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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Observation: This morning I was ghost bussed while waiting for the 63 at the stop at the corner of Decatur St. and Kansas Ave., NW. Thus I was stuck at the stop for an extended period of time, approximately 6:44 until 7:05. During that period, every car (too numerous to count) stopped at the 4-way stop, while none of the five cyclists stopped, and only one slowed and obviously looked left/right. Each cyclist was traveling south down Kansas Ave, and most of them went through the intersection as a car traveling in the same direction was stopped at, or starting to enter the intersection.

    I was dismayed by the obvious disregard for the stop sign by the cyclists because DDOT recently made that intersection into a 4-way stop after residents (including myself) reached out to Councilmember Bowser to express concern about pedestrian safety and traffic in/around Sherman Circle (they also installed the “DC Law: Must stop for pedestrians” signs at each crosswalk on the Circle). I’ve been happy to see police cruisers ticketing drivers at that intersection for the last couple months, but would definitely like to see cyclists receive the same treatment.

    • oh how dare you! the wrath of the bicycle riders awits

    • This is from a previous discussion and I think pretty much sums up the entire issue:

      I live downtown. I bike, and I often accompany my daughter on her way to school as she bikes as well. Our daily experience is one of stopping at the red lights as EVERY OTHER bike zooms by us and blows through the red lights. We watch as other bicyclists force pedestrians to duck and dodge them, and we watch as other bicyclists ride the wrong way on bike lanes and on streets, weave in and out of traffic, and ignore a score of other laws and rules that would otherwise help everyone know what to expect and increase our safety. Message to my fellow cyclists: Grow up. Now that we have bike lanes and acceptance and even encouragement to bicycle in the city (which was a long time coming), take responsibility for your actions and do your part too. Just follow the laws. If and when they change, follow the new ones. Period.

      • I strongly agree with you. I just want people, however they’re going about their business, to realize they’re not exempt from expectations.

      • +2

        I think you strike the right balance here.
        Then again, this is also similar to everyone’s complaints about the idiotic drivers in the DC/MD/Nova area. No matter how much we bitch, the morons are still out there.

      • yes, boogknight, yes.
        I ride 20 miles round trip on my bike commute and it’s pretty frustrating to see other cyclists blowing through lights, signs, etc. this morning on 17th downtown was out of control. I get why drivers and peds get so worked up. i am a admitted idaho stopper, but c’mon fellow bike riders, help us all out.

    • This is the dumbest rant I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry we aren’t ruining the environment with our gas gulping people movers. Maybe if you really cared about the people that live near you, you’d start riding a bike to work and prevent us from breathing in poison. Its right wingers like you that are ruining this world. Not Obama!

      • Good. God. He/She said they were taking the bus – that’s pretty environmentally friendly.

        • Oh yea…a bus is far better than a car. Have you ever been stuck behind a bus. The toxins pouring out of that tank are horrendous. Oh wait you’re probably in your hummer with the AC blasting. Sorry

      • Where did it say that the poster was a right winger?
        Where did it say that the poster opposed riding a bike?
        Wonderful open mind you have…

        • When would someone of sound mind (Democrat) ever post something like that?! The mere fact that he calls something a “ghost” bus tells me he has never considered riding a bike. I’m sure he has a confederate flag flying outside his lavish 3 story estate. Why don’t you go stand in front of one of those “ghost” busses, fucking 1 percenter

          • I’m hoping the above was deliberately trying to be hyperbole.
            Sheesh, people. Be civil!

          • Wow. This escalated quickly.

          • Yes lets be civil while Mother Earth is being murdered…

          • Uh, does “ghost bus” have some kind of sinister, political-extremist connotation that I’m not aware of? I always thought that referred to situations where Next Bus tells you that the bus is X minutes away, and then X minutes later, no bus arrives, the supposedly-imminent bus has mysteriously disappeared from Next Bus, and the next bus is in fact X+15 minutes away, or whatever. I, too, am hoping these bizarre comments are meant to be sarcastic and exaggerated.

          • I dont speak Tea Party…sorry

      • jim_ed

        Ah yes, if there was ever a hotbed of right wingers, it’s the public transit using residents of upper Petworth.

      • She wasn’t complaining about people riding bikes. She was complaining about cyclists who ride in a dangerous way by blowing through traffic signals. Totally different things.

        • Alright robot. Lets just take everything thats spoon fed to us. Lets not dig into what people say. I’m sure you beleived Bush when he said Mission Accomplished. Do you guys even realize that if you start ticketing bikers that people will shift to cars! Maybe I’m being too smart for my own good. Or maybe its too much to ask for clean air

          • “Do you guys even realize that if you start ticketing bikers that people will shift to cars!”

            I seriously doubt this. People use bikes during rush hour simply because they are quicker than driving or taking public transport. Biking saves a buttload of time.

            If bikers get tickets, the result will most likely be that they think twice before blowing through a stop sign or red light. At least they will exercise slightly more caution than many do now.

          • You are most certainly not being too smart for your own good. Trust me.

          • “Maybe I’m being too smart for my own good.”
            If so, don’t worry, no one can tell.

          • So true. The last time I got a ticket in my car I made a totally reactionary decision to never drive again because I got caught violating the law once.

          • ” Do you guys even realize that if you start ticketing bikers that people will shift to cars! ”


      • That’s pretty funny. I’m a Republican who bikes to work. 🙂

      • you, sir, are an excellent excellent troll. well done.

      • ^stupidest comment in the universe.

    • I hesitate to admit this, but when I rode a bike regularly (stolen bike, life changes, metro, so very rarely, now) I never once stopped for a stop sign unless I or a pedestrian was in imminent danger. And, while I am obviously against cycling strategies that endanger pedestrians — and not in the abstract, actual riding that puts an actual pedestrian at actual risk — I don’t care if a bicycle ever stops. Be free, my thigh-strong friends!

      I also don’t care if cars roll through stop signs, pedestrians jaywalk or little ghetto kids ride Spider Man-like on the outside of metro cars until they’re miliseconds from being smashed against the tunnel wall.

      And, sometimes, when I’m driving to practice at 5AM, I make a right turn on red where it’s expressly prohibited.

      I guess I’m a dangerous anarchist with no grasp of the social contract. Please don’t tell the boss.

      • Okay, no one else calling out Irving on his/her racist comment? Who do you mean by ‘little ghetto kids’? Someone that is a non-white yuppie child living in a row house? Ugh, get over yourself.

  • Question for people I saw commuting to work this morning in coats and scarves: What are you going to do when it is actually cold out?

  • Rant: Pumpkin everything. There I said it 🙂
    Rave: anti-pumpkin crusaders

  • Rant: Trucks blocking all south bound lanes of Georgia Avenue by the O street market construction site on a daily basis during rush hour… Where is traffic enforcement when you need them?! Also Ga Ave is lined with steel plates and ruts once again… Progress should not come at the expense of my tires.

    Rant: Great bachelor party, not so great having everyone crash at my house all day after it.

    Rant: No good coffee shops on the left side of Georgia avenue (southbound) and long lines in the available ones every morning.

    Rave: My birthday next week, but I’m trying hard not to do too many birthday dinners, that made me fat last year.

    • I thought Harrar’s was supposed to be good. No?

      • For some reason, all of the spaces in front of it are marked as no parking on my commute. It’s also been quite difficult to get in and out of my car because of the road traffic and bicyclist squeeze at that intersection every morning.

        I like their coffee on occasion, but their pastries need a bit of work, they seem to be “fresh out of the box” more than “fresh out of the oven” as well, and their prices for everything seem to vary with ever different cashier behind the counter.

        • “For some reason, all of the spaces in front of it are marked as no parking on my commute. ”
          Ahh. I suppose it’s a rush-hour no-parking zone… which makes sense.
          I dunno, Jack5… I know you’re wedded to your car, but it seems to create a lot of hassle and irritation for you.

          • “I dunno, Jack5… I know you’re wedded to your car, but it seems to create a lot of hassle and irritation for you.”

            8/10 for this trolling effort.
            You hit the right notes – Jack5’s constant whines over “1st World Problems,” car vs. mass transit debate, and some nice subtle sarcasm.
            Keep it up, Textdoc! 🙂

          • I didn’t think I was trolling (though in retrospect I should turn a deaf ear to Jack5’s perpetual driving-related complaints).

          • I’d have a lot more complaints if I rode metro or the bus more often…

            Just because I have car related complaints doesn’t mean that it’s more convenient for me than public transit or riding a bicycle…

  • Rave: Friend loaned me “The Orphan Master’s Son” and it’s terrific. I’m reading it much slower than I usually read because I want to savor it.
    Revel: Marvelous, marvelous weather. I adore this time of year.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Throw me somethin mister!
    Rant: I think all these threats to shut down the government are having a negative impact on the health and well being of the people that work for and with the government.
    Rave: Getting new contacts this weekend, my eyeballs will be so happy!

    • re your rant: I totally agree…its kind of discouraging when you want to do your best and work your hardest when you are rewarded by no pay raises/general disregard for your work and your worth/not getting paid at all.

      The Federal Government has approximately 40% of its leadership and workforce that will retire in the next 5 years. While I agree that we need to downsize, how do we retain talent so that we dont have only the people who couldn’t or were too lazy to find another job holding the bag. I am not looking forward to the next fiscal year with looming gov shutdowns due to no budget, the debt ceiling, and RIF authority.

    • pablo .raw

      Have you ever heard about the Woolly Rhino? 😀

    • yes, I’m the type that usually stays late, does more than I need to, checks blackberry at home. I’ve stopped all that. If my position isn’t respected, why try? This is the new federal government – it’s going to be very difficult to recruit and retain the best and brightest of the generation if this is the BS “we” have to deal with.
      I’ve generally stopped caring for a variety of reasons (going on leave, shut downs, pay cuts) and this isn’t good for the collective. Agree the gov’t can be smaller, but it’ll happen over time with the retirements. And the system will suffer because those left won’t care at all about their jobs. Win win!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m not even worried about the future of the government and who is still in the work force, it’s the toll all this crap has on people I’m worried about. Not knowing if you are going to get a paycheck in a couple of weeks because assholes in Congress can’t do their jobs, again, takes a toll on a person. Stress is not good for people and all these threats to shut the government down on top of furloughs and no pay increases is creating stress for workers.

        • Question: If the government shuts down, does that mean that the members of Congress won’t get paid? Are there other ways that it would have an impact on members of Congress who don’t live in DC? I’m not trying to be a smatass — I’m genuinely curious about this.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t know, I would like to know the answer, too.

          • gotryit

            My recollection is that members of congress and their staff do get paid during a shutdown because they have to continue to work to pass a budget and reopen the government.

            Please don’t take my repeating that as endorsing it.

          • The Post has some good Q&As on the shutdown. But Congress does get paid. And they get to decide which of their staffers are essential.

        • What you say is definitely true. I visited the health unit at my federal place of business (for something unrelated) and the nurse mentioned that they are having a sudden influx of workers come in recently with stress-related problems, like high blood pressure, intense headaches, etc. She said it happens every time there’s talk of furloughs and shut downs.

        • It is definitely hurting my health – I’m severely stressed about money with the baby coming soon. It’s not healthy.

          Congress will get paid. Which, considering the fact that we would be shut down essentially means congress is NOT essential…

          Essential workers will get retroactive pay (so I could go weeks with zero income in my home right when baby is due….my spouse is ‘essential’).

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s stressing me out, and I just have to worry about myself.

          • Okay, y’all. Time to fire ALL of our representatives. They all suck and don’t represent us and are only looking out for themselves.
            Anybody know of any protests going on in the coming days that I can take part in???

  • Rant: DC cant get out of its own way with the Visitor Parking Pass situation- a great program, widely accepted, and applied. And they changed it, screwed it up, and almost flushed it. It has not increased parking problems and made a lot of folks lives easier in the city.

    Rave: DC does a few things well- the new parks are great, the swim facilities (takoma and wilson at least) are wonderful. Oh, and bulk trash removal. Love that.

    • Parking pressure are very different in different areas of the city. What will work well in one neighborhood will be a disaster in others. For my neighborhood, I was glad to see the hangtag visitor pass option taken off the table.

      • Well its everywhere now pretty much. It has worked in Ward 1 which is the most densely populated ward in the city, so Im not sure why it wouldnt work elsewhere with less density.

        • While Ward 1 might be on average denser, parts of Ward 2 are even more densely populated, and have more pressure from people wanting to park there during the day because they work there.

          • So what do those folks who need in home help do if their caregiver doesn’t have the same zone RPP?

            This program works everywhere.

          • I guess I’m not so sympathetic about a RESIDENTIAL parking program being used for people who are going to work (no matter how compassionate that work might be). They can feed meters, park in a lot, take the bus, or otherwise get to work in the same way that people all over the city do.
            Personally, I would shrink the boundaries of the parking zones to be more like ANC (maybe ANC + adjacent ANC to allow for those people who live near borders sometimes needing to park a block or two away from their own street). Give residents a book of passes they can use for occasional needs (plumber, guest from out of town). Extra books should cost money to prevent them from being used to subsidize routine parking for non-residents (nannies, whoever).

    • I agree with your rave, DC does a number of things well. If you ever want to see what I think is the best and most surprisingly efficient service, go to the Fort Totten Transfer Station on the first Saturday of the month for hazardous household waste, e-recycling, and document shredding. The staff communicate clearly, the lines move quickly, and it’s a great service.

      • It turns out- that this city is surprisingly good at getting rid of trash.
        There is a joke in there somewhere…

      • +1. I was really shocked the first time I went — the employees were extremely professional and courteous, and the process was very efficient and well-run.
        Whoever’s in charge of that operation is really doing something right. Would be nice if other D.C. government operations could model themselves after it.

      • Had a great experience getting the car inspected this am. Made an appointment online, was in and out of the inspection station within 10-15 min. Hooray!

      • binpetworth

        I’ve been wondering–can you do a walk-up to the Ft Totten Transfer station? I don’t have a car, but have small bags of old batteries, light bulbs, etc. and was thinking of taking them over one Saturday.

  • Rant: People on this complaining about biking EVERY DAY. Granted I bike around the city, occasionally do not ‘follow’ all the rules but i do not ride recklessly and have never put myself or someone else in danger. Just get over it, people are a-holes. Car, metro, bus, bike, walk.

    Rave: 2nd date with a girl, she said she had a really good time. Birthday is on friday – woot woot.

    Revel: Are first kisses the best thing on earth? I haven’t felt this good in a really long time.

    • pablo .raw

      I’m also a biker, I do what is safe for me without putting others in danger; if I get hit by a car someday and it’s the car driver’s fault, none of the people complaining are going to be there for me.

    • I agree. This topic has been worked to death, nothing new is ever said, and it is really tired.

    • pablo .raw

      AND we will never agree on anything!

      • i think the random rant revel should be more of a form style, its annoying having to refresh the page to see what people post. Also there could be different sub-sections for people who want to talk about different subjects – transportation , restraunts, relationships ect

        • This site does have a forum but almost no one uses it.

          • Yeah, it’s been problematic — the topics in the forum rarely get much feedback, unless PoP selects one of them for a “From the Forum” PoPville post. (In which case they’re no longer forum posts per se, but regular PoPville posts.) Rant/revel threads seem to have much wider readership and commentary potential.

          • special_k

            The forum seemed to get more traffic before the redesign. I always feel a little bad for people posting there, seeking advice.

    • No, first kisses are not the best thing on earth. But they’re a big step in the right direction! 🙂

  • Rant: Feeling depression coming back a bit… hoping a really long bike ride around the city tonight will help.
    Rave: But I’m alive and the weather is great.
    Rave: Crafty Bastards this weekend.
    Rave: It’s hump day. It’s the little things, right?

  • Blithe

    Rave: Nick Hornby. It’s been a treat for me to discover a writer that I enjoy — who’s written multiple books. Reading orgy!!!!

    Rave: An impromptu field trip that included Chuck Levin’s, Dale Music, and Velatis’ candy. Yummy dark chocolate guitars!!!!!

    Rave: Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. Vile taste, great results. It feels good to make choices that help me feel good.

    Rave: No Rants. Even my barre chords are getting better!

    • As a guitar teacher, there is nothing more rewarding than when I see a student nail the F chord for the first time. Keep going! It just gets easier from there (well, the 5th string barre chords a la Bb major are pretty brutal, too). And glad you discovered Chuck’s and Dale’s! They are two great independent music stores with great folks working there.

      And I love Nick Hornby, but his main characters are always such sad sacks that it makes want to smack them around sometimes! Stop listening to The Smiths and put on some James Brown! 😉

    • Have you been to Atomic yet? If not, you’re missing out.

      • Nope, not yet. It’s not easy to get to without a car, and, from what I’ve heard, it will be hard for me to make it out of there without a significant purchase. And SO many people have told me that those dreaded barre chords are MUCH easier with an electric guitar. Um, so it would be an educational investment…..right? lol

    • What is one supposed to do with the apple cider vinegar — drink it? What are its benefits?

      • You mix it with water and honey — sort of like lemonade, although you can buy it pre-mixed too. It’s supposed to help with weight loss and regulate digestion among other things. The huge surprise for me is that in the week that I’ve tried it, I’ve not been hungry. I only want to eat about half of the portion sizes that I’d usually eat, and I’m not hungry at all at night — when I used to snack. And I can’t imagine how a few sips of this stuff in the morning or with meals can DO that. Anyway, I’m a convert.

      • In the 80’s – or maybe 70’s (it all blends together) there was a huge apple cider vinegar cures everything movement – exactly like all the (kombucha etc.) offerings today. Still as always, good heath comes down to – eat your vegetables and play outside.

  • Rave: after 41 long weeks, today is the day we are getting induced!! Our little nugget will be here by tomorrow and I’m super excited. I can’t wait to see his little face and meet him for the first time!
    Double rave: I’m not going to be prego anymore. I’m so ready to feel like a human being again!!!

    • special_k

      Happy day! Congratulations!

    • Pregnancy was the easy part…

    • good luck!
      Everyone says “it’s just your body preparing to have no sleep”. But if I can take no heartburn, not peeing every 5 minutes, and even if I can only get 2 hrs of sleep at a time, being able to be even SOMEWHAT comfortable for those 2 hours will be really nice.

      • Seriously!!!! I woke up seven (7) times last night to pee and each time ate a tums. I’ll be thrilled to get up with the nugget as long as I feel like a person again…and get the feeling back in my arms and hands!

        • Oh… sorry… didn’t anyone tell you? You will feel like shit for the first 10 days, AND you’ll be getting up all the time, and your back will ache from carrying the little critter. Oh, and if you’re breastfeeding, they’ll bleed.
          Those first two weeks after delivery are enough to make you wish to be pregnant again. But don’t despair! You’re usually pretty much recovered by the time colic sets in!
          (I don’t know how single parents do it. I… just… I can’t.)

          • I love how people think pregnant women have absolutely no sense of reality when it comes to what happens AFTER baby is birthed. Really?

            PLEASE tell me that babies cry and poop. Because this is something I didn’t know before conception. Also, remind me that my “life will change”.

          • gotryit

            People always seem to have abnoxious, unwanted, and many times, not scientifically accurate advice to give. It starts sometimes at marriage, at pregnancy it starts to get really horrible, and then it continues through raising children.
            Life is different for everyone, but bad advice is universal. Pregnancy / kids just seems to bring it out in a really bad way for some people.

          • Nah, I’m 6 months out and it’s all pretty amazing and wonderful. You’ll have the time of your life marveling over this little new person to love. Enjoy and congratulations!

          • Fully aware of the aftermath. No need to talk down to me or anyone else on this site. Being excited about this step does not make me ignorant or ill-informed. But thanks for the comment anyways!

  • Rant: Power outage last night. Pepco says it was a “scheduled” outage, but the only notice we got said an outage was scheduled for OCTOBER 24th. How much you wanna bet they just messed up on printing the notices?

    And on a side note, while that was just inconvenient for us, isn’t it potentially dangerous for some? For example, people who need life-sustaining equipment powered by electricity, like a CPAP or other breathing machine.

    • It seems highly unlikely to me that anyone who literally needs electricity to stay alive would not have some kind of emergency backup power source available.

      • epric002

        you are an optimist on this one, i’m afraid.

        • I don’t mean an indefinite power source, I mean enough to keep them going at least until an ambulance can get there, for example. I’ll put it a different way: if there are people with no backup power source whatsoever, it’s a health care issue, not a Pepco issue.

          • epric002

            ok. battery power as backup- definitely more likely. and while it’s a health care/personal preparedness issue, it’s definitely something that should be communicated to pepco or your power provider.

  • Rant – Freezing cold office! We still have the AC blasting like it was July. I wish I had a Snuggie right now.

    Rave – This stretch of beautiful weather. Blissful.

    • epric002

      related rant: metro has been freezing too- they’re cranking the AC like it’s august.

      • Metro has been freezing in the afternoons and roasting in the mornings on my commute lately. I wish they would realize that most people are dressed for the outside temperatures and adjust their heating/cooling systems accordingly – ie, no need to blast heat in winter bc people are wearing coats; no need for subarctic AC in the summer bc people are wearing shorts and t-shirts.

  • rave: baby is making progress -head down, doing his thing. He can come in 3 weeks, I’ll be OK with that!

    rave: picked up devon and blakely turkey chili on my way from the dr to work – it smells amazing. can’t wait – I wish I worked where there was deent lunch options. Not sure how good it actually is, but the D&B had everything out and it all looked fresh and the staff was friendly.

    rant: gov’t shut down looming. it’s hard not to stress about money, but I know it doesn’t do any good. It’s just very frustrating. I wish congress would grow up

    • D&B is really good. I work at Farragut West and there’s one next to my office. Their stuff is slightly overpriced, compared to other options near me.

    • Rave: I totally read the first sentence of your first rave as “baby making in progress”. When coupled with the rest of the rave, made me spit out my water.

  • Rant: Got a flu shot yesterday and it made me sick. Can’t breathe. Ugh.
    Rave: Got a free flu shot at work.
    Rant: Flight prices at Thanksgiving. I don’t usually travel for Thanksgiving, but will this year. $500 to CA. Sigh…

  • Rant: Need tights that don’t cut off circulation to my waist. Any good non-control top recommendations?
    Rave: Being able to wear tights
    Rant: Sick and it’s finally nice outside

    • I always buy tights 2 sizes too big. It doesn’t make the leg part any looser but gives you a lot more room in the girdle.

    • epric002

      tights or hose? (wasn’t aware that they made control top tights). disagree about buying tights 2 sizes too big- i look like an elephant with saggy legs if i do that (pretty sure that’s from a ramona book :))

    • I buy a lot of Hue tights, but I agree, most tights are not control top. Though, there are some tights that can be uncomfortable.

      I don’t recommend sizing up, but avoid cheapy junior brands, they fit really weird. Marshall’s tends to have a lot of good brands at reasonable prices and so does the Rack. If you’re looking for hose, then I really recommend Nordstrom and the Rack, their house brand is excellent. If you’re looking to spend more on tights Sockdreams.com is wonderful, but it is an expensive rabbit hole of legwear overbuying.

      • Emmaleigh504

        omg my socks are so boring! I had no idea! (I have fallen down the sockdreams rabbit hole.)

        • Seriously. I have a pair of their tights, like 97% cotton 3%spandex, there’s a front and a back and heel seams, serious tights and I love them. Then I decided I needed a bunch of over the knee socks, because I mean, who doesn’t?
          So. Many. Socks.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m not sure if I should love you or hate your for introducing me to this site! 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think I will love you for this link, because I really do need new socks and tights and now I will have fun ones!

          • saf

            Look at all my socks!
            Oh so many, many socks!
            I can’t even believe it!
            Can you imagine having so many socks?!
            I can’t even begin to count them all!
            Let alone even think about wearing them!
            So many socks!
            How did I get so many?
            Where did they come from?
            Hey! Why do I have so many socks?!

            I’m inundated. I can’t– no, I’m sorry, this won’t do.
            I cannot have this. This is too many.
            I cannot have this many socks. This will not do.
            Please take some of these socks immediately away at once.

            Ah. Yes. That is much better. Thank you.
            This is much more manageable.
            This is quite good.
            This is quite precisely the quintessentially right number.
            I am extremely pleased.
            Thank you.

            (I will be amazed if anyone other than my spouse identifies the source of this.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            Maybe if you had more detachable penises you would have something to put in all the socks!

          • Emmaleigh504

            *bows* I failed social psychology midterm b/c I went to see them at the Varsity the night before. Yay college!

          • saf

            The Varsity? I only recognize that as a hot dog place in Atlanta.

            I saw them, but it was long after college, at the old 9:30.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Sorry, the Varsity in Baton Rouge. Fun fact: I used to tell my mom about going to the Varsity and she was mildly concerned for a bit because when her coworker was at LSU (in the 70s I think) the Varsity was a porn theater. When I was there it was a music venue.

      • Oops. I’ve been using the terms tights and stockings interchangeably. I think I’m looking for tights if I want something thicker and opaque? Thanks for the Nordstrom Rack house brand recommendation. I’m definitely going to check them out.
        I totally forgot about Sockdreams! I used to wear their over the knees because I didn’t like tight/stocking/hose tops. I’m going to check them out again too.

    • Try cutting thru the elastic at the top (this doesn’t work as well on sheer-to-waist styles although you can cut 3/4 of the elastic)

  • Rave: Jacket weather!
    Rant: It’s dark when I wake up now… makes it so much harder to get out of bed.

  • Admittedly minor rant: Call from RCN, or rather a robo-call stating that I have an important “courtesy message” and I need to call them within the next 3 days to receive it. Is this what passes for customer service? Hello, I’m paying YOU, not the other way around. You’re the ones who called me, and yet I’m supposed to take the time to call back, and potentially wait on hold for who-knows-how-long to receive my message? Instead of robo-calling me, couldn’t you, y’know, have an acutal human phone me to give me my supposedly important message? Or e-mail it to me? Or at the very least, something that, during that original call, says “press 1 to receive your message now” or whatnot? It just makes no sense.

    • This is actually one of the biggest money-saving ideas that corporations have implemented over the past few years, especially during the financial crisis when they were loathe to raise prices in any way.
      I’ve noticed that many larger corporate entities have turned to wasting customers’ time in order to grow their bottom line. For instance, I’ve noticed that Starbucks (and many other fast food places) have fewer employees working than before. This, in turn, leads to customers waiting longer to receive the same services.
      Market research showed that customers notice a small increase in price, but they don’t really notice if they have to wait 5 minutes longer for their food or service (especially nowadays when everyone is glued to their smart phone). Your time has become a profit center for businesses.

      • Agreed, and I’ve read a lot about the trend of big companies pushing as much work as they can get away with away from paid employees and onto customers–things like the self-checkout machines, and shoppers bagging their own groceries. I’ll admit, I do both of those things, usually without thinking. Or, I think “well, it’ll take twice as long for the cashier to ring up my groceries AND bag them, so I might as well just do it myself, since I’m already standing here.” Not that I really mind, or that I’m above bagging groceries (my mom made be bag her groceries starting from when I was a little kid, so I’ve been doing it most of my life, anyway), but when I stop to think about it, it is definitely a clever and subtle way for a grocery corporation to avoid having to hire enough baggers.

    • Make sure you call the number on your bill on on their website rather than from the robocall. Otherwise it might be a scam of some sort.

      • Thanks for the reminder–I was still fixated on my irritation about the call, so I hadn’t yet moved on to wondering if it might be a scam. 😉 Honestly, I’m leaning toward not calling them back. They’re probably trying to sell me additional crap that I don’t need in my cable package. And if the message is really that important, then THEY can deliver it to me, instead of me chasing it down from them. Blech, kinda makes me want to ditch RCN (well, that and their rates) but Comcast is my only other option, and not sure they’re any better, from what I’ve heard.

  • Rant: Seems like we’re all on the same page today. I’m in a terrible mood and I come on and see we’ve griped about bikes, the weather, all things pumpkin, Congress, oh and bikes.
    Rave: I haven’t punched anyone in the face yet?

  • Rant: Being hard on myself. I haven’t been running since Sunday but I’ve been walking to (and sometimes from) work which is at least 45 minutes and I’m still beating myself up about not getting enough exercise.
    Rave: Still able to walk in the morning…dreading when it gets too cold for me.
    Rave: Friend in town and we’ll have a fun time catching up!

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