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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: A certain section of congress that thinks negotiating means “Do everything I say or else.”

    • +5000. Please let these extremists be voted out in the next election.

    • saf

      Did you ever think you would see a day when Newt Gingrich would look reasonable?

    • Potential rave: Boehner loses his position as Speaker. I could see an internal GOP intra-party coup happening in the near future.

    • My favorite is the republicans now whining that BO will not negotiate on Obamacare… The time to negotiate has long past. Had you taken a seat at the table, you would have had a terrific chance to shape the legislation/changes. Stubborn insistence and unwilling to consider anything but full repeal has removed your opinion from the equation! Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for this one!

  • epric002

    rant: house republicans.
    rave: ran 3 miles on sunday with the husband and doggies. woohoo!
    rave: made soup for dinner last night. yay fall!

  • RANT – The crazy late-night Howard party on V Street on Friday night. Two boys cuffed and taken away and HUNDREDS of partying students.
    RAVE – It’s a glorious day outside and the metro wasn’t too crowded this morning.

  • Rant: Ted Canada Cruz on Meet the Press yesterday.

    Rant: David Gregory did a poor job and let him spout off over and over.

    Rave: At least it will be nice weather when the furloughs start?

  • Rave: awesome weekend!
    Rant: redeye straight back to the office.

  • Rant: Shutting down the government, hurting millions of people, hurting the economy and our recovery, all for something they know deep down you are going to lose. Shame on the republicans, and especially John Boehner for not willing to break the Hastert rule. A clear CR passes the house with all Dems and some repubs, but he is not willing to let majority rule win, nor let the November 2012 decisively elections speak.

    Rave: This will seriously improve the dems chance at winning the house in 2014.

    Rave2: I suppose traffic will be light tomorrow?

  • Rant: Feeling completely useless professionally, thanks to the impending shutdown.
    Rant: Feeling completely useless personally, thanks to yet another guy who I was really digging giving me the brush. Alone foreverrrrrr. Also, I think I make my dog anxious and unhappy.

  • Rant: Pedestrians walking into a crosswalk on a green light, me stopping and then them trying to wave me through. Seriously? Just keep acting ignorant and keep walking, it’s better that way… P.S. Driving a car is still better than riding metro for me, my complaints would be worse, for anyone who is about to leave the usual reply.

    Rave: weather has been nice. I love the fall, can’t wait for Halloween.

    Rant: Kind of over the drinking scene. DC bars don’t encourage social activities enough. It would be nice to go to a bar with a more “House Party” vibe where people don’t all stand in closed circles all night.

    Rave: Pumpkin everything!

    • You wonder though, with your daily complaints about driving, perhaps Metro is a better option πŸ˜‰

      Rave: Matching your rave. Just had a co-worker bring me a couple Full Tilt (from Baltimore) Pumpkin beers. I know what I am drinking tonight!

      • The Full Tilt Patterson Pumpkin is awesome! It’s got a really nice balance of malts and spices, sweet enough to be nice and pumpkin-y, but not overly so.

        I’m really excited to see what they come out with in the future- apparently they’ve got a Berger Cookie stout in the works- if you’re from Baltimore, you’ll know what that is. I can’t actually eat Berger cookies in real life (too much icing), but it sounds like an intriguing concept in a beer.

      • Bah! I’m just going to get a unicycle and ride in the median everywhere I go!? Happy now!? πŸ˜›

  • rave: saw Enough Said on Saturday night – adorable movie
    rave: I love cool mornings
    rant: doggie not feeling well this morning, and I hate feeling like I can’t help her
    rave: apparently I’m rich! whoo hoooo partay!
    rant: the trickle down of a shut down – all the small businesses and services that end up hurting as a result of (rich people like me) not having their customers.
    rant: DC in a shut down – we have more people than Wyoming, but can’t determine our own spending? Nor have a voice in the fight? It’s so pathetic in 2013.

  • Rant: Don’t work for the fed government but the shut down is having massive impacts on my work. I’m not a government employee. I know feds have it worse but it can’t be said enough that Republicans are not just hurting government workers, they are hurting tons of other folks too. They don’t care about Americans.
    Rant: Don’t blame “DC,” rest of America. We just live here. You send the idiots here, not us.
    Rave: The weather. I guess.

      • Re: Rant #2: Amen. OUR House rep is awesome (and if we were ever given a Senator, I’m sure they would be too.) It’s these Tea Party lunatics and the GOP too divided and weak to send them packing that is the problem, not “Washington.

    • saf

      The way that the rest of the country rants about how horrible Washington is just makes me nuts. It’s like they have NO clue that that voting thing they do produces Washington.

      Not our idiots. Our idiots are at the Wilson Building and only affect us. Those guys on the hill, they’re YOUR problem, not ours.

      Hey, did anyone see the piece in the Post this morning about reps being in DC for a weekend – something that has become rare in the era of easy air travel. I really wonder if the rise of reps being able to go home every weekend is responsible for the rise in animosity.

      • Interesting point: I wonder if, when travel was more difficult, members of Congress were more likely to hang out with their peers — each other — across party lines — creating more of a sense of comaraderie, mutual respect, cooperation…. good things like that. Hmmmm…..

        • Yes, they did hang out, spent weekends in DC, and became friends with members of the other party. I currently work on the Hill and my boss’s father was also in Congress. My boss says it was a different world when he was a kid and his dad was in Congress.

          I don’t know that the ease of travel is the main reason this changed. Now that a House race costs $1 million+ and Senate can easily be more than $10 million, they don’t hang out. They spend all of their time fundraising. I think if you had a mandatory public financing system, most of these people would be more likely to be friends and talk more.

          And 24 hour news and twitter, etc don’t help. This stuff never used to be constantly in the news cycle – members of Congress could negotiate a reasonable compromise without non-stop coverage of every minute detail of the process being reported.

        • saf

          Yes, that is exactly what I think.

        • Thanks anon @ 2:06. I know it’s pollyanna-ish and simplistic, but I’d like to invite all the members of Congress to a picnic in Rock Creek Park — and force them to play twister and do three-legged races across party lines. Yes — you have to communicate and cooperate, to win, so play nice! Sigh.

          And I agree with you about the mandatory public financing system. And maybe some sort of major check on lobbyists.

          I hadn’t thought about the 24 hour news cycle — and it’s impact on the process of negotiation. Excellent point!

  • rave: husband back from trip, single parenting all weekend was exhausting beyond words. Hats off to you single parents who do it everyday.
    rant: drive by shooting across the street from house sat night while home with baby in Park View. WTF???
    rant x1000-drive by shooting at 8:20 at night doesn’t even seem to make the news. Thanks PoP for posting it. Once the politicians, cops etc are done pontificating, it will be business as usual and no real change. Another violent act and this will scenario will continue to repeat itself.

    • I was a single puppy mom for all of last week… I have NEVER been so happy to see my boyfriend back from a trip! Kudos to single parents of human children. I couldn’t do it!

  • Rant: Rats! A house that shares the alley with me is being flipped, and the rats are going crazy (the house was a source of rats before b/c the owner never cleared the brush from the yard). Two were playing in my front yard yesterday. There are lots of little kids on the block too – makes me worried. (doesn’t help that some of the supercans in the alley are old and have no lids – wish they could be replaced for less $).

    Rave: gorgeous day!

    Double Rave: The weather is beautiful just in time for the kiddo enjoy walking in the grass! He just got up and mobile last week, so I’m excited for him to crunch in the leaves this fall!

    • At least they haven’t gotten in your house, right?

    • Talk to your neighbors and get everyone (or most) to agree to have Dept of Health out for rat abatement on the entire block. It would help if the develper would let DOH on its property too (if DOH would do a property under development). We’ve done that a few times and it really does help with the rats. Basically, one or two people gether signatures on the DOH form and one day DOH comes out to do rat abatement on all the properties for which the owner has signed the form. It went really well. Much better than just having rat abatement on one property.

      • Thanks! I called 311 for rat abatement this morning, and let the neighbors know, but I’ll see if I can get more people to call/complain.

        • We have a rat issue based on the shitty chinese take out spot on the corner (and the abandoned lot next to it).
          I called rat abatement at they came out that week. I can’t say for sure it’s been better, but I haven’t seen as many (lots of holes filled, for example).
          I was the only person who called and they came out so you’d be surprised what one call might do! Good luck – construction rats are even more gross for some reason (because there’s SO MANY!)

          • Yes, DC is awesome with rat abatement! I had a similar problem when I lived in Fairfax County. There was a big rat nest next door but the neighbor didn’t care, plus most people didn’t have trash cans because they were too expensive or (in our case) they were tired of having to replace theirs when they inevitably got stolen. Not that it mattered too much because the rats were chewing through the trash cans anyway! So the rats would tear into the bags and throw trash around the neighborhood, likely spreading disease. My dog would frequently get stomach bugs with bloody diarrhea that I think were related (she didn’t have that problem again after we moved). And I was concerned because the neighborhood had a lot of kids and elderly. It was a huge health hazard that the county and HOA were totally uninterested in addressing. Be grateful you line in DC where concerns like this are taken seriously and addressed in a timely manner.

    • DC will actually replace/repair the lids for free… worth calling 311 about it!

    • Going through the same thing on my block with some construction. Prepare for a war of attrition! I’m waiting for cold weather in the hopes that the population will be thinned somewhat.

      • They don’t die. They just spend the winter burrowing and breeding. They’ll be back with a vengeance! Get them poisoned now, so they bring it back with them into the den for the winter.

  • Rant: Had a big mess to clean up because one of our dogs got sick last night. Had some big expenses recently so I’ve been letting my partner do some of the dog food purchasing, but she gets cheap stuff from Trader Joe’s that doesn’t bode well with their digestive systems. Guess I’ll have to suck it up and start buying the better quality food again.
    Rant: Partner goes “ewww” and doesn’t help cleaning up at all.
    Rant: Predictably got a migraine from the smell.
    Rave: Feeling better and semi-functional after coffee.

  • Rave: Found the awsomest present for the first birthday with the new girl.
    Rant: I’ll never find a gift that cool again. I should have saved it to see if she lasts. πŸ™‚
    Rave: Two races this weekend and the boat rowed like the wind at the big race on Sunday, even putting a scare into our “first” boat.
    Rant: B-slapped by a vicious cold this morning. It hurts to type and my eyeballs are tender.

  • Revel: I got my first-ever professional mani/pedi this weekend. (Yes, somehow I’ve made it almost to age 30 without doing this apparently normal lady thing!) WHOA: I always thought I had gross and abnormal toenails. Turns about that my nails are not, in fact, different from everyone else’s–everyone else is just getting pedicures. WHO KNEW.

    Rant: Now I have a new thing that I want to spend money on all the time.

    • LOL at your rave – hope you enjoyed it! Fresh feet for the win!

    • I turn 31 next month and have never had a mani or pedi. Am I missing out on some crucial life experience? It crossed my mind in early summer that I should try a pedicure sometime, but now that it’s closed-shoe season I might as well wait until next summer.

      • saf

        I regret not taking up the mani-pedi habit until I was 40. I am now attempting to make up for lost time.

        • Why do you regret it?

          • saf

            Because all those years I was missing out on wonderful mani-pedis!

          • I mean, what do like you about them? Is it that your hands and feet look a lot better, or do they make your hands and feet feel better, or does it have some health benefit, or is it just that it’s fun being pampered? Just trying to get a sense of whether it’s something I should try because, much like with massages and facials, I never saw the appeal. And with the massages and facials I still didn’t see the appeal after trying them, so I’m wondering if a mani/pedi would similarly be a waste of time and money to me.

          • I’ve had all the personal-pampering treatments, and pedicures are the only one I go back for. Massages aren’t my thing, facials don’t do me any good and aren’t particularly enjoyable, manicures get ruined too quickly… but pedicures… lots of bang for your buck. Your feet look and feel pretty for weeks, and the foot massage is really nice.

          • epric002

            anon @1228 hit the nail on the head. though i do enjoy massages, pedis are my splurge of choice.

          • saf

            Oh, I see.

            I like manis because I CANNOT keep my nails looking decent on my own, but when she does them, my hands look and feel way better.

            I like pedis because my feet both look and feel happier after I get them done. I used to do my own, but my arthritis got so bad that I could not reach my right foot, so I started going to a pro. Now I can reach my foot again, so I could do my own again, but she gets better results than I do, and I enjoy the process.

      • Yes! You’re missing out. It can be even better in the winter — makes your feet feel and look better! Your toes will thank you! And if you can get a paraffin wax treatment — major bliss! I say this as a recent convert. It’s an expensive — but worth it — habit.

      • Mainly, I just liked that they made my toenails into nice, non-gross shapes, and the polish looks much better than when I do it myself. And I’m hoping the occasional manicure will help encourage me to take better care of my fingernails (ie, actually filing/clipping them instead of absentmindedly biting them off when they get too long). Mostly, I am just in a very good Monday mood because my nails look pretty!

        • But I will add that if you are good at being non-gross on your own, then it probably isn’t as necessary. πŸ™‚ I just really, really hate dealing with my nails.

    • I’m a guy and I got my first professional pedicure a month ago. I tagged along with my girlfriend and she conned me into getting one by offering to pay for mine.
      That was pretty amazing. My toes are lookin’ good.
      And my girlfriend loves the fact that my toe fangs are kept in check.

      • Ha! Hubby felt the same after his first one and now he gets them a few times a year, it’s hard to do a good job on your own toe fangs…Most recently, after six months of deployment, he couldn’t wait to get his feet and hands done…

      • Rave: The term ‘toe fangs’

  • Rant: Breaking Bad ruined television watching for me. I will miss it.

  • Rant/Rave: Read on WCP that Metro would consider altering service if ridership is low post-shutdown. Blerg, my commute sucks enough already, but at least I’m still legally able to go to work.
    Rant: I just cannot believe a shutdown is THISCLOSE. The effects are so far beyond just 700,000+ federal employees not being able to work, it’s just so unbelievable that this is happening in such a high stakes environment. I look at Congress and I feel like David after the dentist, “Is this real life”?
    Rave: Excellent concert in Easton, MD last night. So worth the drive/bay bridge traffic.
    Rant: Really, really unproductive today – utterly distracted and supremely tired.

    • With so many federal employees around here planning shutdown parties and griping about the loss of PandaCam, you can easily make the argument they are the least affected by the shutdown. I feel worse for people who work in the real world, who’s livelihoods are dependent on the federal government to do its job so they’re allowed to do theirs. When agencies shut down, business can’t get done.

      • Yep, definitely.

      • I think the “shutdown parties” you are referring to are about making the best of a bad situation. No one I know in the federal government is happy about a shutdown (confession: I don’t know any members of the Tea Party caucus in Congress). No one I know in the federal government is looking forward to the likelihood of losing part of a paycheck – or multiple paychecks. Absolutely right that the shutdown has effects outside of Washington, D.C. Absolutely incorrect to assert that there is some “real world” outside of the one federal workers live in.

  • Rant: I never thought I’d reach a point where I could even think of viewing Karl Rove as being a “voice of reason”.

    Rant/Rave: I still haven’t found my perfect vanilla perfume — but the process of trying out the not-quite-perfects has been sweet.

    Rant: So many of my Raves seem kind of trivial when I think about the values that seem to be “winning” these days. The Baby Veronica case, the probable government shut-down…. How did the Golden Rule become so twisted?

    • This is probably one of the more obvious ones, but have you tried Jo Malone’s vanilla scents yet? There’s a Vanilla Anise one and a Vanilla Rose Water one-both are great!

      • OMG, those are three of my favorite scents! The vanilla anise sounds especially amazing. How do you know if you will like a scent before buying? Are there places you can try these perfumes? Sorry if I’m a little oblivious. I’m the one above who’s never had a manicure; apparently my mom never taught me to appreciate girly things like pampering and perfumes, and I do almost all my shopping online.

        • Vanilla anise sounds amazing! I wish my girlfriend didn’t hate the smell of vanilla so much; I’d really like to try that.

        • Bluemercury (Georgetown, Dupont and Bethesda) sells Jo Malone and you can try it on there. Nordstrom sells it too. Both may be able to decant a small sample. They have great customer service.

          • I was very slow to respond, thanks for picking up my slack! I’ve gotten Jo Malone stuff at Nordstrom before. The fragrance ladies there are great! I actually didn’t know that Blue Mercury sells their stuff as well, which is odd considering how much I love Blue Mercury! (I’m a Mario Badescu addict and I think they might be the only place to get it locally.)

          • I’ve never tried Jo Malone but I heard Neiman Marcus also carries it.

            @KMB – Nordstrom carries some Mario Badescu. What products do you like? I’ve only tried the drying lotion (doesn’t work that well for me) and silver powder.

      • Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve tried the Jo Malones — but they aren’t really to my taste. I’ve also tried LaVanille (sp?), Laura Mercier, and Comptoir Sud Pacifique (sp). My favorites of the moment are Annick Goutal’s Vanille Exquise — which is VERY hard to find, and Guerlaine’s Spiritueuse Double Vanilla — which is very hard to find and way beyond my budget. I’m also loving Lush’s Vanilla Puff powder.

        I have a now discontinued bath gel by L’Occitane — which is my favorite EVER!!!! So I’ll check out their perfume. That sounds like a win!

        Anonymous 12:01 — If you don’t mind making multiple trips, you can sample the perfume at the store — and wait a few hours to see how it dries down on your particular skin, to see if you like it. Most department stores and Sephora will also give you samples so you can try it for a few days. If you’d like a nudge in the “girly”/self-care direction, I highly recommend fragrance and pedicures as “gateway” steps! Grin

        • houseintherear

          I really love the vanilla scent from Anthropologie. It’s surprisingly not a billion dollars. I’m on my third bottle after many years of using it every day.

          • Blithe

            Thank you Linds! I haven’t been to Anthropologie for perfumes yet — so this should be a treat! And if it’s reasonably priced, this well could change my life! πŸ™‚

    • L’occitane has some good perfumes.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Can’t recreate a project at work on the new system that’s coming in. I can’t even get close to the old results.
    Rant: headache
    Rave: Not a migraine, just a stress headache.

  • Anyone know of any accountants that can help a small business with more than just tax planning? More like general operational advice? Setting up accounts and record keeping? Preferably in NW… We’d appreciate any leads!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: New fall/winter boots are so comfortable there was no need to break them in!
    Rave: Art all night. I have to say IMO it was more “all night” than “art”, but I enjoyed it since I was in great company.
    Rant: At some point during the weekend I needed an introvert break that I couldn’t take and that made me upset but I survived.
    Rant: concern about the consequences of the government shutdown.

  • Rave: After being stuck for about a week, I finally passed level 196 on Candy Crush!!

  • skj84

    Rant: Government shutdown. While i’m not a federal employee I do work in the service industry and will probably lose buisness if this shutdown happens.

    Rant: People who don’t pull thier own weight. Did a show this weekend and everyone was expected to help out with breaking down the set and loading in. Except for one person who declared “They were wiped out from the week from hell” and promptly left as soon as rehearsal was over. It’s not like the rest of us have full time jobs and or in school. We were all tired and everyone else stayed and helped out. No sympathy whatsoever for that person.

  • Rave: Gravelly Point Park. I could spend all day there watching the planes land. I’m so happy I live a bike-able distance to this park. What a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

    Rant: The seat on my secondhand, new-to-me bike is NOT lady friendly. Popville cyclists: What should I look for in a more lady-friendly bike seat? Google tells me that Terry may be a good choice. I’m new to biking and just bike around town for fun (no long distances) but I’d like to buy a more comfy seat.

    • Good bike shorts, and proper seat height help. Try a few different seats, but Terry is a good pricey solution.

    • i ride with a fizik arione donna on my road bike… did 110 miles on it a few weeks ago, and it was so comfortable that i am considering getting one for my commuter as well (right now it has a stock men’s seat that really hurts my lady bits). it’s sort of pricey, though. but generally, any of the women’s seats will probably be an improvement over the stock men’s saddle that likely came with your bike. i bought my saddle from competitive cyclist (their website) because they have an amazing return policy, and saddles are the one thing that you want to be able to put a decent number of miles on before you will really know if it works for you. unfortunately, a lot of local bike shops won’t let you return a saddle once it’s been used, which is the only way to know if it hurts!

    • Matching the width of your sit bones and the width of the saddle can help a lot with comfort, as well different degrees of saddle padding. Often the harder saddles can actually feel better. It’s very much a person by person thing. If you haven’t checked there yet, Nashbar is great for affordable bike components and they have an entire women’s saddle section.

      • Sweet, thanks for the advice everyone! I’ll be sure to check out the return policies of bike saddles carefully before buying one.

    • I rode cross country on the Terry Liberator Y saddle this summer- it is technically a men’s saddle, but is the most comfortable one I have found by far. I tried ~10 different saddles and didn’t find any that were nearly as comfortable.

      Bike Rack DC in Logan Circle has a ton of test saddles that they will let you try on your bike. They will let you try as many as you need until you find one that works for you.

  • Rave: Still picking lots of cherry tomatoes
    Rant: I managed to burn a tray I was slow roasting – that’s a LOT of tomatoes going into the compost pile : (
    Rave: My sib and I don’t know how to tile, but we did it anyway. We put slate down on part of a kitchen floor – there was some trial and error but in the end it looks great.
    And rave: The part of my family that is functional.

  • Rant: Everyone is being demanding and impossible this morning. I wish that people could grasp that they are not such special snowflakes that everytime they need something it must be done this second. They know what the normal timelines are, so I am not clear why having their projects completed within that timeframe is so out of the question. Everything is not this much of an emergency.
    Rave: Irritations aside, I count myself lucky that at least my job is not being affected by this BS shutdown threat.
    Rant: I am so sorry that you guys are having to fear that you’ll be out of work because certain people think that holding your jobs hostage is an appropriate bargaining chip. Hopefully someone will break up the stalemate in time.

  • Rave: Can’t stop listening to Reflektor.

  • Rant: Idiots in Congress.

    Question: Is there some kind of protest planned in the event of a shutdown? Where can I go with my “defund Congress”/”will work for food” placard?

  • RAVE: Finally got around to listening to Kendrick Lamar’s album “Good Kid, M.a.a.d City”. Best hip hop album I’ve heard in the last 5-10 years. Such great beats and lyrics; you can totally hear all his influences – 2pac, Outkast, Eminem, Dre, etc in his music. “Money Trees” and “The Art of Peer Pressure” are phenomenal songs.

    • Kendrick sucks live, worst rapper iv ever heard

      • Really? That’s very disappointing to hear. I love this album! I guess he’s more of a studio wunderkid.

        In general, I’m not much of a fan of live hiphop shows. It’s difficult to hear the lyrics and a lot of artists simply fall flat/are pretty boring.

    • +1000!! that album is everything!

      My current fave rap artists are: Kendrick, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Ab Soul & J Cole.

  • any drink specials for furloughed people?

  • any drink specials for the furloughed?

  • Rave: The Midwest. People are nice, things are cheap, and time seems slower. All of which makes me a more sane, contented person.

    Rant: Anxiety. Thinking about a cross-country move is terrifying, even if it makes sound financial and happiness-producing sense. I think I understand why people take all those drugs – panic attacks in a work bathroom are no fun.

    Rant #2: Our rescue dog is sweet, but her man issues don’t help my anxiety levels. I really hate whoever let bad things happen to her. To the Mia’s dad, sorry she growled at you this morning while the pups said hi. I feel like we need a placard – “dog-friendly, not man-friendly.” Back to the trainer we go…

  • Rave: RENN FEST – elephant ride with my son and beers with my favorite friends
    Rave: Petworth Jazz Project
    Rave: Went to my parent’s house on Sunday and took a nap in my childhood bed, snuggled with my neices and nephews, and then watched the Redskins win with my my brothers
    Rant: One of the best weekend ever is over

  • RAVE: We moved yesterday – we are now residents of Petworth! SO excited.
    Rant: As we were finishing up moving, a guy walked up the alley and looked into the moving truck and van. I was the only one standing outside as the movers were inside. I asked him if he needed something – I didn’t get a good feeling – and he just walked off. I have a feeling he was looking for easy pickings. Calling the alarm company now…
    Rave: I really, really like our house. I was freaked out about the investment and whether or not it was right for us, but it felt like home yesterday.

  • Rant: Office renovations over the weekend. A supervisor changed the plans last minute without anyone else’s signoff, leaving two of us without the promised cubicles, only a wall. And when confronted about it, she makes it into me being a drama queen.
    Rant: no cleanup after these renovations leaving about an inch thick layer of dust everywhere.
    Rant: the massive allergy attack from the dust

    At least I have a job, at least I have a job…

  • rockcreekrunner

    Question for all your smart PoP readers:

    If National Parks, like Rock Creek Park and the National Mall, are closed due to a government shutdown, is it considered trespassing to use the park for running/biking/hiking?

    • Through roads (like Rock Creek Parkway) will remain open. Visitor centers and facilities will be closed. I think in practical terms, if it’s behind a gate or door it will be unavailable, if it’s not behind a gate (like the paths along RCP, all of the traffic island parks, the Mall) you will still be able to use them for running or biking.
      But perhaps someone who lived through the earlier shutdowns can correct or clarify. The information on the NPS site doesn’t really clarify what happens in these more ambiguous kinds of parks.

  • This is not a coherent comment. What is your point?

  • Rave: coworkers and clients that were directly impacted by the navy yard shooting (anyone in building 197) will not be furloughed.

    • I never thought I’d catch myself thinking I’d prefer it if I worked in 197 rather than across the street…

      • gotryit

        I’m not a fan of “sensitivity police”, but think about what you just said being read by someone ducked behind a locker listening to their friends / coworkers being shot. Be sensitive to that.

        • Seriously. Those survivors are going to be in therapy for years with emotional issues.
          That’s some cold hearted sh#t right there.

  • rant: I’m a Fed and I have SOOO much work to do right now – these days are just cutting into the time I have available to get things done.
    rave: I was looking for a budget analyst job after grad school (in 2006) before I fell into what I do know – I imagine that budget people must be going crazy right now and I’m thankful I dodged that particular bullet given how progressively unpredictable the federal appropriations process has become… (but don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all of the extra work they’re doing!)

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