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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: The weather and on a Friday too.
    Rant: I just want to be left alone today at work and my manager will not stop bothering me.
    Rave: It’s Friday, nuff said.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Had dinner and drinks at Doi Moi last night and they’ve really hit it out of the park. They’re executing at higher standards than most restaurants that have been open for years, despite only being open for barely more than a week. With four of us splitting over 10 dishes and a cocktail each it came to only $40 per person and we definitely left pleasantly satiated, although not overly full (which I think is honestly too much anyway). Later we had drinks at 2 Birds 1 Stone as well, which featured a nice classic list of cocktails in a neat setting. Highly recommend Doi Moi, mostly recommend 2B1S.

  • Rave: A shout out to the new restaurant Kapnos, I have been three times, have had three amazing meals. They really know how to flavor food with great spices without. The roast chicken is amazing. Great service, I felt I got my moneys worth

  • Rave: 14th St! Finally!

    Rant: The guy that yelled at me saying I stole his cab. SRSLY I did not see you running down the block and I thought the cab had stopped for me.

    Rave: Dude you got outrun by a guy with a cast on his foot!

    • Kinda messed up that he’s giving a guy with a cast on his foot a hard time about getting a cab. I’m glad you stuck it to that d-bag.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Have a pain in my side, hope my appendix doesn’t explode. (I’m a hypochondriac, my appendix won’t explode. But I may be spelling it incorrectly; I can’t tell.)
    Rave: Wearing cute new shoes so don’t much care if my appendix does explode.

    • epric002

      if you start puking a lot it might be your appendix. but you spelled both it and hypochondriac correctly, so there’s that ๐Ÿ™‚

      • If it’s your appendix, you’ll know. Trust me.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yay! I spelled something the right way! I think it’s just deep bruising acting up or something because it’s where I had surgery in August. I don’t really think it’s my appendix since I feel fine otherwise. Or maybe it phantom limb pain except it would be phantom ovary pain b/c that was removed. Or something boring like indigestion. Whatever, CUTE NEW SHOES! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mtpgal

      Yep, you’ll know. In my experience it was like a stomach ache that moved to the right side. Very different than anything else I’d experienced. If you catch it early it’s not that big of a deal. I left the hospital less than 2 hrs after waking from surgery and I went to work the next day (albeit feeling like total crap).

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yeah my doctor has schooled me on appendicitis since my right ovary gave me trouble and it’s in roughly the same place as the appendix. So she made sure I knew when I needed to high tail it to the emergency room b/c it was actually my appendix while we were figuring out what was wrong with the ovary. Nothing like having pain on the right side to make doctors get very concerned.

        • Wait, they took out your ovary but left your appendix?? That’s weird. They went in after my appendix, saw it was the ovary acting up, but lopped off the appendix anyway. Because you don’t really need that, but at age 20, an ovary has a lot of good egg- and hormone-producing years left, and can usually be made to behave pharmaceutically.

          • Yeah, it’s supposed to be standard protocol to remove the appendix any time you do abdominal surgery – it could go bad any time, might as well remove it while you’re in there.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I”m way past 20 and the ovary had issues for at least 10 years and the pharmaceuticals were no longer working to make it behave. I also have no interest in birthing babies, os I don’t care if they take my reproductive parts when they go bad. Maybe they didn’t take the appendix b/c a gyno doctor performed the surgery? Perhaps a general surgeon would have have taken both. I have no idea.

          • saf

            Anon Gardner – I’ve been told that’s no longer true. They’re starting to figure out that just because they don’t know what something does, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it does nothing.

  • Rant: Second terrible cold in a short amount of time. Thanks, pregnancy immune system. Can’t really take useful medicine. So much tea consumed, so little bladder space.

    Rant: Last time, it was a weekend thru a furlough day…now it’s weekend where my mom is visiting. Hacking up a lung at work so I can enjoy a day off with her Monday.

    Rave: I REALLY hope this weather sticks around for a bit before turning ungodly hot again. I need fall. Pumpkins, not sweating, pumpkin foods. Did I mention specifically pumpkin whoopie pies from the U Street farmers market?

    Rave: My mom is bringing me matzo ball soup ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: Missed a lot of the closer county fairs this year. Is the one in PG County any good?

  • rave: this morning I used capital bikeshare to get to work for the first time. Went very smoothly and cut 10 minutes off my commute time.
    (minor) rant: I have to leave my place by 7:45 to get a bike.

  • epric002

    rant: the awesome herringbone vest that is plastered all over the jcrew and jcrew factory websites and yet is apparently not for sale! why????
    rave: did another int/adv yoga class last night and boy is my arse kicked.
    rave: despite/due to aforementioned arse kicking, made some progress on some cool arm balances.
    rave: this weather + friday. i foresee a date night in my future!
    happy friday popville ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I feel like superwoman when I’m able to do an arm balance! Doesn’t happen all the time but it feels awesome to make progress. Currently working on handstands… being upside down is scary!

      • epric002

        me too! i was showing some to my husband when i got home and he was duly impressed. i love feeling strong ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m getting to be pretty decent at headstand, and had some luck with crow and side crow. scissor is next!

        • I can do the crow but the side crow is really hard! Where do you do yoga?

          • epric002

            funny, i think side crow is a little easier ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ve been sporadically practicing at kali yoga (formerly quiet mind) in coheights. am finally getting in to a regular practice schedule now and am just testing the waters with their intermediate/advanced classes. i find them very challenging. where do you practice?

          • I’ve been going to Unity Woods in Woodley Park for years but my teacher is moving and they’re not filling her time slot.
            It’s an opportunity to try new studios and Kali Yoga is on my list. Which teacher/s do you recommend?

          • epric002

            my husband and i both really like claire’s friday all levels vinyasa, and i’ve tried both mimi’s and abby’s intermediate/advanced. they were both very challenging, but i’ve only done each of their classes once. thus far i don’t have a strong preference for one over the other, but i think abby’s class is going to be more convenient to me time-wise. they do a sunday community class by donation so that’s an easy way to check them out, and they also frequently (currently?) have a groupon for new students.

          • Thanks! I’m going to try the Sunday donation class – it’s a great way to check out the studio.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Friday!

    • epric002

      new rave: found the vest on ebay = purchased!

    • epric002

      and new rant: preserve changed their recyclable toothbrush program and now i have to create an account (site keeps crashing) and print out mailing labels. no longer convenient means i’m probably going back to normal toothbrushes. grr.

  • Rave: Thinking about the great two year anniversary dinner at Al Tiramisu the other night, so good…highly recommended.

    Rave: Yesterday we got the call that our daughter was accepted into the daycare/learning center that we really wanted her to get into. So happy!! She starts on Monday.

    Rave: Our daughter’s 4 month doctors visit went pretty well and the doctor was very surprised to learn that she is able to play with her feet already.

    Rant: She is spitting up a lot indicating a possible allergy. I pray that she is not allergic to peanuts or dairy and if she is that she will grow out of it.

    Rave: Looks like fall (the best season IMO) is here or at least on its way. Fall always comes with the quickness in DC.

    • My son spit up all the time (and still does occasionally at 14 months) and he doesn’t have any allergies that we know of- drinks milk and eats peanut butter. Not that that actually means something for your daughter, but just thought I’d put it out there.

    • Babies are like cats–they barf a lot. I wouldn’t sweat it.

    • Babies that drink formula tend to spit up a lot more than breastfed babies. Not assuming that you do one or the other, just making a note of it.

      • That is such BS. And you’re a bad person for posting it. No good comes of this maternal one-upping. What’s next, an offhand “most serial killers had moms who worked outside the home. Just sayin’.”?

        • You’re rushing to judgement pretty quickly aren’t you?
          Kam didn’t say his baby was formula fed
          SPT didn’t say that s/he was breastfeeding
          SPT didn’t say breastfeeding was better.
          None of this makes SPT a bad person.
          And for all I know (because I’m not an expert), infants that are fed formula may spit up more than babies that are breastfed.

        • On the “maternal one-upping” allegation… the science is pretty clear on breastfeeding being better for babies than formula (even if the baby formula industry has done its best to stop the CDC and FDA from educating the public on this front). That’s pretty straightforward.
          What is *not* OK is people getting judgmental and not giving others the benefit of the doubt on this one. Not all babies take to breastfeeding well. Not all mothers have access to lactation rooms, pumping equipment, etc.

      • To clear up any ambiguity, our baby is strictly breastfed. Not sure that helped but there it is…

  • Rant/dilemma – signed up for a volunteer gig and now realize it may be too much of a time commitment for me. Volunteer training is this weekend. I would I be a terrible person for backing out now? I feel awful about it. My work travel schedule is busier than expected and I’m not thrilled about giving up my precious few free weekends to volunteer (although for a great cause… I really need those free weekends to decompress and relax).

    Rave – Love this weather. Looking forward to many outdoor activities this weekend!

    • epric002

      are you obligated to volunteer a certain amount of time/frequency? if not, i say go ahead with the orientation and volunteer as you can.

    • I think it’s much better to admit that you can’t meet the time commitment now rather than be trained and then bail mid-way through. I’m sure this isn’t an uncommon occurrence for them and maybe they have other volunteer opportunities that don’t require such a commitment. Good luck!

  • Rant: Client’s writing style is so incomprehensible, I’m having to edit their 3 page document of instructions to me on a word-by-word basis in order to understand WTH it is that they want me to do. My version is 1 page, and actually clear.
    Rave: They’re paying me hourly so blather on incomprehensibly, I suppose. More money for me if it takes me two hours to understand your document.
    Rave: I have a “very important work meeting” this afternoon, which is what I call cutting out early and getting into the outdoors!

  • Rave: ScratchDC last night!
    Rave: Friday; beautiful weather
    Rave: excited about career changing course next week
    Rant: absolutely no motivation at work and lots to do

  • Any recommendations for learning Acroyoga in DC? What are the steps for learning – become highly proficient at “regular” yoga and then learn Acro?


    • Answering my own question – there’s an “all levels” Acro class at the 14th Street location of Yoga District on Monday nights. I’m checking it out next week. Can report back, if anyone is interested ๐Ÿ™‚

      My yoga experience: have gone to ~15 yoga classes in my lifetime. So yeah, I’m a beginner, but not a total noob. I’m generically in-shape male, but not a hard body.

    • You can also try AcroYoga at Meridian Hill Park on Sundays. There is a group that comes out and practices in the late afternoon. A friend took me last Sunday and I had a blast! As someone who has very little yoga experience and no acrobat experience I found it relatively easy to get into. I definitely want to take a class sometime.

  • Rave: This weather. Want to be out of doors.
    Rant: Having to be inside today. At least it’s Friday.

    Rant: Want to watch the US v. Costa Rica WCQ game (match?) tonight, but don’t have cable. Anyone know if there are outdoor bars that allow dogs and might be showing a soccer match?

  • Rave: Doing my first century ride this weekend.

    Rant: Not sure if I’m ready for it.

  • Rave: I haven’t had this much sex since I was a Boy Scouts Leader!

    Rant: My ex contacting my sister to hang out? Seriously? Stay away from my family!

  • Rave: Heading to Sonoma and SF for the next week! Any suggestions for wineries in Sonoma or anything in San Francisco?

    Rave2: Heading to the OSU vs. Cal game on Saturday the 14th in Berkeley! OH!

    Rave3: Checking out the house tonight. They are finished with demo, and are starting to build now. We are quite excited!

    • Go Cal! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • San Francisco is a great city. What kind of stuff do you like to do? These are obvious, but I would definitely check out Golden Gate Park and Alcatraz (if you’re at all into prisons). Check for tickets for Alcatraz now, if you want to go, though, they can sell out. Also, the audio tour is worth it. I also really like the SF MOMA and the de Young Museum. Be sure to stop by the Ferry Building. There is a farmers market there on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but the rest of the time there are great shops inside. One of my favorite things to do is get a loaf of sour dough in the market, some good meat from Boccalone, and some cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and take it up to the Presidio for a picnic. Have fun!

    • I love the Ferrari-Carano winery, Geyser Peak Winery and Murphy Goode. Murphy Goode has a tasting room in Healdsburg (Sonoma). Also, the Healdsburg Bar & Grill has the greatest fries. They have a basket of truffle oil & parmagiano-reggiano fries that are life changing. The basket that they say are enough to share were never enough for us and we always got another basket or two every day for the four days we were there.

  • skj84

    Rant: In a bad mood today. Work drama, I’m tired, and had to deal with someones misogny on facebook.

    Rant: my body keeps finding new ways to rebel against me.

    Rave: At least it was a short week.

  • Rave: Just-right weather.
    Rave: It’s almost the weekend.
    Rant: Stupid perioral dermatitis. Been fighting this stupid rash on my face for more than three months now. Hoping the current round of antibiotics will work. (They worked for previous outbreaks, but had no noticeable effect when I went through a course of them in July.)

    • Ugh, I have dermatitis on my forehead. I get a big red patch just above my left eyebrow–can’t miss it. Thankfully the topical cream has greatly reduced it!

  • Rave: had a super promising first date this week. we have a lot in common and really seemed to hit it off.
    Rant: not sure if I’m ready; recently got out of a long relationship that was really co-dependent and I am really trying to expand my circle of friends, so I’m afraid I’ll fall into a relationship too quickly or that it will keep me from going out and meet new people.
    Rave: she’s really cute and I’ve been thinking about her for two days!

    • Same problem. I moved to DC with my now-ex and we broke up last December. Just met someone, had a great date but Im not ready to keep it going….also I’m now a little too old for “hit it and quit it.”

  • Rant: Bikers. I feel like every time I walk out of my house, there are more of them just straight up not giving a sh*t about traffic rules/courtesy/anything. They’re all over the sidewalks, and then when I try to get around as a pedestrian, God forbid, I get yelled out to get our of their way. They’re not even supposed to be riding on sidewalks in certain parts of the city, but try telling them that. And as a driver? Even worse. Around Borderstan, I have to CRAWL in my car around intersections because you never know when one of these ace bike riders is going to come zooming through when they have the red light. It’s like bike riders in this city don’t see traffic lights. HELLO. THEY’RE THERE FOR ALL OF US. Same thing with stop signs, just no regard. And the weaving between cars and all sorts of other jackassery that goes with it. Of course, no one will enforce the laws that they’re supposed to be following, and if I were to be driving, following the rules set out for me, and hit one of them? I’d automatically be blamed for the accident. It’s got to stop.

    • Rant: People lumping all bikers together. It gets old and makes complaints a little less credible. Would you appreciate it if I complained about all drivers just because of the dumb stuff some Maryland drivers do? No. Most bikers are fine, and some are assholes.

    • I may get burned by Popville for this, but I feel like I owe it to apologize to you. I biked into work today, took a different way, and accidentally ran a red (I actually thought the light had changed, it was stupid of me) and cut off a guy trying to turn left who had the light. It was totally a mistake, but I felt like a jerk and I’m sure the driver thought I was a jerk. As he should. If that happened to be you, I’m sorry!

      The people who bike like jerks irritate me too, and since I was THAT person today, wanted to apologize to you on behalf of them.

  • Rave: Didn’t overschedule myself this weekend. I’m tired and really need some rest.
    Rant: Medical costs. I have what I I thought was good insurance but after a recent medical procedure (surgery but same day), I will owe over $2,500. Is this the norm?

    • epric002

      no idea what your procedure was/what it should cost, but always contact your insurance company and the billing department if it seems off.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My stupid insurance considers meds dispensed from the hospital pharmacy after surgery as an out of network pharmacy meds. insane.

    • Same thing happened to me, only it was with my dog! Word to the wise, don’t get pet insurance through VPI.

    • Sounds pretty normal for me for a surgery. But double check anyway. I had day surgery last year that was more than out of pocket. (And don’t eve get me started on the fact that it shouldn’t have been a day surgery to begin with).

      First check your bills against the servicies you recieved, then check your bills against your EOB, then check your EOB against your insurance coverage. Sometimes they mis-code things.

      • Thanks. Trying to cross check but there are so many line items that say the same thing–I can’t totally tell if it is double billing or other charges. This is a time in life where I really need to make some calls, I know. I wonder what people are supposed to do? I am lucky to have some savings to pay this but 4 years ago, I’d have no choice but to put it on my credit card.

        • Make a call, but look closely at your insurance brochure first. Know for example what you are supposed to be paying for the surgeon and for meds during an outpatient procedure. When I was trying to figure out what one procedure was going to cost me, I had to ping pong about five times between my doctor’s office and my insurance company. It was really maddening. So try to write down the basics before the first call, just to get those straight before you start getting to the details. Good luck.

          oh, and I hope you’re feeling better from whatever procedure you had. If the medical problem won’t get you, the insurance sure will!

      • epric002

        i’ve only had 1 minor surgery before, but i think i only paid $150 out of pocket. my point is that i don’t know that there is a “normal” cost for surgery. it depends on the procedure, where it was done, and your insurance. sometimes just calling to ask for an explanation can result in them lowering your bill. good luck!

      • I had two tiny, tiny moles removed at a dermatologist’s office several years back, and was hit with a $100 co-pay bill for “surgery.” I called the dermatologist’s office and my health insurance, but apparently they do consider that procedure to be “surgery,” so I was stuck with it. Ridiculous — the whole thing took less than 10 minutes!

        • Yeah, insurance is nuts. I had an injection for my migraines and found out that my insurance considers any injection other than allergy shots to be a surgery subject to the surgerical copays. Stinks. But better to be with it than without it.

        • At least you got something out of it. I had a mole inspection a few months ago and the insurance only paid for half of it. So I had to pay $100 for someone to spend 30 seconds glancing at my skin! As someone with moles all over my body, I think a dermatology appointment once every 10 years is not out of line in terms of preventative care!

  • justinbc

    Rave: The news that Douglas Development may be building a mixed use space on H St to include a Crate & Barrel.

  • Rant: My house was broken into yesterday while I was at work. I inadvertently left a bathroom window open. I pretty much lost most of my jewelry except for some nice things that I had locked in a drawer. I also lost my old crappy laptop and a small camera.

    This was on Webster in 16th St. Heights, so please be aware!

    • That’s horrible. Did the window have bars and was the alarm set?

      • Really Anon? “Thatโ€™s horrible. Did the window have bars and was the alarm set?” Sounds like you’re just rubbing it in.

        • I guess it’s possible that was the implication (like the “And what were you wearing?” for rape victims), but I thought Anonymous was inquiring from genuine curiosity — we’ve certainly seen stories in PoPville before about break-ins that involved bars being crowbar’d open and/or active alarm systems.
          I thought Anonymous was trying to gauge how brazen a break-in this was.
          Soozles, I’m sorry for the loss of your jewelry and other items. ๐Ÿ™

    • So sorry to hear this. Someone broke into my apt when I lived in Adams Morgan and losing my jewelry was the worst part.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I”m sorry, my place was broken into when I lived somewhere else and it really sucked.

  • saf

    Rant: Stupid Safeway construction is really noisy, really messy, blocking the alley again, spilling over into my street and just a general pain in my ass.

    Rave: It’s a nice day despite that.

  • To the cyclist–with a child seat in the back!–who blew through the four-way stop at Taylor & Kansas NW without even apparently seeing the car starting through the intersection: Be careful, man. Please! For the kid’s sake.

  • Living in DC sometimes it seems hard to see things to revel about, but what started out as the worst morning ever became the best morning because of Metro. Yes, metro. In the morning chaos with my paper, travel mug of coffee, multiple bags w/ gym clothes, lunch, laptop, etc. I left my purse on the green line. Didn’t realize until I got Silver Spring station. The station manager (Debra McNeil) was amazing – figured out what train I was on got on the phone right away, got metro employees looking for it and calling other station manager to see if anyone had turned it in. I stood there panicking, my wallet, phone and most importantly all my keys — to my house, office, car, my alarm fob and my id w/ my house address! It was only 5 or 10 minutes, but felt like an hour and as I’m thinking about how I’m going to have to change the locks on my house, the PG Plaza station calls — someone had turned it in. Any everything including the $100+ in cash was still in it! So god bless the wonderful, honest person who turned it in and god bless Metro (yes, Metro) for their helpful, quick and efficient response.

  • Rave: I was walking by the Republic Gardens space today and noticed that it doesn’t smell of urine anymore. Also, the abusive homeless woman wasn’t there. Maybe she’s moved?

  • Rave: cliche, but true – Fall is the best ever, but I am planning on making some sangria this weekend using the last of the summer peaches and plums.
    Rant: Nothing! Can’t help but be happy when the day is as nice as this one ๐Ÿ™‚

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