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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Great weather for a bike ride last night
    Rave: Attended BACA meeting and met peeps from the neighborhood
    Rant: Reading up on the Navy Yard shooter, so sad this had to happen
    Rave: I think autumn is finally here!

  • Rave: A friend who works at Navy Yard is home safe. Rattled and pretty shaken, but safe.
    Rave: Lovely cool fall weather
    Rant: Doc who wrote the wrong name on my prescription and didn’t show up today for an appointment to fix it. ARGH!
    Rave: good insurance to find another one!

  • Rave: Loving the weather.

    Rave: Happy to be alive.

    Rant: Increasing gun violence.

    Rave: Bachelor party this weekend.

    Rant: Georgia avenue construction – I don’t understand why the O street market construction project chose Georgia avenue as their truck dock site. This morning a truck took over 15 minutes to back into the bay. Couldn’t they have chose a side street? They held up traffic for 15 minutes while a truck driver was practicing backing up into the off-load ramp.

  • epric002

    rant: dear friend’s kitty is very sick and probably won’t make it through the week. she’s in NY and doesn’t have a lot of friends nearby. so sad for her. πŸ™
    double rant: she was supposed to come to town this weekend for her bridal shower- doesn’t sound like that is going to happen.
    rave: it was autumnal outside this morning!

    • epric002

      so sad for her, her kitty just passed. i wish i could be there with her.

      • …can you send a card/make a donation in memory of the pet? That’s what I do when people’s pets pass and it always makes the smile that someone acknowledged their loss and some good came of it. just a thought! hope your friend is OK soon!

        • epric002

          that’s a great idea j, thanks! do you usually just do like a local SPCA chapter?

          • I suggest Best Friends Animal Society! They are in Kanab, Utah. My family has actually taken two trips out there to volunteer with the animals for a week. (Although last time, I hadn’t planned to go, but Dad got sick and I had to fly out to help get the parents home after a surprise stay in the hospital for a week). We also adopted our most recent pup from there, and he flew cross-country from Las Vegas (closest airport) last Thanksgiving! Anyway, they’re a great organization, they literally own their own canyon where they shelter all different kinds of animals-dogs, cats, birds, pigs, horses- you name it, they probably have it! They also took some of the Michael Vick and Hurricane animals, if I remember correctly. Anyway, the website is http://www.bestfriends.org. I think you can donate in their name to the “Rainbow Bridge”, and they may even send the magazine (I can’t remember, but know that for some donation types, it comes with). It’s just an awesome place!

          • well, if they got her from a shelter, you can donate to that specific shelter.
            When a family friend lost her dog, I donated where she volunteered.
            However, I find that a small shelter is good – even the DC humane society – because they really need the money.

            best friends is great,but doesn’t do much in your own backyard (or your friends backyard) if that is important.

          • epric002

            thanks for the suggestions. i’m not sure where she got her from, but will try and find out.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: I’ve been looking for a book club and I just saw that Politics and Prose has a bunch. I think I’ll give it a try. Has anyone been or have any general book club knowledge to share (besides, ya know, read the book)?

    • Have something to say about the book. This sounds obvious, but listening to a bunch of people saying ” yeah, I really liked/disliked it too”, is pretty underwhelming.

    • “Lost Generation Book Club” meets at The Heights restaurant, organized by Keith, one of the bartenders. I was never a book club person, but I like this one. People are pretty varied and conversation is always good.

    • PoPville book club! I’ve been looking for one to join as well but it’s always a bit intimidating to jump into a group that’s already worked out their own dynamics.

  • Revel: Surprise cake pop for breakfast, because THE WORLD IS GREAT.

    Rant: Operation Start Liking Dogs is at a standstill. Try as I might, I still do not think I really like dogs. Do I not have a soul? I’ve now dog-sat for two very nice, well-behaved, cute, friendly dogs who received many compliments at the dog park, and I still just think they are sort of gross and high maintenance. HELP.

    • Well, they are sort of gross and high maintenance. Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves (I say this as a dog lover and owner myself). They’re not for everyone!

    • I kind of hated dogs until I grudgingly agreed to let my husband get one. I love my dog – but still think most other dogs are gross. Especially the slobbery ones. Ugh. Plus, our dog is a doodle so her hair is nice and soft and not the oily/greasy feeling stuff on so many other dogs.

      So, there you go, maybe you would only like your own dog.

    • You lack a soul. Sorry to bear the bad news.

    • epric002

      they are gross and high maintenance. so are kids πŸ™‚ (full disclosure- i LOVE dogs, and like most kids)

      • so true. And they’re selfish. Which, when you’re in a funk, makes you have to take care of someone else. I would have been a basket case during my husband’s deployments without my dog…had to walk her, had to pet her, etc.
        I like dogs more than kids but I’m sure I’ll like my own kid!

        • epric002

          +1 the good of dogs so outweighs the bad. i know people say that about kids, but haven’t managed to convince myself that i should have kids. i keep waiting to wake up and want them, but it hasn’t happened yet- oh well!

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s soooooo much easier being an aunt! All the rewards of kids, none of the costs or diapers!

          • I’m like you. My coworkers used to call me Tony Soprano (but a girl!) at an old job because my love for animals outweighs my love for children.

            Then, I feel my baby kick me and I think “you know, it’s pretty hard to love something so much even when you haven’t seen them yet”. It is true – and I’m NOT that type of person. So…don’t rule it out. I feel like we make the best type of parent because we’re not obsessed with kids and all that.

          • epric002

            i so love being an auntie! i have one niece and a nephew on the way πŸ™‚ i totally recognize that i *may* wake up one day and realize that i have a biological clock, but the husband and i have agreed that 35 is our cut-off. if it doesn’t happen by then, it doesn’t happen biologically.

    • why do you have to like dogs? As long as you don’t hate them, who cares? I don’t like cats. I don’t hate them, I just don’t enjoy them nor do I ever want one. Different strokes for different folks – don’t force yourself, just know you don’t like them! And as long as you’re not scared of them or avoid spending time with friends who have them, you’re good!

    • Eh, I don’t like children and think they’re gross and high-maintainence. I guess we all have parts of our soul missing.

      • and extremely expensive to boot!

        • Dogs can be very expensive too. At least kids’ medical procedures can be covered by health insurance.

          • pet insurance is WAY easier to understand that regular insurance. Dog’s ACL repair cost me $1800, pet insurance paid $1500 for it. VPI for the win!

            But don’t underestimate the cost of a pet. for real.

          • I’ve found the opposite to be true. VPI didn’t pay for any of my dogs’ medical procedures, including $2000 cataract surgery, even though cataract surgery was specifically listed as being covered. It has stupid ridiculous loopholes too and I think pet insurance is a waste of money (Consumer Reports agrees).

          • epric002

            pet insurance FTW! $3600 dental work. ASPCA insurance covered 1/3 of that. and vaccines, and an annual check-up. do you homework though when you pick a company/plan.

          • You’ll get burned someday.

          • with pet insurance?
            I’ve gotten back WAY more than I’ve paid in. It helps to have a mutt because the pure bred exclusions can add up.

            It could be the denials are because of how your vet diagnoses the problem, but I’ve never had an issue. It’s been a life saver for us (thousands of dollars back so far). I’m sure it’s not for everyone, I can only comment on my experience. Consumer reports doesn’t have a dog with two bum ACLs that need fixin’!

          • Wow jindc, I wish I’d had that experience with VPI. Fortunately pet insurance doesn’t cost that much, but I cancelled mine because they denied every claim I ever filed. I have purebreds but I don’t think that had anything to do with it. They have such a narrow range of what they will cover (like the surgery one of my dogs’ needed would only be paid for if the dog was between the ages of 6 and 10). It’s kind of a racket.

          • Caroline- did you try resubmitting claims with a different diagnosis?
            I’m not saying it’s not true, but I’ve never had that experience so I can only say that whenever I’ve had a claim denied, I had my vet refill out the paperwork with a more explicit diagnosis and then it was covered.

            I know they exclude a lot of stuff for purebred dogs, but sorry you got bad service from them! I don’t think it’s a racket though – my folks got it and their rescue had a tummy problem, they got $187 back in like 2 weeks!

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I’ll admit, I’ve taken a liking to a few children who are related to me (my nephew, my cousin’s daughter), but as a general rule, I don’t like children and seek to not be around them. Of course, I can handle them just fine and I’m always polite to mothers, etc., but, given the choice between a child-friendly place and a non child-friendly place, I’ll generally pick the latter.

      • Ah, the old nonsensical dogs-kids argument. *yawn*

    • Why HELP? You don’t have to like dogs. I don’t hate dogs but I don’t like them either. To me, they’re just things that some people have.

      • Yeah, it’s nice to see someone acknowledging there’s more to owning a dog than having a cute little companion. Lots of dogs end up in shelters because someone decided to get one without realizing that dogs are messy and expensive and require a lot of effort to take care of.

      • I’m just really awkward around dogs! They kind of scare me, even friendly ones, because I just don’t understand how they work and how they react to things (I never spent much time with them growing up). People take their dogs very personally–I’ve insulted acquaintances by not letting their dog lick my face (eww) or jump into my lap (ouch). So, I am trying to get more comfortable around them! Through some pup-sitting for friends! Its…not quite working, though. πŸ™‚ You’re right, I might just accept it–but a lot of people truly don’t understand when you say “sorry, can you please get him off me, I’m just not a dog person” when their puppy won’t stop licking my head. πŸ™‚

        • I feel really awkward around little kids and babies (I never spent much time with them growing up) and have a hard time understanding them or feeling comfortable around them! So I understand where you’re coming from!

        • epric002

          if people don’t understand that you don’t want their dog climbing on you/licking you, then that’s a reflection on them, not you. if you genuinely are interested in being more comfortable around them, read some books on dog behavior which will give you the basics on meeting and interacting with dogs, and will explain why they do the things they do. if you become more comfortable around dogs, dogs will sense that and be more comfortable around you.

        • I see. I only have a few friends who have dogs and I’m nice to the dogs (enough so they know not to attack me) but they don’t get to lick me, sit on me, or jump on me. If the owners don’t like it then I just don’t stick around – no hard feelings, they’re just not going to see much of me. And if they’re insulted, well, not much I can do about that.

    • I feel the same way about cats. I’ve come to terms with it.

    • It’s no big deal, everyone is not a dog person. I love pretty much all cats, but for the most part can take or leave dogs. Too high maintenance, too drool-y, too noisy.

      • Yes. I am a cat person. I sort of envy dog people, though. But dogs are just–smelly and drooly, at least to me. They are gross to cuddle, unlike cats. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: One of my roommates travels for work frequently and he always forgets to turn off his iHome alarm (which, when not connected to an iPhone or iPod makes a truly terrible and loud sound). He’s an early riser, so it throws off my schedule considerably. I’ve told him numerous time to turn it off or text me if he leaves town without doing so, but he never learns. It’s so inconsiderate!
    Rave: My boss is letting me telework on Thursdays. Hooray for less time spent commuting to Rockville!

    • unplug his iHome and hide it.

    • Scrillin

      If you accidentally run over the power cord with a vacuum, it stands a good chance of messing up the copper wires inside, especially if its one of those dinky little thin cords they use for stuff like that now.

      So nothing will look suspicious, and you stand a good chance of your roommate switching to just their phone alarm, which means they’ll take it with them when they leave town.

  • Rant: Familiar names on the list of victims.
    Rave: So many calls and messages from concerned friends and family. I never realized so many people care about me!

  • Rant: The Ella Condo’s is still one of the leading stories on Pop and it gives me nightmares, I keep dreaming that the building topples over and destroys the poor neighbours house

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Evidence of a mouse in my apartment and my normally hunter kitty has no interest. She’s getting old.
    Rave: Sunday and ambulance was headed towards and intersection and everyone (cars, bikes, pedestrians) stopped and if needed moved out of the way.

    • I don’t follow your rave…?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Let me type it correctly: Sunday an ambulance was headed toward an intersection and everyone (cars, bikes, pedestrians) stopped and if needed moved out of the way.
        It’s a rave about people getting out of the way of an ambulance and that all types of travelers did it.

        • And that is unusual…?

          Rave: I saw a car stop at a red light today! Woohoo!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes it is unusual for cars, bikes, and pedestrians (on the sidewalk) to stop and move or stay out of the way. I once saw a woman almost get hit by a fire truck b/e she decided to cross the street in front of it. I often see cars stop, but not move out of the way so they act as slaloms. Bikes often roll through intersections no matter the color of the light. It was nice to see people on every side of the intersection yield to the ambulance. No one tried to speed up and get ahead of the ambulance. It was refreshing.

          • I wonder if the woman was deaf (esepcially considering we have so many deaf people here). That’s so dangerous!

          • Rave: Nobody broke into my house and stole all my stuff today! Or tried to rape or kill me! An usual day in DC since everyone here is self-centered and they don’t follow the rules.

        • Emmaleigh504

          She must have been blind too, because it was less than a block away. She was not using a phone or anything either.

      • Oh, I totally get her rave. I almost never see people in this city get out of the way for an ambulance. Makes me rage inside and hope that one of the people who are blocking the ambulance has a family member in the ambulance that can’t get through.

        • Really? I live on 8th Street SE, a couple blocks from the fire station, so I’m always seeing emergency vehicles trying to get by, and everyone always does their best to get out of their way (not that it’s always the easier thing to do).
          OTOH, last weekend I was out on Rt. 50 in Loudon County and couldn’t believe how many people refused to move out of the left lane to let an ambulance through, even though there was plenty of space to merge into the other lanes. People seem to be a lot more oblivious and/or self-centered there.

      • It’s unusual for anybody using a street/sidewalk in DC to think of anyone but themselves. So an ambulance being given right of way is something worth celebrating.

        • Where do you people live that people not letting an ambulance through is a normal thing?

          • binpetworth

            This is a daily occurrence outside my Farragut-area office. It seems to magically coincide with my conference call/webinar schedule too that an ambulance is stuck, sirens blaring and nothing moves for minutes.

          • Columbia Heights. I saw a vehicle stop and block traffic including blocking an ambulance (that was trying to get past) to let someone out. That someone had to lean in to get something, exchange a few words with the driver. And in the meantime an ambulance with siren blaring was right behind vehicle. MD driver in SUV, for what it’s worth.

          • Well, I never spend time in those three places so I’ll take your word for it. πŸ™‚

      • Most people in DC don’t stop/get out of the way of ambulances because this town is filled with selfish assholes.

        • Nice to see so many DC residents full of love for our city. Ya’ll need to get out and see the rest of the country if you think people here are selfish.

          • I’ve spent my whole life living in NYC and LA. I now live in downtown DC.

            Based on my non-scientific observations, DC is much worse than either place for individuals not getting out of the way of emergency vehicles or even actively trying to outrun the emergency vehicle. DC has a terrible car culture (e.g. the mid-block U-turn, that is a dangerously unique phenomenon to DC).

            NYC’ers were really scarred by 9/11, so I think that’s why they give deference to emergency vehicles. LA drivers are simply not as rushed and frantic as east coast drivers, so they have no qualms with pulling over (plus the roads and highways are MUCH wider out there).

          • Yeah, it’s easier to get out of the way when the roads are 3x as wide.
            Also LA has fewer pedestrians and bikers, so there are fewer pedestrians and bikers not getting out of the way.

        • Can we just agree that some people move out of the way of emergency vehicles and others don’t, and it’s not some DC-specific phenomenon? Geez.

          • No, not really. DC/MD/VA drivers, bikers, and pedestrians are really selfish, inconsiderate, and generally ignorant of safe practices. I’ve had way more issues here than in any other part of the country.

          • I don’t think it’s any worse in DC than anywhere else (unless you’re talking about the DC suburbs where it’s mayhem much of the time).

    • Stand an empty cat food bag up in a trash can in your kitchen (leaving a few nuggets in the bag also helps to catch them). The mouse will climb into the bag and not be able to get out (at least for a day until it figures how to chew out of it). You can then release the mouse outside of your building and do it all over again next month. Mouse traps are a waste of money as mice have become too smart for most of them. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: It is so sad that, again, families spent hours worrying about loved ones only to learn they won’t be home ever again. It’s just heartbreaking.

    Rant: Seems everyone killed was a civilian (counting contractors). I find it hard to comprehend the sacrifices civilians continue to make yet are the first to get knocked down by politicians.

    Rave: The doctor from WHS who spoke out about gun violence. Good for her.

    • mtpgal

      Sort of off topic, but I totally agree with your comment about civilians. We had a couple employees killed in Iraq and Afghanistan while deployed trying to help create stability and their families won’t receive any of the benefits that those of soldiers would. It strikes me as horribly unfair. If you’re killed performing your official duty it seems your family should receive equitable benefits.

      • No, it’s definitely related – when those CIA agents were killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, guess what they get….? Nada (unless they had their own policies). The whole idea that civlians don’t “sacrifice”, both physically and financially, is BS. These people were just going to work at a place they thought would be safe. It’s just sad.

        • The President just signed an Executive Order that gives all the civilians injured yesterday free medical care the same way the would have gotten it had they been military. It doesn’t address the underlying issue, but it helps here.

      • Not trying to be cruel but why should someone who is not a soldier get the same benefits a soldier gets? If these people in Iraq and Afghanistan were working for contractors, they were not performing any “official” duties because they were not US officials. They were acting as private citizens employed by a private company. And they were probably getting paid a lot more than the soldiers were getting paid. If their survivors have a beef, it should be with the companies who employed their relatives – to the extent that the companies didn’t warn them of the danger or provide some kind of life insurance or death benefit; their beef isn’t with the United States.

        • you realize that non-contractors get deployed, too, right? As in federal employees?

          And you also realize that the military outsources specifically for certain things, like cooking/food service, to have the most number of boots able to “fight” unlike in WW2 when everyone served? I’m anti-war profit (Blackwater, etc) but not all contractors are like that. And a lot of the non-US military personnel are foreign…they do things like drive busses to take personnel from one side of the base to another (faster than walking) or fix plumbing. They don’t make more than soldiers.

          Just to clarity. Oh, and non-military folks have a very, very hard time getting life insurance deployed. You will likely not be insurable if you are in a war zone.

        • mtpgal

          Just to clarify: the employees I mentioned above were full time federal government workers who volunteered to go overseas. With benefits they were definitely making less than soldiers (I know, my husband was military) and, although in an official, government capacity, they get pretty much nothing after being killed in the line of duty. I used to work helping veterans get their benefits so I know all about what they get when injured/killed.

    • related rant: peace corps is the only federal agency that won’t pay for an abortion in the case of rape during the course of service, because we’re not only civilians, but not even considered employees! and forget any kind of help for service-related medical conditions that arise once you get back to the states…

      • And isn’t rape frighteningly common in the Peace Corps?

      • I’m confused….my insurance won’t pay for abortion, either. I don’t get the rant (other than that insurance should cover a medical procedure without judgment)…?
        But generally speaking, FEHB doesn’t cover abortion (Hude Amdt)

      • Rape is not common within Peace Corps. It happens, like it happens every other place on earth.
        Not covering abortions was/is not a decision made by Peace Corps. It is a result of an appropriations bill from many years ago.
        There is a bill in Congress currently to provide coverage.

    • Yup. Salt in the wound was the budget talk today at my office. Us poor civilian government workers are the only saps whose budget Congress is allowed to touch. Did anyone else notice that Congress got released from work early yesterday due to the Navy Yard? Must be a tough life. “Well, gents, time to stop playing with the economic future of the next generation and head home to our mansions for the day. Anyone up for a pint on the way home?”

      • you realize the House has only 5 more “working’ days in September to try to avert a shut down? They might canx next week’s recess but still.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: beautiful weather, great bike ride to work
    Rant: Yesterday.
    Rave: my new (old/repaired/under warranty) glasses are fixed, so I get to go get them on a nice weather day

  • Can anyone recommend a kitchen contractor, esp. one who’s worked with IKEA cabinets?
    The one my real estate agent recommended isn’t returning my calls and I need to get someone soon.

    • Anyone? Bueller?

      • I don’t know of a contractor who has specifically worked with ikea, but we used metro construction for our bathroom and really liked them.

        We had a different contractor install ikea for our wetbar and it was a disaster…the workmen didn’t read directors and drilled holes when no holes needed to be drilled (ikea already has the holes you need). I would highly recommend that you ask different contractors about their experience with ikea.

        Check out urbanreferrals for a referral for a contractor with ikea experience. We have used them and its actually free and not sketchy.

    • I replied to this yesterday

  • skj84

    Rant: still increadably sad about the Navy Yard shooting.

    Rave: What a beautiful morning. A little too chilly but I was ready for it.

    Rave: Freefest Saturday! So excited by the lineup!

    Rant: Rain in the forcast Sat. Please let it stay dry.

  • Rave: fall biking!!!

  • Rant: Popville- I think this website is becoming infected with some bad apples. There appears to be some insensitive people on this site now and I’m not digging it. I see a lot of veiled racism in comments and I don’t think that really meshes with the spirit of the site. I have nothing specific, not keeping tabs, just a general impression I’ve developed in the last couple months.

    • I think the site is getting “worse” in the sense that there seem to be more folks who don’t really add anything useful to the conversation and more folks who seem to have an unhealthy need to be right about everything, but that’s subjective for sure. I don’t agree with your “veiled racism” claim, but I tend to call BS to claims of veiled anything.

    • I agree with you completely, but wouldn’t say it’s veiled. Some of the comments say exactly what they mean to say. I’ve just decided to avoid inflammatory threads in the hopes that I don’t have to stop visiting the site altogether.

      • Ok, maybe not veiled- I generally call BS to that too, I just didn’t want to shove it down people throats, but my (subjective) general impression remains. I too hope it is temporary. The issue for me is, if this is neighborhood blog/site- then the people making these comments are neighbors of mine and I for one don’t like the thought of these elements being part of my neighborhood.

    • If you read something that bothers you, challenge it. Exercise your right (privilege in the case of posting to PoP) just as the person whose words you decry.

    • I blame the cyclists – they’re wrong about everything!!!!

    • Thank you for raising this issue. I’ve felt a change in the tone of this site – and wondered if I was being hypersensitive . While I enjoy diverse points of view, and recognize that everyone needs to grow, and that this is a good place for those things to happen, I also often feel disheartened by what I perceive as class-ism, and racism, and general obliviousness to the challenges and complexities that most of us deal with in our lives. I used to come to this site knowing that challenging conversations, helpful advice and support, and sure smile from the animal fix pages would be the norm. Those things still are the norm – and my heart was truly touched when I read the comments by people eager to help a poster who temporarily has difficulty caring for her pet due to a health issue. But I also find myself flinching at many callous comments that go unchallenged.
      What’s dispiriting is that, for me, Popville is mirroring the Real World …. when I had hopes of a better, wiser, community that I could play in, at least for a bit.

      • Here’s a good example from this thread:
        “It’s unusual for anybody using a street/sidewalk in DC to think of anyone but themselves.”

        A hyperbolic negative generalization stated as absolute fact (but I’m sure the OP considers themselves an exception to their rule).

      • A few points, just my opinions:
        1) You probably are being hypersensitive. Unfortunately, blog comments are written, which leaves lots of room for misunderstanding the tone and meaning. I’m guessing that many of the comments that offend you are probably not that offensive – always try re-reading with the assumption that it doesn’t mean what you intially thought it meant and you might be surprised.
        2) It does and it doesn’t mirror the real world. I think it mirrors the diversity of opinion and experiences, but it doesn’t mirror the way people truly act or think in real life. I believe most people are much richer and deeper (and less annoying) than they appear to be in comments on the internet.
        3) Bottom line is you have no idea whether people are speaking truthfully and honestly anyway so don’t put too much stock in it. Words are cheap and people (including me) love hearing themselves talk on the internet – some want to make honest contribution and some just want to be personalities. If you want an unmistakeable community experience, don’t fool yourself, it’s not here in PoPville it’s in your real-life neighborhood.

      • Some commenters on PoPville are relentlessly negative/cynical/snarky. Others are positive (without being remotely Pollyanna-ish).
        I think sometimes the negative/cynical folks — and the people with strongly held black-and-white “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!” views on issues — are louder (so to speak). But that doesn’t mean everyone on PoPville is like that.

        • I have to say I was feeling a lot more sunny about PoPville before all of the posts defending public urination. πŸ™

      • Hmmmm….. Lots to think about. I’m getting that a large part of what I’m reacting to is the sweeping generalizations, as well as the “black-and-white, my way or the highway” types of comments., and assumptions that are presented as unquestioned facts — that then become jumping off points for more assumptions and sweeping generalizations.

        Thanks Anonymous 12:31 , Anonymous 12:44, and Anon 12:51! I appreciate your thoughtful responses to my post!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think there are a lot of anonymous bad apples spoiling the barrel. It has felt pretty negative here for a while, not just an off day here and there (we all have bad days, I’ve had more than my fair share!) but pretty consistent negativity. I do not think you have been overly sensitive and suggest taking anything anonymous says with a grain of salt since anonymous is the biggest asshat here πŸ™‚

  • Rant: I was just billed (my insurance company) $4300 to cut off a piece of my in-growing toe nail. The entire process took one shot to num the toe and one minute to cut off the offending piece. What a rip off.

  • Rave: Crest Whitestrips. Everyone told me they work, but I was skeptical. Everyone was right. I’ve only used 5 strips (of 20) and I’m already noticing a difference.

    Rant: Moving. My landlords have decided to raise the rent a significant amount, so I’ve got to move at the end of October. This isn’t a rant about my landlords. They’ve been great and, of course, they have every right to charge what they feel they can get. It’s just a rant about the actual process of moving. I hate it!

    • Thanks for sharing that rave! Like you, I assumed those whitestrips wouldn’t do much. But my teeth have been getting stained and yellowed more than usual lately (too much tea I guess) and my usual baking soda trick isn’t cutting it.

      • You’re welcome! FWIW, I got the Professional Effects ones. (I think they’re the second most powerful, after Intense Professional Effects.) And I’m using them twice daily. The instructions say to use once daily, but the more detailed instructions say if you want faster whitening, you can use them up to twice a day. I know some people experience (temporary) tooth senstivity if they use them twice, but I haven’t yet (I know I’m only a few days in), so I’m going to continue on the twice daily schedule and keep my fingers crossed!

    • Your landlords probably incur costs if they have to do any cleaning/touchups/repairs as well as some lost rent if the unit is empty. Maybe you could negotiate with them for a lower increase if you agree to stay another year?

      I hate moving too, so anything to avoid it, especially if you like the place!

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I already tried that and they agreed to a slightly lower increase, but a pretty significant increase nonethless. They recently bought a second home (they are now living in the second home and renting out both the basement (where I currently live) in the first one and the main house in the first one) and I think they have a lot more expenses than they used to. I’m trying to look at it positively and tell myself that I’ll get to know a new neighborhood! (Though I’m not totally succeeding in looking at it positively.)

        • You might check the regs about whether they’re able to raise the rent so much. Unless they’ve made major capital improvements, they can’t raise the rent more than consumer price index + 2 % (with a max of 10%). That may still be more increase than you’re willing to pay, but if not it might be a way to stay where you are.

          • Most properties rented out by individual landlords are exempt from rent control.

          • Though many (most?) basement apartments (like the OP’s) are illegal, and units not registered with RAD are not exempt from rent control. It might set up an antagonistic relationship with the landlord that isn’t worth it, but combined with the logic that others have pointed out that having a unit vacant (and needing paint, etc) for even a couple of weeks outweighs even a significant rent increase might convince the landlords that their own financial problems won’t be solved by putting out a reliable tenant.

    • Do you honestly think they will be able to find someone else to rent it at the higher price?

      If the place sits empty for only one month, they’ve probably already lost money on the year (versus just keeping you in it at a more reasonable increase).

      Which neighborhood is this? What are they asking?

  • Rave: Weather
    Rant: Went on a great date with a girl, went back to her apt and it smelled like straight dog and she said she lets the dog sleep on the bed. Had to make an excuse and get out of there. I’m fine with dogs, just not where I can smell the dog and/or people who let their dogs get on the bed. To bad, I think we would have hit if off otherwise.

    • So let me get this straight. You go back to a girl’s place, which makes me assume that the night was not ending (ahem), and you left because it smelled like a dog lived there?

    • Hahahahaha, this might be the funniest thing I’ve read all month.

      You definitely left her with the lady version of “Blue Balls.”

      • BTW, I totally agree that the dog nastiness in her bed would be a boner-killer.

        • Hehe. That is pretty lame. Both my dogs sleep on my bed, and it hasn’t bothered me and the wife at all. To bail on a lady and a possible “hit it off” over a dog sleeping on the bed is pretty crazy to me.

          • “Both my dogs sleep on my bed”

            The operative word is “MY”. No one else is going to love your dogs as much as you. I don’t want to sleep, let alone f#ck, in some dog’s filth.

            When (and if) I get a dog, perhaps I’ll change my tune since it’s my dog and I’ll love him so much. But let’s face it, dogs stink and their hair gets all over the place. I don’t want my naked body rolling around in that. Ewwwwwww.

            So word to all the single ladies and gents out there – if you let your dog sleep in your bed, make sure you put on a clean set of sheets before having your new friend w/ benefits over for sexy time. It’s just common courtesy.

          • Emmaleigh504

            But if you have a dog/cat in the house the hair is going to get in the bed no matter how much you try to keep it out of the bed or even the room. That’s just life with a pet.

          • Not if they’re non-shedding dogs/cats.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Right, and the vast majority of dogs and cats are non shedding.

    • No bueno, totally sucks esp when you might have it it off but better earlier than later. I love dogs and grew up with dogs, in fact, my mom used to show dogs. With that said, it is my opinion that dogs do not belong on any type of furniture. I know many of you disagree but hey it is my opinion.

  • Rave: Gorgeous morning – ran and got to see the sunrise over the Cathedral.
    Rave: Up early meant I had 1.5 hours after run to relax and eat a great breakfast.
    Rant: Lederhosen are expensive

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