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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant: I think there’s a strong likelihood that there will actually be a government shut down. After a string of paychecks reduced 20% and now this, I’m certainly glad the republicans campain on “family values”. I find myself thinking about how many diapers I can take home with me from the hospital to avoid buying more of them. It’s really frightening. My lifestyle might be modest, but I still have to pay bills.

    rant: no one seems to give a shit that congress is ruining this country. Good thing the House is on recess next week (for now)! working hard?

    • Agreed on all your points, even though my financial situation is not threatened by this.

      We need to fundamentally change our government. Like, we need to make some major constitutional changes, otherwise the Republic won’t last; it’s not sustainable in its current design. We need to either totally revamp the U.S. government to make it a multiparty system, or, at the very least, have term limits for Congressmen and Senators. These clowns in Congress are more worried about their next election than effectively running the country. They’re willing to flush this country and its great institutions down the toilet for their own petty self interest.
      This country is going to have another civil war at some point if things don’t change.

      • The problem is they are paying politics with people’s livelihoods. That, and services people – epecially lower income people – rely on.
        When did this country become so ridiculous? And petty?
        Why is no one pissed that these assholes aren’t doing the job(s) to which they were elected?
        it’s shameful.
        Luckily, I have family that wil spot us money if we need it (I think!) and we’ll have to pay them back…but I’ve already lost a lot of money at a time when I can use it least – and don’t worry, I haven’t lost any work. Civilians should strike.

        • Follow the incentives. After Citizens United, members of Congress have even less regard for the status of middle and lower class Americans. Their incentives are to stay in office as long as possible, so that means doing whatever it takes to 1.) avoid a primary challenger and 2.) keep the money spigots flowing. That’s all that matters.

          We need to constitutionally change their incentives, otherwise they will sell this country down the river to highest bidder. Including our enemies.

          • You should actually read Citizens United.

          • I did read it and it’s a sh#t decision. Of course, many of these issues we are complaining about existed long before CU, but CU only serves to make the problems worse. IMO, of course. If you’re a political operative, consultant, lobbyist, or somehow get paid via PAC expenditures, you’re probably loving Citizens United and how it’s paying for your townhouse renovations.

      • that’s why i like ‘house of cards’. i think it’s probably pretty realistic in terms of how things work. smarmy and corrupt. but kevin spacey and robin wright are amazing!

        • TOTALLY AGREE when I ran across this after hearing my neighborhood was in the opening credits, I was blown away at how accurate it is. People outside of Washington think it is fiction lol but it is as close to reality as possible, see it every day. Good show for reality TV : )

    • 2007: Company sold, laid off with hundreds of others.
      2008: Contract ended, hired by another company.
      2009: Contract ended, hired by another company after 2 months of job search.
      2012: Laid off after company downsized, hired by another company after 3 months of job search.
      2013: Holding on until the next shoe drops.

      • it’s not any better for contractors, I never said it was.
        The uncertainty because of Congress hurts everyone. The private sector – outside of government, like the generic private sector – isn’t even stepping up because they don’t trust congress. It’s pathetic.

        • Emmaleigh504

          We are ALL screwed because Congress is full of a bunch of diaper babies who are paid off by lobbyists. I have no respect for the members of Congress.

    • There has to be some point at which the government stops growing. Truly, our debt is unsustainable and places the nation in an untenable economic predicament.

      • the government hasn’t kept growing. the SIZE of the government has decreased.
        At some point, we have to get serious abotu revenue. If you don’t have people working and paying taxes, you can’t pay your bills even if you cut programs.
        It’s simple math, and I suck at math.

        • Yes, by “size of government”, I meant spending. And taking a perspective of 80+ years, raising more revenue through taxes and borrowing has generally been our MO and we have reached, or will soon reach a point of insolvency. I sympathize with your personal concerns, but ask that you also take a perspective beyond your own pocketbook.

          • you’re implying I don’t serve a purpose or that I cost the government a lot of money.
            I am not an expensive employee (not a high GS, especially given my educational and professional experience prior to coming here) and I serve a function in my office as most are military rotating in and out without an understanding of what our shop does – continuity is value.
            Additionally, I don’t believe we’re borrowing money to pay our salaries. We borrowed money to pay for two unfunded wars. Republicans seem to forget that and have not apologized to squandering money on two useless wars (in which my spouse fought)

      • Actually, that’s not true at all, unless you subscribe to the belief that an economy has a point at which it must stop growing. History has shown that economies continue expanding and growing due to technological progress. Yes, there are recessions and set backs, but history has shown a trajectory of exponential economic growth.

        History has also shown that when government “shrinks” it is often associated with massive negatives (collapse of civil society, natural disasters, health crises, etc.). Be careful what you wish for. The Dark Ages were very real and horrifying.

    • I entered the government in July 2010 and attended a training on the federal budget shortly thereafter. Our instructor told us about the 1996 shutdown like it was ancient history, told us it would probably never happen again, and anyway there’d never been any doubt that they’d get back pay for those days.

      Fast forward a few months to the 2010 midterm elections… we’ve had shutdown threats every single year since then. I hate to complain because I’ve really appreciated the intangibles of working for the government (plenty of responsibility early on in my career, lots of training, good work-life balance), but being yanked around by the whims of a few uber-conservative Representatives is getting REALLY old.

      • +1. What will happen is the good ones will go, the motivated ones who can’t find a good job elsewhere will lose motivation and drag everyone else down.

        • And the “dead wood” will still sit there, watching the clock and doing as little as possible to keep their “commendable” rating.

          • yes. There needs to be a massive buy out program. My coworker won’t leave because she’ll get 2% more in her retirement if she stays, but she will take a buy out because her income won’t go up at all.
            Offer a gov’t wide buy out. And reduce the number of political positions at the “secretary” level (the assistant secretaries, deputy undersecretaries, etc).

    • I’m so sorry. I don’t think that Congress should be able to implement any of the government closure/reduction measures they have until they take a corresponding cut in their own income. That might give them some pause about messing with people’s livelihoods like they have been. But until we get these Tea Party lunatics out of office, this will keep happening again and again. They are not interested in governing, they are interested in holding the government hostage until they get the extreme changes they are advocating for.

    • I work in the Senate and agree with you. I’ve about had it because we can’t get anything done around here anymore. Most of us hate the sequester and constant threats of government shutdowns, debt ceiling B.S., etc. But compromise is no longer allowed – the crazies will revolt if there is compromise with the other party. The best thing that could happen is to change the primary system so that the most extreme candidates don’t win and end up representing a minority of their constituents. And if the House leadership would actually work on building bi-partisan compromises, they could negate the crazy element of their caucus.

      • shit, tell them they can’t go home until they fix things. Seriously. Be in session every. single. day. I think Reid would do this, but that’s it. Why was there an August recess? it’s a joke.

    • Naturally, the perspective here is very DC-centric – nearly 40% of people here work for the U.S. government as compared to 7% nationwide. The overwhelming majority of people in this country are not unionized and working for pitiful wages compared to any government employee. Good luck finding sympathy from those poor, suffering souls – 92% of the U.S. population. When I speak with friends who work in the government, they seem to think that everyone who doesn’t work for Uncle Sam is part of the 1%, (not counting in the 92%, btw).

      • I don’t think your friends are the norm. I also don’t think it is fair to compare DC salaries with salaries in many other parts of the country. In much of the country, I could buy a really nice house for less than $200k. So, to look at a government worker in DC’s salary and say “Holy Cow! If you made that much in Iowa, you’d be the richest person on the block!” is more than a bit out of whack.

      • you realize that the avg federal civilian salary is a GS 9, I believe, which over the country is not very high considering how long most people are federal employees.

        I don’t care about DC, for the most part – everyone has responsibilities and bills. That’s what I care about.

        I know I’m not part of the 1%. Nor am I allowed to be in a union, negotiate my wages, conditions, or even work hours. So not everyone is like your friends. And your friends must be idiots to believe people everywhere else is the 1%. That’s some stupidity right there.

        • GS 9 is well above the average household salary for the country though.

          • if you compare the education level of those GS 9 (nationwide amount earned) it’s higher than the average education level and time in career as well. just a thought!

          • I started at GS 7 straight out of college making $55k (8 years ago). I thought that was pretty good…

          • GS-7 isn’t $55K, at least in DC. It’s not even GS-7 step 10 (which is just a shade under 5K). 8 years ago there were no GS-7s making close to $55K. Maybe you meant GS-9? And even then you’d have to be a few steps up.

          • Clearly not true. CNN reported yesterday that the median household income in the U.S. is about $51,000. That’s the median, so the average is much higher (thank you, 1%.) The GS-9 base salary is $41,000. In Washington, DC and surrounding areas, the locality pay bumps a GS-9 salary to $51,000. Exactly at the median U.S. household rate. All of that, by the way, presumes a single income household, which is not the norm in the U.S.

          • No, I was most definitely a GS-7 when I started at the USPTO in Alexandria. You had to have a Masters degree to start at GS-9. And like I said, this was 8 years ago!

          • This is a couple of years old, but it has a GS 7 Step 1 making $52k:

          • You must be misremembering.
            I started in the government as a GS-_11_ about eight years ago, and was making about $54K then.

          • Kind of a hard thing to mis-remember.

          • Well, the alternative (or at least one alternative) to misremembering is that the poster is a lying troll. I would prefer to give him/her the benefit of the doubt on that count.

          • Looks like maybe USPTO salaries are on a different scale than the regular GS scale. I see the USPTOCareers link shows a table titled “Special Salary Rate Table,” and the OPM website has a page on “special rates”: http://apps.opm.gov/SpecialRates/2012/Index.aspx
            Regular GS pay levels for salaried employees in the D.C. area are shown here: http://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-leave/salaries-wages/2013/general-schedule/dcb.pdf
            GS-7, Step 1 is $42,209.

          • I’m not a lying troll and I’m not mis-remembering anything. That is what I got paid in 2005 as a GS-7.

          • Some PTO occupations are covered by a special rate (table 0576 if you want to look it up) so it’s certainly not the normal GS salary.

          • Yeah, it’s a different scale and you also get promoted annually by grade instead of step (but even with the higher salaries the USPTO has trouble retaining employees).

          • USPTO person, please see the links above. Apparently the USPTO’s GS scale is a “special” scale that does not match that of the regular GS scale.

          • Thank you. And it’s still less than what an entry-level engineer would make in the private sector.
            Anon 1:34 pm, you could apologize to me.

          • ^meant to say “more than”. When I left the PTO I took a pay cut because no one outside of the government wanted to pay me that much.

          • USPTO person, I was going to apologize to you in an earlier post, then deleted it (thinking, “Well, I didn’t actually call him/her a lying troll, right?”).
            I apologize for even obliquely suggesting that you might be a lying troll. There seems to have been an uptick of trolling lately on PoPville. I didn’t want to think you were a lying troll, which is why I added in “or at least one alternative” after “the alternative.”
            Since you and I entered the federal government at the same time — and since I’d occasionally looked at the GS rates since then — I knew that the GS-7 figure you were citing for 2005 was not accurate. Since I didn’t know of the “special rates” phenomenon, I was at a loss to explain how else you could be coming up with the figure you cited. I am glad that there’s a good explanation that clears you from any suspicion of being a lying troll.

          • (addendum to comment that’s awaiting moderation)
            I might also call to your attention my remark “I would prefer to give him/her the benefit of the doubt on that count.”

          • A good Anonymous never apologizes.

          • UPSTO person, I don’t know when/if my awaiting-moderation post is going to show up, but I apologize for even obliquely suggesting that you might be a ly1ng tr0ll. I am glad you are not. (But I also hope you appreciate that your GS-7 salary was considerably more generous than most D.C.-area GS-7’s salaries.)

          • Thanks anon, and yes, this discussion was illuminating. Makes me wonder why anyone would bother with a government job if they typically pay so little!

          • I actually find it misleading to mention a GS grade and salary and if it’s served by a special rate, to not mention so. Don’t be surprised that people jumped down your throat given the number of feds who are familiar with the GS pay scale. Anon 1:34, I don’t think you needed to apologize but it was a nice gesture.

          • I didn’t know there was such a thing as special rates. Give me a break.

        • Your posts indicate that you care about yourself and preserving the incomparable security of your federal job. I’m not criticizing you for this – everyone watches out for their own interests. I’m just challenging you to have some perspective beyond your chronic “woe is me” perspective.

      • I honestly don’t understand why when people look at people with a government, unionized job that makes them a little money and better benefits, why their response isn’t –hey, I should have that too. Rather than screw them, they should have a bad, underpaying job just like me.

        I hope those poor, suffering souls take inspiration from fast food workers and others around the country demand better for themselves, rather than try to create a faster race to the bottom.

    • Agree, but until voting America wakes up and actually DOES something, we just all sit here and complain. People need to be more angry and actually start demanding change instead of remaining held hostage by these bozos.

      • Well, sort of. I don’t think there’s any shortage of folks demanding change or folks who are angry. Those bozos who are holding everyone hostage are demanding change too, on behalf of the bozos that elected them. There does seem to be a shortage of people demanding compromise and demanding solutions that benefit the greatest number of people and not just themselves (or their ideals).

        • The problem is, that the people that elect the people that you think are crazy, don’t think the people they elected are..they actually do want them to do the things you think are nuts. Why? One word…GERRYMANDERING.

          Until you put all the numbers into a computer and have it spit out districts that are relatively neutral, the political crazies on both sides get to pick who wins in the primaries. That leads to ever more extreme candidates from the margins, b/c Joe and Jane Pragmatic are too busy living their lives to show up and/or work for middle-of-the-road candidates. The middle never gets represented, b/c the middle doesn’t show up, b/c the middle “ain’t got time for that”.

  • Revel: Screaming Females last night. Not sure if Marissa Paternoster’s chronic pain problem has gotten better or what, but she was flying all over the stage, it was wild.
    Semi-rant: Equipment problems ended their set after about 45-50 minutes. Not too bad though.
    Kind of fun: Mary Timony was standing in front of me in the audience, occasionally taking cellphone pictures of Marissa playing guitar. Both of them are guitarists who have been some sort of inspiration to me over the years so that was kind of amusing.

  • Rave: Tried out Taan Ramen last night, I’ll give it a thumbs up

    • Anybody know what’s up with Taan’s new signage? Especially the writing on the window… I can only assume that “janky-ass carryout” was the look they were going for. Kind of a weird look for a place that sells $15 ramen.

      • Didn’t notice writing on the window last night but I could have missed it. My bowl of tan tan men was $11, so I’ll give it a thumbs up over the $15 Sakuramen. Was much tastier too.

  • Rave: This amazing fall-like weather! I love it.
    Rant: I definitely did not get seeds into the ground early enough to have a fall harvest, and I’m thinking it is just way too late now. Gardening fail.
    Rave: My best friend is coming to visit from the West Coast in nine days. I can’t wait to see her.
    Rave: I have amazing soon-to-be in-laws.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: World Rhino Day is 9/22. The Baltimore Zoo is having events.
    Rant: The National Zoo does not have any rhinoceroses.
    Rhino Fact: There are 5 types of rhino: White rhino (my fave, largest, in Africa), Black rhino (Africa), Javan (Asia), Sumatran (smallest, Asia), and Greater One-Horned or Indian (Asia).

    • Today is National Cheeseburger Day 🙂

    • binpetworth

      Hey, you got a new handle. And a new rhino! Happy (upcoming) World Rhino Day!

    • Do you know about the new(ish) baby rhino at Zoo Atlanta? Their twin panda cubs have been getting most of the limelight, but they also have some cute photos and videos of the rhino calf online. (The average person probably doesn’t think of rhinos as “cute”–and they’re not, in the cuddly/furry sense–but I kinda think the babies are adorable in their own way.) And thanks for the heads up about 9/22! I’m actually going to be in Baltimore over the weekend anyway, so maybe I’ll check the zoo’s events out!

    • Now’s as good a time as any to ask: why the fascination with rhinos? As someone who’s never had a favorite animal I’m always curious as to why people choose certain ones to love.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Because they are beautiful 🙂
        When I was in high school I baby sat for this kid who invited me to his birthday party (he was like 4). They had a pinata and when it was busted open a toy rhino slid across the room and hit my feet, so I kept it. It was green and had red paint on it in the mouth area, so it looked bloody. I called it my bloody rhinoceros. I stuck it on a ribbon and wore it as a necklace. My love for rhinos grew from there.

  • Not really a rant but: Usual morning dog walk goes down our side of the street to the end of the block – cross over – back up the other side. With the sun glare this time of year I’ve tried to reverse that. Dog won’t do it. Acts like we have gone to Mars instead of simply reversed the walk.

    Rave: Dog anyway.

  • Rave: Cool Disco Dan Movie TONIGHT!!! YEAH TEAM!!!

    Rant: Those kids on four wheelers, dirt bikes going the WRONG way totally harrassing me last night by the Brentwood Giant. Totally terrorized the neighborhood, they even stopped at MCDONALDS!!! Police kept going the OPPOSITE direction EVERYTIME. It’s not like you couldn’t hear them….

  • revel: weather is amazing for my daily commute in to work (running or biking)
    rant: car drivers have been terrible so far this week. nearly got thrown up on the hood of a car cruising through stop signs twice yesterday while in the cross walk. one of the drivers insisted that cars have the right of way in a stop-sign crosswalk.
    rant2: nearly got doored in MtP this morning. as the door opened, I yelled “look out!” (no joke, I was too tired to be a dick about it). The fat middle aged lady responded “YOU FUCKING WATCH OUT ASSHOLE!!!”. I just yelled back “its the law!” (stupid response, I know). She ended by screaming back “NO! OPENING MY FUCKING DOOR IS THE LAW YOU ASSHOLE!!!”. Got it all on helmet cam, but I left my usb cable at home today. I will post a link to the youtube video once I get it up. it will probably be pretty funny.

    • Shame that MPD will do [email protected] with that video footage. You can catch all the law-breaking you want on that thing and MPD will still tell you to pound sand. I’ve had assaults captured on camera and they’ve done absolutely nothing.
      The ONLY reason I wear it is so that my wife can collect damages in the event of my serious injury or death.

    • Why do you have a helmet cam running for routine bike rides? Glad you got a hilarious fat-shaming video out of it though.

      • Bikers wear them for liability purposes. If there’s a lawsuit and the driver was in the wrong, you could prove it and collect damages. I think it’s a really smart idea.

        PS – give it up with the “fat shaming” faux outrage. It sounds like the woman is an inconsiderate slob.

        • I agree, but why mention that detail in the first place? It’s as if the biker was further trying to play up stereotypes (the fit, young, reasonable bikers versus the fat, middle-aged, irate drivers).

          • “I love sweeping generalizations. Sweeping generalizations are the key to everything, and they invariably contain nuggets of truth. Sometimes infinitesimally small nuggets.” – Simon Doonan

          • To Anon 1:07…. “The problem with internet quotes is that you can’t always depend on their accuracy” Abraham Lincoln 1864

  • Rave: this weather… and I’m in love!

  • Rant: so many condo issues and the new resident is coming across (in e-mail) as a bit unhinged.
    Rave:new jogging shoes
    Rant: so many congressional reports to coordinate/review
    Rant: walking out of the house and immediately wanted to go back in to change clothes (for the 5th time)

  • Does anyone know what happened at the Petworth Metro Station around 10:30 last night? I was coming home from work and there were several police cars, a fire truck, and ambulance. It looked like someone was down on the sidewalk, but I haven’t seen anything about it.

  • mtpgal

    Rant: Husband is away for a work trip so the kid decided to get up multiple times throughout the night (for the third night in a row). So. Tired. Ability to focus on work: 0%

  • Did anyone go to the open house at Petworth Citizen last night? Curious what it was like…

  • Rave: My Boardwalk Empire DVDs are shipping today! So excited.
    Rant: The gift for the guest of honor for today’s event arrived yesterday. It was beautiful-except that the honoree’s name was misspelled. Hopefully the replacement arrives this AM like it is supposed to.
    Rant: I am so crabby that the weather’s getting colder. It’s not bad for September, but still a reminder that winter is on the way.

  • Rant: For some stupid, girly reason I wasted time at work the other day by looking at engagement rings (despite being nowhere close to getting engaged, nor having particularly strong feelings about it in general). Now my work computer is overrun with internet ads for rings and wedding stuff and they will not stop! I am going to be so embarrassed if I have to show a coworker something online and there are engagement rings everywhere.

    Revel: I am getting a new work computer soon so hopefully they will all disappear.

    • Delete your cookies.

    • haha – I spent an hour this morning going through vintage engagement rings – I don’t even have a serious boyfriend! what is it about those things that we love so much?! oooh, shiny ….

      • I wish I was like you! My gf has been dropping hints that I should propose (not sure why I have to be the one to do it) and although I love fashion I find jewelry really boring. Plus she’s very particular and probably won’t like whatever I get. I’m tempted to wait until the next time we’re in India because it will be 1000 times cheaper, but I don’t know if Indian jewelers would respond favorably to a woman buying an engagement ring for another woman!

        • Don’t tell them it’s an engagement ring? Just say you want to buy a ring? Tell them it’s for a friend? Also, if she’s that particular then ask her to tell you exactly what she wants – even better have her pick it out if you can. If you have to propose then the least she could do is pick out the ring (that only she really wants).

      • Me, too! I’ve been enthralled with Brilliant Earth’s antique rings. They’re pretty and shiny!


      • The funniest part is I’m not even super into jewelry. I like to browse clothes and occasionally shoes online when bored, but jewelry just doesn’t do much for me. Until now, apparently.

        The worst part is, I now have STRONG OPINIONS about exactly the type of ring I want. I wish I had not done this research. Now I feel really, really bad for whoever proposes to me.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had that problem with Spanx. I heard about the “pee hole” and was curious as to what that is, so I looked at their website. Bad idea.

      • HAHAHAHA
        when I volunteered for the dc humane society at adoption events, the old events coordinator used to have tell people before events at sticky fingers in columbia heights to be sure they googled sticky fingers BAKERY.

    • Ha, I do that too! For absolutely no good reason. I also browse for shoes online, and hate it when ads for the shoes show up on my Facebook feed! It’s like I’m being stalked by beautiful, expensive shoes that I could never afford 🙁 Not to mention it’s a bit creepy how Facebook keeps track of my online browsing habits…

    • Agreed. IMO we need to take the $ out of politics. 90% of a budget goes to TV production and air time…..ban TV ads to start. Public finance campaigns and shorten the time of campaigning like in GB to 6 weeks.

    • Well, if you do ever get engaged, don’t post it on facebook. When I got engaged, all I got were ads in my feed for “Get a hot body for your wedding day…and night!” or “Trying to squeeze into a wedding dress”. Eff you facebook for trying to make women feel bad.

      • I get all the matchmaker ones. Barf. I got one in my feed that started “dear single lady.” Once I stopped laughing, I had to barf again. I may be single (and perfectly happy that way), but I don’t need to find men on Facebook, thankyouverymuch creepy ads!

  • Rant: This morning’s bike crash on Quincy.
    Rave: Old conversation on popville was really helpful in my search for a new lady-doctor. Yay community!

  • Not sure if this constitutes a rant, but I’m puzzled… if so many PoPvillagers were offering to help out the person with the MinPin for dogwalking until he/she has recovered, why is he/she still trying to rehome the dog? The Craigslist ad was last updated/reposted today.

    • Honestly, she sounded a bit unhinged.

    • epric002

      that’s interesting. OP for min pin- can you clarify?

    • Maybe she doesn’t want to rely on people she doesn’t know? Whatever her reasons are she seems to want to find a good home for the dog, shouldn’t that be enough? I am not sure why it is anyone business.

      • Maybe all the people who said they wanted to help flaked out. That sort of thing happens a lot (and why I don’t volunteer to help anyone unless I’m 100% sure I can do it).

      • epric002

        it’s “anyone’s business” because it was posted on this public forum. the OP expressed a desire to keep the dog, and kindly PoPvillers were trying to help that happen.

        • Well obviously it didn’t happen, so that should be the end of it. Good for PoPville for trying to help, but PoPville doesn’t need or deserve to know why it didn’t happen.

          • epric002

            i don’t see trying to keep a dog out of a shelter as nosy, especially when the issue was freely disclosed. i imagine interested parties are more concerned for the dog’s well-being than anything.

          • Interested parties should be concerned for the human’s well-being too. The issue was freely disclosed and discussed but that doesn’t entitle you to ride out the whole plotline on a blog. If you think you’ve got a right to know then why not contact the owner directly?

          • epric002

            the original topic was the dog, hence the discussion about the dog and it’s well-being. no one is demanding anything here, someone else asked a question about a previous PoPville topic and some of us remain interested in it- me included. asking a question does not mean the asker feels entitled, or that we have a “right to know”- it was just a simple question.

      • Well, she did kind of make it our business by mentioning it here (although it was PoPville people who offered to help; she didn’t ask per se).

    • Seriously, this seems a bit nosy to me. The outpouring of offers to help was very generous, but for someone in recovery from surgery just coordinating all the helpers for a dog that they wish they could take care of themselves could still be overwhelming. For all kinds of reasons this could be the best thing for the dog and the owner and I don’t see why an explanation should be forthcoming. If you really must be nosy then contact the owner directly. But really I would just let it be.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 We don’t know everything going on here. Recovering from surgery is difficult, we don’t know what other factors are making keeping the dog more difficult. Not being able to care for an animal does not make the poster a bad person, it makes her a person who cannot care for an animal.

    • Because she doesn’t want to keep the dog. She allowed people to think she genuinely wanted people to help her keep the dog, but you can tell from her comments she wants to get rid of him. It’s a shame. She’s doesn’t even list an adoption fee on craigslist, so who knows where this poor pup will end up. 🙁

    • The fact that the dog’s age is not listed on the Craigslist ad — and wasn’t listed here, even when people asked for that information — makes me wonder if this is perhaps an older dog with health issues.

  • Rant: How many more days until summer?
    Rave: At least I’ll get to wear my new-ish gorgeous Frye boots while I do my count-down. And I still have hope for a few hot, sunshine-y, low-humidity days before I have to pull out my coat.
    Rant: Not sure if I have allergies or a cold or both. Yuck.
    Rant: The likelihood of a government shutdown — and all the posturing that’s behind it. I used to believe that Republicans and Democrats agreed on the problems — but disagreed, respectfully, on the solutions. Grandstanding and playing chicken on the taxpayer’s dimes sucks. I agree with jindc — just lock them all in a room until they fix this mess.
    Rant/Rave: The two party system. I realize it’s unlikely, but maybe this mess will lead to a few more options.
    Rave: Back into balance! (I hope). My yoga class is starting again.

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