighborhood, get hell out. But don’t force property owners to do something just because you believe there to be a correlation with crime. Punishment for not making a profit is just as bad as punishment for making one.

          • Dude, she’s had the property for 11 years. There’s been ample opportunity to develop it – she missed one huge property bubble and now she’s missed a second bubble with the cheapest financing ever seen in this country. If she didn’t develop it now, she’s not going to do it.
            Furthermore, she’s used her family connections to avoid the blighted property tax rate for 11 years. Her daughter sits on the DC Zoning Adjustment Board. She’s been scamming the taxpayers. So she either needs to pay her fair share or GTFO of the neighborhood.
            The neighbors’ complaints are A LOT more nuanced than “We hate capitalists – hurrrr durrrr!”

          • Anon 3:53 This is America, property owners have the right to do what they want and use personal connections to get away with it. Matt and I recognize this and you should too.

          • You seem confused. No one is being punished for making or not making a profit. Property owners in DC have lots of responsibilities. Not allowing your property to remain blighted is one of them.

          • Anon 4:04 pm
            She’s been violating the law. I don’t really care what she decides to do with the property, so long as she pays the elevated blighted property tax. Which the city is now forcing her to pay. She’s scammed the city for 11 years, as this was clearly always a blighted property which she’s allowed to lay economically unproductive and a haven for vermin.
            This has nothing to do with “This is America!” As Americans, we follow the rule of law. And she’s in violation of local laws. If she’s misses the current bubble, that’s Ms. Sorg’s own fault. There’s plenty of developers who would be willing to take the property off her hands at fair market value.

          • Moron much?

          • @jcm, First of all, thanks for not resorting to name calling. I would say that taxation is a form of punishment. This is why we tend to go along with additional taxes on things that are supposedly bad, like cigarettes or alcohol. As a general rule of thumb, if you tax something, you get less of it, i.e. you’re punished for engaging in that activity. It’s true that the Blighted Property Tax is not directly punishing the absence of profit, and I want to thank you for pointing out the error, although clearly if you leave your property in a poor condition it’s less likely to make a profit than one that is habitable and developed.

            I’m curious about your use of the term responsibilities. To whom do these property owners owe their responsibilities? To other people living in the neighborhood? Say I live in your neighborhood and I really don’t like your blue house because it makes me feel sad and suicidal, even potentially dangerous to other people, am I allowed to come to your house and take money from you unless you paint your house a different color? What if I get half of the people in the neighborhood to agree with me and sign a petition? What if I don’t directly take your money, but I hire a mafia-like organization to approach you and threaten to lock you in a cage if you don’t give me money for not complying? It’s not the same thing, you say? Why not?

          • Matt, when laws are passed saying that neighbors are allowed to collect from homeowners who paint their houses blue, then that will be that. But first, you’ll have to find legislators who will pass those laws. If they pass stupid laws, they risk losing their next election.
            And yes, in a society, we have responsibilities to our neighbors. It’s kinda the point of having a society, you know? Those responsibilities are codified by our elected lawmakers. If you don’t like the laws (like the ones that punish the owners of blighted properties for not living up to their responsibilities as owners), I suggest you work to change those laws.

  • Has anyone been get a response from MPD why their initial warnings about the Taser attacks failed to mention that handguns were involved in each case?

    Is there a reason they aren’t acknowledging this serious additional information?

    Will this string of robberies be addressed at Wednesday’s town hall meeting about the recent shootings at 14th and R?

    • The fact of the matter is that a lot of crime is underreported – or not reported at all – in DC by the MPD. There’s people (mainly, local investors and property magnets) who have a BIG financial interest in seeing lower crime numbers reported. The government officials love it, as well. Even if it’s not the whole truth.

    • oh crap. i hadn’t heard about the guns. it’s really a sad state of affairs when we’re relieved it was “only” a taser.

      • We had this discussion the other day: would you rather be robbed with a gun or a taser?

        • Gun. The vast majority of gun robberies end with no one getting hurt.
          Gettting tasered has a lot of potential issues – heart attack, hitting your head on the pavement, pain from the tasering itself, and potential nerve damage.

          • Dude, she’s had the property for 11 years. There’s been ample opportunity to develop it – she missed one huge property bubble and now she’s missed a second bubble with the cheapest financing ever seen in this country. If she didn’t develop it now, she’s not going to do it.
            Furthermore, she’s using her family connections to avoid the blighted property tax rate. Her daughter sits on the DC Zoning Adjustment Board. She’s been scamming the taxpayers. So she either needs to pay her fair share or GTFO of the neighborhood.
            The neighbors’ complaints are A LOT more nuanced than “We hate capitalists – hurrrr durrrr!”

    • The shootings were on Riggs, not R. What Wednesday town hall meeting is this? As a resident of the area, I’d like to attend.

  • perhaps it would encourage better stewardship of this property if people shared Sorg’s facebook page with honest critical assessment of their irresponsible behavior regarding this property. understandably they deleter anything negative one tries to post on their site.

    • Give it a rest dude, you are now in stalking territory.

      I hate to have to drop some knowledge on you, but the crime issues in that neighborhood aren’t remotely related to that property. You can be upset they aren’t paying the blighted tax, but your fixation with this woman and her property as the source of all that ails you is clearly over the top.

  • Matt. As slight as the possibility is to have a meaningful dialog with someone who is clearly a resentful, uninformed newcomer to DC, I have to respond. Let me get out of the way that your hypocrisy motivates me: You tell me to “get the hell out” of my own neighborhood if I don’t like it, but then smugly compliment someone for “not resorting to name calling.” Please.

    Pay attention: I was born 3 miles away from this corner and I feel perfectly justified in exercising my right to exert influence on my neighborhood. Where do you come from to tell me to get the hell out? Regarding the owner’s responsibility: it is not to accommodate my aesthetic taste, but to maintain a property that isn’t a physical threat or an unfair economic burden to community members. Bricks and other parts of the building were literally falling off the building onto areas where people walk and cars pass. When it was open to the elements, it was used as drug drop off, attracting dangerous people who smash our car windows and rob people. Because it is dark and abandoned, it continues to attract no small measure of these same criminals. That’s no small thing, and no abstract personal freedom. It directly impacts my safety and my property values. By falsifying tax reporting, the owners did not for years pay their fair and lawful share of taxes, leaving those of us who do to bear the consequences this scofflaw imposes on us. SORG has the right to put me in danger and take my money, but I don’t have a right to protest it or point it out in related public forums? Get a clue for crying out loud.

    I agree, we all have the right to do what we want/don’t want with our property, within the law. But we don’t live off the grid in a wilderness, which is why there are laws to regulate behavior of all kinds so as not to negatively impact one’s community members. Otherwise, we could all just defecate wherever we happen to be standing when the urge strikes us, or open a bondage dungeon between a mosque and elementary school.

    So please, drop the petulant, uninformed “get out if you don’t like it” nonsense. I get involved because this IS my neighborhood, though it wouldn’t matter if I became a member of the community last year, or over 50 years ago. I live here and I have a right to voice my opinion.

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