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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • mtpgal

    Rave: It’s one of those lovely, rainy Fall days. Tonight I’m going to curl up with some tea and a book. Can’t wait!

  • Rant: Nothing like an active shooting at work to make your Monday awesome.
    Rave: I’m alive and safe.

  • Rant: the shooting in Logan circle. Any further details?

    Rave: this weather.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Had a very lovely weekend.
    Rant: What a way to start the week! Hope there are no more people injured at the Navy Yard. Brings back some memories…

  • Rant: Its begenning to feel/ look like fall

  • My rant pales in comparsion to what’s happening at Navy Yard, but good grief people, if you wear a backpack on the Metro during rush hour, please, please, please be aware of it! I’m so sick of getting hit by someone’s backpack or people having no clue how much room it takes up.

    Rave: Clean house, clean clothes in my drawers, yummy healthy food in my cupboards. It was a very productive weekend.

  • Rant: Shooting in Navy Yard
    Rave: My friends who work there are safe and in lock down
    Rant: The inevitable gun control “debate” that will follow
    Rave: Great weekend with even greater weather
    Rave: Book Fair this weekend!

    • Re rant #3: Seriously. I don’t even want to go near the gun-related comment threads this coverage will surely generate on WaPo.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Violence in the world.
    Rant: Insomnia.
    Rant: I had a whole list of Raves when I was up with insomnia last night, can’t remember them now.
    Rave: I had beaucoup raves this weekend, even if I am too tired to remember them now.

    • I woke up at 2:00 this morning and never got back to sleep. So tired . . . .

      • Emmaleigh504

        I woke at 3, so I’ve got it a little better. Stupid cat who doesn’t have to go to work slept through the night. grrr

    • I’m with you on the insomnia, but for once it is my own fault. I was reading a book that was too good to put down and lost track of time. But I am way less tired than I should be.

    • me too! although I had a strong cup of tea a bit too late. couldn’t fall asleep until 4 or so

    • Emmaleigh, the combination of magnesium supplements and a new mattress topper got rid of my insomnia. Anecdotal, but just wanted to mention it in case you hadn’t tried those things. Also, a bucky sleep mask.

  • Rave: killed it again with my fantasy football team next week.

    Cautiously optimistic rave: Gronkowski will play next Sunday. My fantasy team will further dominate.

    Rant: Navy Yard attack. 3 shooters? Ugh – that means more gun control debate and TERRORISM paranoia. My condolences to the victims and their families.

  • rave: could it be? This weather is here to stay and we are finished with the hot ass mugginess of summer? Say it is so?!

    rave: hosting a fundraiser for a great, progressive candidate for Congress tomorrow night. Looking forward to hosting him, and using it as an excuse to get rid of all the wine we have left! If you want to come, post your info here and I’ll forward you the invite! For $25, have some wine, cheese, meet a GREAT candidate and enjoy some beautiful weather!

    rant: so tired of spending money – hopefully my baby pays it forward and puts me in a nice old age home. We haven’t bought much that isn’t necessary (just got the crib mattress this weekend), it’s just holy crap!

  • Rave: weather!!!
    Rant: navy yard
    Rant: ignorant comments about the new miss america.

  • Rave – Had an awesome solo vacation in California last week. I thought I feel lonely, awkward, and vulnerable as a woman traveling alone in an unfamiliar city, but I actually really enjoyed myself.

    Rant – Difficult day back at work.

  • Rave: Last week I had a posting saying I was going to have to call the SPCA to pick up my dog due to a medical condition that is preventing me from caring for him. I did plan for the situation but it was much larger than I expected, and I had exhausted my sources for assistance. I had come to a brick wall with no options.

    The kindness of strangers blew me away. I had 6 or 7 people email me to offer to help or try to provide options. This restored my faith in DC’s humanity. People were willing to drive from other parts of the city to help walk him and feed him. It still is not a perfect situation, and we go day to day, but it really helped fill up my soul to put me back on track. The kindness of strangers helped relieve major stress and put me on the path to recovery. I am just at a loss of words for how much it meant to me. All I can say is Thank You, even though that does not come close.

    • I’m so happy to hear that. It’s nice to have one bright spot on this very bleak Monday morning.

    • When I read your posting, I felt so much sadness. It would kill me to have to give up my little one in that situation. I’m amazed by the responses by the people here too, and hope that it can get you through your recovery enough that you do not have to give him up. I would totally even offer to take him myself for the time that you are in need of recovery, except I have a little one myself that doesn’t do well with other dogs πŸ™ I hope it all works out!

    • oh i’m so glad to hear that you still have your dog! i didn’t hear back from you after the initial emails- is there some way we can sign up for walks to help you out?

      • Trying not to put too many people out. I feel so badly to be in this situation in the first place, being helpless is not a comfortable place for me : ). Up to this point I have been covered, and I think I have this week 90% covered. Everybody wanted to help with mornings, so that was easy, the evenings was little bit more work but have most of them worked out. The week after that I am hoping I will be able to take him out for walks myself but will have to play it by ear. I need to walk myself as part of the recovery but can’t bend down to pick up his doodles lol. I need to find one of those popper scooper so I can reach it standing up.

        He is a very smart dog…………… I wonder if I can train him to jump up on the corner trash cans and just poop in there ? : )

        • you say he’s small – you might be able to have him use a potty pad or something – they also sell that indoor artificial grass stuff….just a thought!
          I’m glad people are helping – what a great gift! People ARE good. Usually πŸ™‚

        • You can buy a pooper scooper with a long handle for relatively cheap! http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=pooper%20scooper

        • i know how hard it can be to ask for/accept help. if it’s helpful, think of this as help for your dog, instead of help for you πŸ™‚ i’m actually more able to help in evenings than mornings, so let me know if i can help with those. i emailed you with the subject line “your min pin”, so you know which email address to use to get a hold of me. best of luck!

    • Thanks for the update, glad to hear you kept your little guy. Keep us in mind if you need help later!

    • special_k

      I’m wiling to help out as well. I’m a volunteer dog walker for City Dogs Rescue and I’m frequently in the city on Fridays to give their pups some exercise. I’d be happy to stop by before or after to walk your boy or chip in for a dog walker during the week. Just holler.

    • very glad to hear things are coming together and you still have your little dog!

    • Yayyyyy!!!!! I’m so happy for your little guy that he’s able to stay home and be cared for. No dog deserves to go to the shelter and wonder where his family is. Good people abound πŸ™‚

    • houseintherear

      Just emailed you- I live in your hood, happy to help!

  • Rant : Sore throat, runny nose – suppose it’s allergies.

    • I also have a sore throat, a slightly sniffly nose, and slightly irritated eyes. You have my sympathy — and my thanks. I’ve been treating this as a cold for the last few days. If it could be allergies, maybe claritin will help!

  • Rant: crazy SOBs with guns
    Rant: racist idiots commenting on the new Miss America
    Rave: ugh, today kind of sucks — but people i love are safe.

  • Rant: Navy Yard shootings

    Rant: My wife works VERY close to the affected area and is on lockdown

    Rave: My wife is ok.

  • Rave: The weather – long run on Saturday was so nice felt like I was gliding not battling through walls of humidity.
    Rave: Cleaned my apartment from top to bottom.
    Rave: Seahawks won – and one hour rain delay meant I missed nothing while I watched breaking bad
    Rant: So tired

  • Rant: I was planning on a hilarious rant about my prep today for my colonoscopy tomorrow but the Navy Yard shootings put it all in perspective.

    Rave: Working from home…

  • Rant: I should have turned around and gone home when I saw the police activity this morning.
    Rave: It’s unlikely the shooters would target my building or be able to get in.

  • Blithe

    Rant: On-going, senseless tragedy. The shooting at the Navy Yard; the murder of a young man in NC by police. The idea that after the trauma of a car accident, someone could be killed by the people who are paid to help is chilling. It also feels like: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Sigh.

    Rave: I was feeling untethered — and got multiple reminders this weekend that I’m blessed in my friendships.

  • Rant: People ranting in advance that the Navy Yard incident is going to spark more “gun-control debate.” Of course it will — and it should.
    Not sure why “gun rights” types are even worried about this. Last time there was serious debate, the proposed new restrictions that were supported by a majority of the American people got shot down in Congress, thanks to the gun lobby’s disproportionate power.

  • Rant: The obvious.

    Rave: A great weekend, which included SPX and meeting Lisa Hanawalt there, really good sandwiches, Star Trek (the original series), hanging out with my favorite person, hanging out with my dog, and gorgeous weather.

    Rave: Tomato soup for lunch.

  • Rant: On lockdown on the Navy Yard for the forseeable future…
    Rant: Can’t believe the ignorance of the media.

    While we are certainly scared in our building…but my heart goes out to all involved and their families.

  • Friend’s husband was killed at the Navy Yard. Cannot wrap my head around it or the fact that his newborn grandson will grow up without his grandfather. Feeling ill.

    • That’s terrible. I hope your friend finds comfort in her memories and the love of her friends & family.

      • Thank you. They are both well-loved and a number of their friends have already headed over to her house to be with her.

    • Have they released names yet? Can’t believe how selfish and disgusting people are to take the lives of other innocent people who are just going about their day.

      • They released the name of the shooter. They probably won’t release the victims’ names until tomorrow, in order to give plenty of time to notify family members (unless the family tells the media first).

  • Am I the only one who heard Wendy Rieger of NBC4 say that during security lock downs DC “assumes the position.”

  • Rant: Kitchen contractor who was recommended to me isn’t returning my calls.
    Anyone have a kitchen contractor — ideally one with experience with IKEA cabinetry — whom they can recommend? (I realize I’m posting this after prime-time PoP viewership hours, so I will probably repeat this query on Tuesday.)

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