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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Got my NEW KITTY – so I passed the background check. So cute!!!!

    Rant: Kitty crazies on the bed at 4am…..

    Rave: How cares?!? NEW KITTY!!!

    Rant(ish): Now he needs a name and I am bad with the naming thing. So suggestions for 2 yr old with a whole lot of Siamese with a high pitched meow and a tendency to flop down.

  • Blithe

    Rant: That I have SO many rants.
    Rant: Yesterday I accidentally deleted a note on my ipod. I googled for solutions., and ended up deleting ALL of the notes. Even even the geniuses at the apple store couldn’t help. I’m going back to paper and nice notebooks.
    Rant: Learning the hard way.
    Rave: Realizing that “learning the hard way” is a lot better than not learning at all.
    Rave: Listening to “Fade to Black” over and over and over. My mid-life crisis feels a lot like adolescence. Who knew?
    Rave: Doc Martens flats: sometimes the right shoes can brighten my day.

    • Is the new Doc Martens store open yet? The brand’s website has it listed as “coming soon”. But I thought I read here that it was already open…

    • Check to see if Notes is set to sync with your email accounts. I found all my missing notes from my iPhone in the Notes folder in my Yahoo account, which I could only access on my computer. So annoying, but at least they were still there.

  • epric002

    rant: was supremely patient this morning while 4 other people got exasperated and got out of line b/c the breakfast ladies were too busy arguing to pay attention/take orders/cook. ordered egg, cheddar, and avocado on wheat toast. got to my desk- no egg. ARG!
    rant: gonna be hot.
    rave: this is the last of the summer heat, right?
    rave: have a delicious dinner planned for the husband’s colleagues tonight.

  • Rave: Vick and my Eagles won!!! I love a quiet office in the mornings. 🙂

  • binntp

    Question: Where does one buy a tennis racket in this town? Am thinking of taking it up again after a long hiatus. Don’t want to spend too much, but a decent racket might keep me motivated to use it.

  • mtpgal

    Rant: What is up with people crossing the street against the light/in the middle of the street/etc. while there is oncoming traffic? Usually without even looking. And when they do look up, it’s to give a pissed off glare! Basic, high school physics teaches us that when people play chicken with cars, cars win. I’ve had to slam on the breaks and swerve and even then there have been near misses (and I drive very slowly, like a grandma). People, please look both ways if you’re going to jaywalk.

    • The notion that pedestrians have the right of way has taken root to such an extent that pedestrians sometimes dispense with logic, reason, and the inexorable laws of physics.

    • The worst part is when people walk into the street with kids, teaching them to not look both ways as well. We were talking the other day about not blocking the box, I get worried when peds get stuck in the middle of the street in the middle of wild traffic because drivers aren’t paying attention as well. The worst is the stupid road signs on GA ave where you’ll stop in the center lanes, but people can’t see peds from the curb lane. We may need 20 cameras to jaywalking citations (if DC can manage to attach license plates to pedestrians).

    • Hint: most of these people didn’t quite get to physics in high school. But seriously it’s because they know that cars are pretty much going to do whatever is necessary to not hit them. It’s the height of arrogance and selfishness, but they know that no car driver wants a human being splattered all over their windshield regardless of who was “right”, so they walk where and when they want.

    • Related rant: Drivers who take their respect for pedestrians too far. Almost daily, a driver will stop for me to cross while I have the red light. (Driver has the green.) Then the drivers behind him get pissed off and start honking. So now I’m being assaulted by honking while gesticulating foolishly that he should go, I’m waiting for my walk signal.
      The only way I can make this not annoying is to tell myself that the driver stopped when he didn’t have to just because I’m so smokin’ hot. And not because I remind him of his mother.

      • epric002

        this annoys me to no end. for the most part, if the car would just GO they would be well out of the way by the time the pedestrian got to that point.

      • YES!! Not to mention that the driver coming from the other direction hasn’t necessarily signed onto this driver’s plan. Or that half the time you can’t even see them waving you across because of tinted windows or reflections off the windshield. Not as annoying as the drivers who are only out for themselves, of course, but it’s not the kind and generous gesture it might seem to that driver.
        The safest road for everyone (driver, ped, cyclist) is one where everyone follows the rules and behaves predictably.

      • I think those drivers are new to the Northeast. In other parts of the country you’re supposed to stop for a pedestrian whose near the crosswalk, regardless of who has the light, but that’s obviously not practical here. They love dong that in the Midwest!

      • This kind of stuff annoys me almost as mad as speeding, running red lights, and so forth. Sure it’s nice you’re trying to be polite or something, but you’re actually drive in an unexpected and unpredictable manner. Problems are most likely to happen when drivers do things that others don’t expect them to do.

        • My driving pet peeve is the drivers on Rock Creek Parkway everyday that, rather than wait in line to split onto beach road, they just ignore everyone waiting patiently as if they are too important to wait 5-10 minutes. This causes the traffic back up in the first place and also causes people to have to break over and over again, often causing people to rear end others (2-3x a week I see). It’s frustrating to see the same cars do it every day (mostly MD tags).

          • Where and what exactly is going on?

          • Going north during rush hour the parkway veers right at beach and left towards calvert/connecticut. Most everyone who takes this route home everyday knows to start getting in the right lane around the Massachusetts off ramp because that’s generally where traffic is slowing for the impending split ahead. Everyday the same people (and some who honestly, don’t know) just go allllll the way to the front until right before it splits and then cut over, causing a chain reaction of breaking all the way down the line. Its just really inconsiderate and creates a dangerous situation. Sorry to rant…3 years of it is finally wearing me out!

          • Got it, thanks. After I thought about it that’s what I figured you meant but wasn’t quite sure. That is a classic dick move that I see all over town and it drives me bananas.

          • This is actually a classic case of poor signage/planning. The most effective merge strategy is a “zip” just before the merge. The set-up as it is now, fosters grumpy self-rightous people waiting in a back-up for 500 yards in the right lane, while “zip merge” people drive on to the start of the divided lane and sensibly merge there. Of course, more than a few assholes just zoom in at the last minute and screw everything up. But if everyone practiced the “zip” at the merge area, there would be no issue here.

          • It’s not supposed to be a merge area though. That’s part of the problem.

    • When I do it — and, yes, I look both ways and then some, it’s not because I feel entitiled — it’s because I feel exhausted. Yesterday I was walking down a long block with corners and crossings on the right hand side (where I was) but none on the left. So I crossed at what was a corner on my side of the street — but mid-block on the other side. I then walked on the right side of the next street — because there was no sidewalk on the left side. But, at the end of the block, there was no crosswalk. I had to wait for a light to cross to the left side of the street , then wait for another light to cross over. This was a tedious description, I know — but a lot of areas — even walkable ones — have design flaws that are extremely unfriendly to pedestrians. So, when my feet hurt, I”m carrying groceries, and I”m at a spot that used to have a painted crosswalk but now doesn’t…..I cross. After I wait for on-coming traffic to clear.
      As a pedestrian, I’ve noticed that right-turn-on red makes it much harder. Cars often don’t stop at corners, even when they have a red light. Multiple cars will turn, even if I’m in the middle of the street, clearly trying to cross before the light changes. And cars, of course, “win”. Because I don’t want to get splattered — even if it means waiting through multiple light changes while the drivers that can’t be bothered to see me speed through.

      • Cars don’t always “win”, hence this discussion. Anyway, if you’re going to let yourself off the hook then I think you have to let everyone else off the hook as well. They’re probably tired too.

    • I do this all of the time and really don’t know why.

    • please remember that the average IQ is 100.

  • Rant: Screw in my tire and finding out replacement tires cost around 300$ each because they’re imported. Luckily this time it’s only a patch, but why are everyone else’s alleyways always so much cleaner than ours? I’m tired of calling 311 to remind them to sweep our alley, which is what my taxes are supposed to go to.

    Rave: Got 8 reservations for the bachelor party, going to be a wild night of dudes drinking and yelling at people on DC streets like drunk douchebags from our hummer limo. Screw the environment (just for that night). It’s a political statement though, we’re not the 1% people speak of.

    Rant: CVS and 7-11 in DC always being out of stuff in DC. When I go to the suburbs, stores are always clean and lines are always moving, but for some strange reason, any franchise stores I go to seem to be outside of corporate oversight. The CVS on Georgia & New Hampshire still has boarded up windows after they were shattered almost a month ago, and they’ve never have self checkouts. A bit depressing to say the least.

    Rave: Archer marathon on Netflix, funny animated series, needs to be a movie.

  • Rave: I am diving into first time home buying! I’m scared, I know that DC real estate is crazy, but I am also excited. As an HGTV and DIY addict this has been a long time coming. I know there are huge downsides to owning, but there are also downsides to renting. I can’t wait to find a place and tile a back splash all by myself!
    Rant: All the leg work. One foot in front of the the other and keep going.
    Rant: work meeting in Baltimore next week. Can’t I go someplace cooler like my coworkers? Add to that that I don’t have a really clear role and that my performance will be measured on a completely undefined metric and it’s going to be unpleasant.
    Rave: at least I can drive to Baltimore. I’ll eat some crabs or other seafood and the hotel is practically on top of Anthropologie, my favorite store.

    • I would have loved to have gone to Baltimore for work! The most exciting place my job has taken me is Mobile, Alabama.

      • There a museum in downtown Mobile that has some AMAZING dollhouses. And there’s good fried seafood. So… yeah. You can really enjoy at least half a day there!

        • Sadly, I’ll be working the whole time museums are open. Baltimore isn’t bad at all, but it’s not Brazil, Argentina, India, China, or other cool places my coworkers go. These meetings also mean being “on” all my waking hours, not just work hours, and that drains me so much.

          • I hardly ever get to travel for work, but every time I do, I’m reminded how exhausting it is. Definitely more wearing than a regular day at the office.
            Being “on” for all of your waking hours sounds really tough — is there “mandatory fun” in the evenings or something?

          • There are receptions and dinners in the evenings. This is the first year where I won’t have to be in my laptop 14 hours straight most days, which is great, but I only have a few coworkers who I trust enough to relax around. We also have volunteer bodies and a lot of those folks from those will be there too. They’re great, but it’s sort of like more coworkers.

          • I’m also being judged on my “meeting presence” but all those judging me on this have admitted there is no definition of meeting presence. So, I’ll try, but who knows how that will go.

          • If you are being “judged” on “meeting presence” , being in Baltimore is the least of your problems.

          • Ooof, if you are being “judged” on “meeting presence” , being in Baltimore is the least of your problems.

          • “Meeting presence”?? Are you a speaker at the meeting and they’re judging you on your stage presence?
            If not, I can’t imagine what the heck they’d be judging you on. Surely if you’re at the meeting and look like you’re paying attention, that should be sufficient. Are they expecting you to ask probing questions after each presentation or something??

          • epric002

            glad i’m not the only one who read “judged on meeting presence” and thought WTF?!

          • Oh, I am not a speaker at the meeting. I am staff, not even a manager. But my presence has to be good. It’s pretty hilarious actually, once I get over the part where this may have an impact on my performance review.

            I think it means schmoozing and pretty much waiting on the needs of others, anticipating needs, wearing pearls. I’m not really sure what else.

            But, I did get uninvited from a dinner and that happens to be the same night the Caps are playing up there. Ticket purchased!

          • You have all made my day. It’s totally a WTF?! thing and I’m glad others agree.

        • Wow, did not expect to ever see Mobile mentioned on POPville! Spent my entire childhood in that city, moved to DC for school, and never expected to look back. Funny how things change…my now wife and I got married down in Mobile! Her family is from the Northeast and our friendbase is from all over the place, and they all ended up loving Mobile. Great restaurants, pretty good night life, and quaint southern scenery.

          • Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult your hometown. I was pleasantly surprised by the restaurant scene. I didn’t see much quaint southern scenery, maybe because I was there post-Katrina? Every time I’m down there I’m working around the clock and don’t have my own car, so I’m limited with that I see unfortunately.

  • Going to miss both of my children’s birthdays due to different business trips. The older one is going to be very upset.

  • Rave: Started CrossFit last night!
    Rant: Sore in spots I didn’t even know I had!

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Redskins dissapointed big time last night.
    Rave: Took the dog on a walk after the game still wearing my Redskins hat. Every neighbor we passed said something encouraging about the team. Love the interaction it brings with people in the hood.

  • Rave: So i posted last week about asking a girl out via fb that i had met at a party. She said yes, we are going out tonight!
    Rave: Have a grouper with my two best friends wednesday
    Rave: volcano choir @930 club thursday
    Rant: Redskins – sigh

    • How did you decide to get in touch with her after asking for advice? Have fun tonight!

      • i just messaged her on facebook and asked her to come to happy hour with me on tuesday 🙂

        I decided to leave the roommate out of it, it might be weird to ask the roomie for the number

        First first date in a while so hopefully i will be ontop of my game!

        • Sorry bro, not a date. You asked her to HH … with other people

          • ha, I was thinking the same thing. I’m still not convinced this woman is romantically interested in this gentleman, but I hope I’m wrong. Where’s the happy hour, we can show up and root for you! 🙂

          • the happy hour is just me and her… there was no mention of others

          • If you asked a woman to happy hour, she probably doesn’t think it is a date. She likely thinks there will be other people there.

            If you ask a woman out to drinks, then she probably does think it is a date.

            Wording matters. Of course, this doesn’t address whether she wants it to be a date.

          • HH is the same thing as getting drinks…if you say people are going then thats one thing, but if you ask if they want to go to happy hour and no mention of others, its a date…if it ends with a kiss, thats another story.

            How about a little encouragement? Semantics are pointless

          • I haven’t been on that many dates in my life, and those outside of high school/college have been with other women, not men. But I wouldn’t think a happy hour invite would involve other people unless specifically mentioned. I would think of it more as a casual/minimal commitment date where we test the waters before moving on to a more serious date like dinner. Of course, cynical women might think you’re just trying to get them drunk cheaply. 🙂

          • Crazy people – hello? It doesn’t matter what you call an encounter – or who else shows up, or whatever. All that matters is that you set up a way for things to happen.

        • “I asked her to come to happy hour with me” = a date. At the very least it should be clear to this gal that the guy is interested in something more than being pals, since he bypassed the friend whose number he had and went right to her.
          In any event, if he thinks it’s a date it’s a date. If she doesn’t think it’s a date, it’s still date, albeit a bad date.

        • That’s definitely a date and she thinks it’s one, as well. Too many signs point to “DATE” – you tracked her down on FB after a party, she was receptive to your messages, you’ve agreed to meet one-on-one for drinks (even if it is happy hour – which I think is just fine for a date).

          Nice one, buddy. The ball is in your court.

    • Have fun- let us know how it turns out!

  • special_k

    Rant: Fighting off dissertation malaise.
    Rave: Free food at work today!
    Rave: Ted Leo this weekend!

    • Ha – initially read your rant as “fighting off dissertation malaria.” Be glad you don’t have that to deal with! 😉

    • Good luck with your fight! What helped me was scheduling “off” times — i.e. deciding that I was going to take a complete weekend off, without giving the diss a thought, then digging back in on Monday. Some of my malaise was overload — so play-breaks helped a LOT.

      • special_k

        This is a good idea! If I don’t put the big D- out of my mind completely when I’m taking a break, I don’t feel restored when I return to it. I need to give myself permission to take time off and enjoy life a little. Plus, it could be worse; it could be malaria! 😉

  • Rant: Today is my ex’s birthday and it is taking every ounce of restraint in me not to contact her with some stupid happy birthday email. I even changed my number and filtered her email to go to my trash to prevent me from stumbling back into that unhealthy relationship. So now I’m just sitting in my office with “Just Like Heaven” on repeat.

    Rave: Finally started watching Breaking Bad after being so disappointed in the final season of Dexter. I’m only on Season 2 right now of Breaking Bad so don’t ruin it for me! I plan on running through all the seasons by the end of the week so social calendar is on hold.

    • kudo’s to you for protecting yourself from the unhealthy stuff 🙂 That’s celebration worthy stuff. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for moving forward!!!

    • I just started breaking bad too! I’m somewhere in the middle of season 2 and hope to catch up before the finale.

    • we just blew through the first four seasons in two weeks. Awesome. And good for you for not back sliding..we have all been there and it never ever ends well. Do the best you can. When you get the urge to call, put on breaking bad and get engrossed in something else. As someone said to me, every minute I waste on an ex is a minute I don’t have for the right person who will come along (and sure enough they did). Anyhow, there is enough random crap in life, no need to seek it out.

    • how do you filter emails to go to trash? relatedly, how do you unfliter them?! I cant figure it out…thanks!!

  • Rant: Recruiting PMFs. Unsure why I’ve been tasked to do this– I’m not that nice or positive

    Rave: Scandal Season 2. So.damn.good. Can I be a gladiator?!

    Rant: Need a mani/pedi stat but scared to try a new nail place b/c it always ends up a failure.

    • I feel your last rant. The worst mani/pedi I ever had included the male manicurist telling me that he also did massages, and that when I came back, he would “make sure that (I) would be VERY happy….” Run!!!!!!! It took many months after that experience before I was brave enough to try a new shop.

    • I don’t think it should be too hard to recruit PMFs since getting a fed job, even for a PMF, is pretty hard these days. Or are you trying to recruit them for a rotation or those who already have a job? If that’s the case- good luck!

    • I can vouch for Revo in Mt. P. They have a pretty good deal on mani/pedi combos (it’s either $25 or $30). Good luck!

      • Run from Revo! They’ve cut me badly and when I told the person to stop she kept cutting. I know that is just my experience but still…. Go across the st to Pleasant Spa – much more pleasant

  • Rant: It’s too damn hot!

    Rave: It’s going to be much nicer this weekend and I’m hoping that this is the end of the summer heat.

    Rant: It’s only Tuesday. How is it only Tuesday?

    Rave: Duke’s grocery opening up today by my office, gonna have a good lunch today! http://www.popville.com/2013/09/dukes-grocery-opens-today-at-11am-in-dupont-have-a-look-inside/

  • Rant: Met a friend of a friend and they insulted my job based on title alone

  • Anticipated rave – the unofficial do-it-yourself PoPville happy hour tomorrow (Wednesday) at Acre 121.
    Rant-ish – summer, I thought you had left ~

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I seem to be cryptonite for electronics. Every computer and phone I touch breaks!

    Rave: peachy porkchops for lunch.

    Rant: It sounds like someone is crying down the hall.

  • Rave: first day back in the gym in a while yesterday evening. Feels good to be getting back into a routine, and LOVE feeling sore muscles again! Hurts so good 🙂

    Rant: went on a date this weekend, and couldn’t help thinking the whole time that I’d rather be with someone else who doesn’t seem as interested. And now, a few days later, still can’t shake that feeling 🙁

    Rave: did my initial consultation with TrunkClub.com yesterday afternoon. Looking forward to getting lots of uber stylish (hopefully) threads in the mail later this week!

  • Rave: Follow up to last week/s rant/rave–Decided to throw caution to the wind and go on a second date with amazing woman from OKC. Was previously nervous about not being emotionally ready after getting out of a serious and damaging relationship. So glad I did, because now I’m totally smitten. We spent a great evening at Adams Morgan Day, frozen yogurt and Connect Four at Mr. Yogato, and first kiss(es) on the dupont circle fountain. It’s amazing to date someone who is already a finished, ready to go human who already knows how to be in a relationship. Learning that I don’t owe anyone a learning curve in my personal life!

  • Rant: I’m having a hard time pretending to give a [email protected] about everything that needs my “immediate attention”.

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