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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Last minute invite to visit Outer Banks this tomorrow… I’ve never been despite being here over a decade!
    Rave: Empy weekend just became a full weekend.

    • Outer Banks is great… been going pretty much every year since a child
      hopefully you go further south

      it used to be nice up around kitty hawk but its just too commercial ond overpopulated now
      always go at least as far south as duck now

      • Corolla is still pretty quiet. As are, of course, the off-road houses.
        Agreed on Kitty Hawk – stay away.

        Outer Banks are one of my favorite places in the region. Good surf, excellent sand, cheap, nice houses, not too many crowds, etc.

      • I don’t even know what to pack! I realize it’s not the greatest time to hit the beach but I’m at a loss lol.

  • Rave: Every cab I’ve taken this week had a working credit card reader. This morning the cab also had a little TV screen playing Jimmy Kimmel segments, Jeopardy and a few ads. I felt like a Disney princess in a carriage except, you know, I’m a dude!

    Rave: # 2 Weather

    Rant: Dr hasn’t called me back with biopsy results of the polyp removed during my colonoscopy.

    • Have you seen the contract for those CC machines the cabbies must sign? Its an absolute rip off for them. Keep using cash!

      • OK, I’m probably wading into a hot-button topic here, but…out of curiosity, what are the terms of the contract? I don’t want to be unsympathetic to drivers and their attempt to make a living (and manage their cash flow), but honestly, I also think as a society we’re moving toward more electronic transactions and away from carrying much cash, and that kind of is what it is. The reality is, most any type of merchant has to get on board with taking credit cards, if they want to draw customers.

      • AGREE – the fees they are charged per transaction by the taxi cab commission are outrageous. I am all for CC readers in each cab but what they charge is robbery and likely some corrupt members on the commission (shocker I know) get kick backs.
        The fees paid to DC Taxi Commission are $15/ week for use of machine (after companies pay for install – ~$250)
        5% or transactions, 10% if called/dispatch

        Why didn’t they mandate that taxis take cards, set requirements for card security and move on. DCRA doesn’t mandate the kinds of cards retailers, restaurants and bars use – why does DCTC need to?
        I will stick with biking, walking, metro/bus and car2go.

  • Rant: trying to get DC officials to come to an event is tough!
    Rave: the people I’m working with to do it are very appreciative of the effort!

  • Rant: I sold an old electronic item on Craig’s List last night and I forgot to put one of the cables in the bag I gave to the buyer. I agreed to be late to work this morning to meet her on her way into the city for work and on my way out, but she canceled because she was running late. Now she’s asking me to meet her for lunch an hour away or to cancel my plans tonight to meet her! I know forgetting the cable was my fault, but come on, she was 40 minutes late to pick up the item yesterday. I don’t think I’m out of line to tell her she has to wait until tomorrow evening for a meet-up.
    Rave: the other woman I sold an item to was very nice and appreciative and I’m happy that she’ll find a use for it.
    Rave: cleaning things out-donating and selling- before I get overwhelmed with moving logistics.

    • Just mail the cable to this woman. Much easier for the both of you and it will be cheap to send.

      • That’s not a bad idea, though I don’t mind if she comes by when I’m free tomorrow evening. But she promised her nephew he’d have it tonight. She probably should have either a. been on time this morning or b. checked with my availability before making that promise.

  • Rant: having a hard time finding a frame that i want to use for my next bicycle build…
    lookng of an old (would prefer 70’s) Trek frame in good condition. & im tall so i need like a 58-60
    Annnnd in decent condition as i dont plan on painting this one. if anything a clear coat to preserve the origional graphics etc…

    also lookoing for a decent disc rear wheel that wont competley break the bank lol

    • pablo .raw

      Kind of related to your rant; I see around the city bike frames chained to posts, etc. that have been abandoned and I always wonder if someone could just go and get them and use them. Some of them seem to be in good condition.

    • Also kind of related – I’m trying to sell my Cycle Ops bike trainer on Craigslist. I put an ad out a few days ago and got no resonses. Are there other free sites I can use to try to sell this?

      • Try freecycle (look for the yahoo group).

        • Freecycle is to get rid of it for free. I think he wants a place where he can list it for sale, but the listing is free. I would recommend updating your CL posting, maybe with more info and search terms. Sometimes people find listings days after they’ve been posted, but it helps to refresh it a bit. Other than CL I don’t know where else you can post for free.

          • Ah, yes. I scanned and saw the word “free” and leaped to freecycle.
            Attempt to redeem: Washington Area Bike Forum. They have a classifieds section.

      • special_k

        You could try a neighborhood listserv.

      • Did you post a picture of it? Maybe it’s just me but I almost always skip CL ads with no picture.

        • Yes, I posted two pictures of it, and I’m selling it for less than another one that’s for sale on CL. I’ll try the Washington Area Bike Forum. Thanks.

    • I might know someone who can help with the frame. I’ll check first and then pass on your contact info if you’re interested.

  • Rant: Wife is complaining about too much traffic / bus taking too long going into work, but won’t even try biking! I can’t help you.

    Rave: Going to try biking home through rock creek park to see if it saves a little time even though it adds distance.
    Rant: I know I’m going to get lost trying to pick the right way to go.

    • Please wear some major shockingly bright clothing if you’re biking in RCP. It is really hard to see cyclists there, even when I’m going the speed limit of 25. Plus most drivers do NOT drive 25 and often pass cyclists dangerously close.

      • I’ll have front and rear lights, but it looks like there’s a mixed use path that goes as far as I need. So I’ll only be on road some as I’m exiting. Then again, it’s rock creek park, so I’ll probably end up going the wrong direction on a 50mph stretch.

  • mtpgal

    Rant: I grew up in a family where you will bend over backwards and not tell folks what you need in order to not put other people out. That, in turn, means that the other person has to bend over backwards to give you what you need (even while you insist you don’t need it) in order not to put YOU out. For instance, when my mother visits she will go the whole day without eating, insisting that she isn’t hungry even while getting the hunger shakes, in order that I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to get her food. The whole dance is so, SO annoying and ultimately is a bigger pain. Good lord. My sister is doing it to me big time right now. This is why I married a northerner. They may not have any manners, but at least you know what they want.

    • “This is why I married a northerner. They may not have any manners, but at least you know what they want.”

      You obviously did not marry into a Connecticut blue blood family.

    • saf

      “They may not have any manners,”

      We have manners, they are just not what you think of as manners.

      And really, I think the whole expecting people to be mind readers is BAD BAD BAD manners and causes no end of bad feelings.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Southerner here, I agree. Manners are supposed to make it easy for everyone to know what’s going on, what to expect, and how to ask/offer things nicely. Mind reading has nothing to do with it!

    • And I thought it was bad manners to refuse when someone offered you food. I guess I’m just a rude northerner.

      • Seriously. Pretty much everywhere else in the world it is the epitome of “poor manners” to refuse anything that the host gives you. Only in America would that be seen as “good manners.” Crikey.

    • That’s why, as a Southern girl, I have loads of different types of food out on the table when people arrive, rather than asking them if or what they would like. YOU SHALL EAT IN MAH HOUSE!

    • So, by no manners you mean not refusing to eat for an entire day so as not to “put you out”? That sounds like something a petulant child would do and I would not define that as having good manners. Good manners would be offering to help make food or offering to clean after the meal was cooked, NOT going on a hunger strike to avoid “putting someone out.”

    • andy

      My NJ wife has trouble occasionally with my “NW nice” mom for this reason. “What do you want to do?” always gets the response of, “whatever you want to do,” with a smile, regardless of whatever her actual opinion is.

      My wife can’t get my mom to express her opinion on anything, which you would think would be exactly what a daughter-in-law would want but NOOOOO…..

      • Hehe, my midwestern parents in law have a peculiar way of saying they don’t like something. They always reply “well, it’s not my favorite!”

    • I’m sort of a Southerner — Striving for “Southern charm and Northern efficiency”. As I grew up, the “rule” would be that if someone asks you if you are hungry, or if you’d like anything — you would say “No thank you” — so as not to “put them out”. Which is why as a hostess, you don’t ask a general question like that, but say something like “I’ve just made some sandwiches and lemonade, what can I get for you? Really, it’s No trouble at all.” And as you offer, you just start putting the food — and pimento cheese — on the table. When offered something specific, the polite guess would at least sit down for a sip and a bite.

      I’ve also noticed that Southerners tend to offer food, and Northerners tend to offer drinks and maybe snacks (like a box of crackers). I’ve mostly lived in big cities with expensive housing, so people tend to go out more — which changes the “rules” a bit.

      • Sorry — that should be “polite GUEST”

      • Rave: I woke up this morning with more energy and more gumption than I’ve felt in a while. I don’t know if it’s yoga, allergy meds, eating better , the weather — or what, but I”m seriously glad about this change.

        Rave: Read through the posts before I posted this. Gotta check out sockdreams!

        Rave: Finally letting go of some really old “stuff”. Way Yay! Everything seems a little bit brighter today!

      • Emmaleigh504

        The Southerners in my family offer drinks, as in booze. They practically put a drink in your hand as you walk through the door. The food is on a table to be consumed as needed. (Pimento cheese is not food in my book and should never be in the house.)

      • Garrison Keilor has a whole thing about how in Minnesota you have to be asked 3 times before you can accept. So if your offer is not really genuine, you only make it twice. As long as everyone knows and plays by the same rules it works!

    • We apparently grew up in the same family, and it is SO annoying. I’ve spent years training myself to ask for things I need, and to just say, “thank you” when something is offered rather than refusing it a million times. Ugh.

      • I have definitely had to retrain myself not to say “no thank you” and just accept the offer or ask for the thing I need. And I’m from New England. I always thought we were well known for holding in our wants and feelings, I guess not.

        • mtpgal

          Sorry, OP here. I should have clarified that by “northern” I mean my husband’s family is from the Bronx. They do not hold in their wants and needs. Ever. It’s quite refreshing.

    • I’m a Yankee from NYC and in my family, we don’t want to burden our hosts. If you just offer me food or drinks, I’ll always say no to be polite. Wouldn’t want to trouble you or make you go out of your way. But if you are making food or drinks for yourself and you offer me some, I will always say yes. Whenever a member my family is offered coffee after dinner, the standard answer is “only if you’re having some!”

    • I love the west coast. We have terrible fashion and weather (PNW) but this is never a problem.

  • Rave: Weekend in Richmond!
    Rant: I leave tomorrow AM and haven’t packed a thing.

  • Rave: Last day of work until after the big wedding day! I am excited to sleep in tomorrow, to see my best friend when she gets off a plane tomorrow evening, and (oh yeah) to get married this weekend.
    Rant: I have been having crazy dreams lastly. It is definitely my brain’s way of working through some anxiety about dealing with my family this weekend.
    Rave: Amazing weather. I love fall.
    Rave: The whole engagement and then wedding planning process has made me realize how many friends I have and how loved I am. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of well wishes.
    Rave: Arthur’s Day! Someone pour me a Guinness after work today. 🙂

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I feel good. That’s it.

  • epric002

    rant: waste of time OIG/GAO meeting this morning was apparently to go page by page through the statement of facts. they conveniently forgot to mention that in the meeting invite, did not send out the document ahead of time, and did not have copies available at the meeting. working with these 2 offices has been the height of unprofessionalism.
    rave: after “working” with GAO, i will never again read one of their reports. they are effing clueless.
    rave: window treatments get installed tonight, thanktheLAWD!

    • epric002

      ooo, additional rave: polyvore! greatest time suck evah!

    • You and I must be working on the same GAO report. GAH. And the statement of facts can’t even get simple facts about my agency right – stuff they literally could have pulled off of my agency’s “about the agency” webpage.

    • andy

      I have seen that to be the case on more than one GAO report, though not specifically about where I work. It really seems the various teams have very different levels of capability, and GAO really seems to veer toward a certain type of analysis. The kind of stuff that seems to be taught to MBAs/MPAs, “best business practices,” etc., which is only sometimes actually relevant to the situations at hand.

    • Rave: The GAO auditors I routinely work with are professional, always give us drafts for comment, and are generally accepting of our edits/feedback!

  • Rave – Saw a bald eagle along the C&O canal in Georgetown!

    Rant -Having a hard time coming up with a rant today. Life is good.

  • Rave: the woman who stopped me yesterday to point out the back of my dress was not fully zipped. Thank you kind stranger.
    Rant: DWI (dialing while intoxicated). Ugh.
    Rave: Well I had fun while I was out at least.

  • Rave: My husband gave me a surprise just-because gift last night! He’s never been good at surprises, which made it extra surprising! And nice.

    Rave: Planned a whole outfit around the gift. I’m looking good today!

    Rave: It’s fun trying to think of something to surprise him back with 🙂

    Rant: How is it only Thursday?!?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Just bought some fun new socks/tights and found a pair uniquely suited for my mother. Thanks for the link Jeslett!
    Rant: Spent way too much on socks & tights.
    Rave: Don’t care because my current socks and tights are falling to pieces.

  • Rave: Quiet office while everyone is at the board meeting. Hello, music and plowing through work.
    Rave: Parents coming to visit this weekend and my dad offered to stay over through Monday morning to give husband and I some free babysitting Sunday night . He is the best.

  • Rant: Possibly weirded out my favorite band.
    Rave: Weather. Raving about this everyday until it gets bitterly cold.

  • Rave: hokie game day!
    Neither rant nor rave: Does anyone have a link to the map of DC are water fountains? I remember seeing something like this earlier in the spring, but can’t seem to find it now.

  • saf

    Rant: stupid, loud, house-shaking, beeping, dusty, messy, just plain annoying Safeway construction.

  • KSB

    Rant: Stress level related to work is through the roof. Very unusual for me as it take A LOT to ruffle my feathers.
    Rave: Realizing what an incredibly strong marriage I have as a result of said stress levels.
    Double Rave: Realizing what incredible little humans my husband and I are raising together. Four-year-old going on 44-year old keeps me in check. And seriously, when Mother Nature invented the two-year-old, she was obviously high on something but man are they crazy cool.

  • Rant: Sleep through/messed up the snooze on my alarm, was two hours late this morning…

    Rave: Boss was not present – not a big deal. Birthday tomorrow wohoo

    Revel: Excited to see all my friends to celebrate tomorrow night!

  • Does anyone know of a good accountant for a small business? Needs more than just taxes, some consulting on how best to organize the cash flow… Preferably in NW and Mt. Pleasant area would be amazing!

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